Please help me with a Cancer male!

  • Hello all!!

    A while ago I decided that I should let my crush know I like him. We haven't seen each other in two years. When we were in school I got a friend of mine to tell him I liked him. Before she could tell him who it was that had a crush on him, he said my name. He knew it was me because of "how I acted around him." He said that he would go with me but he won't and after i heard that I don't remember us speaking, just him staring at me.

    I signed up on that Facebook thing beacuse that was the only way to get in touch with him. I sent him a message asking how was he doing and he sent me a friend request. So I started a chat with him and told him about the high school incident and he claims he didn't remember. He said I was a beautiful girl and that he's shy sometimes. I'm always the one to start conversations with him, he never writes to me first. I told him once again that I liked himand thought he was cute and he said thanks. He barely responds when we're in chat and when I ask is he busy he says yes but when we're done talking I notice that he's commenting to other people, girls and guys.

    I told him once that I was mad at him and that he didn't have to ignore me and he quickly replied that he wasn't ignoring me and that he didn't feel like talking to anyone. I asked him out through chat and he tells me when he's free and I reply I'm free then too and then nothing, he logs off. He's a Cancer, the crabby crab.

    What is his problem? I noticed that he posts lots of lyrics and songs on his page and I asked was he sending someone a message and he said no he likes music. Why is he so indirect? He told me that he was used to people telling him they liked him or thought he was attractive. I'm so confused and maybe I'm impatient but I think he should just tell me the truth. Sorry for my long essay! I need all the help I can get.

  • Sorry, I don’t think he’s interested. It’s true, they’re not very direct but some people don’t like to say it because it’s not an easy thing to do, and it’s even harder to do it well.

  • dear AA90,

    am new here but not so new..just a thought.may i know when actually u started the FB to get to him?if its a week or two before mercury retrogade on 20/08/2010(even end of july usually) i would assume some MIScommunication would have arised which caused for the unpleasant reaction to you. plus, i can see that he is a cancer. i do not have full info about him, chances are he was in deep affected by the Cardinal T at the moment. give him a 2nd chance. and i proposed monday 30/08/2010 to be the day you both will never forget if he wants you.

    do not give up. tell him what you feel and what you want. remember, Monday 30/08/2010 an auspicious day for Love, even Marriage..Good luck.

    God Bless..


  • Hi, thanks for replying! I signed up Thursday August 19th. I have been asking others their opinion and most of them say, he's just not interested. I sent him a message earlier today and said hello and I just signed in and saw that he was on a little before I signed in but no messages, reply, nothing at all. What type of info do you need on him Anna? I know a little about him.

  • Hi there Awesome Aquarius.

    Cancerians are not all that forthcoming socially unless you are involved them regularly and have built a friendship over time. They are extremely sensitive and are insular to protect themselves emotionally.

    They are the most nurturing of signs however they are most interested and committed to their families.

    Mercury is currently retrograde making communication a drag, Saturn is in Libra which is limiting energy and the Grand Cross or T-Square is causing big changes on the planet..

    I have discovered a free newsletter at that assists women who are having concerns in finding a deep and lasting relationships with men. Hints and tips, very helpful advice from Christian as well as women experts in successful relationships.

    I wish you well with your Crab. Remember though that you are drawn to Cancer's warm emotional qualities, because you are an air sign and are cool emotionally. A little like opposites attracting. You are an intellectual, he is more feeling based. You are calm in emergencies, he is not calm, he is caring and empathetic and reactive.


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  • Yes, the cardinal t-square has been in transit all summer; at times aspecting more tightly than others. It will make another grand cross in the early hours (est) this Friday with the Moon moving into Cancer, but we’ll be sleeping through it all here in North America. If your Cancer is early degree then he could be feeling it more so. Mine is a 1 degree Cancer and he has been off kilter. For brief periods this summer he has been social but for the most part he has been keeping a low profile. There are also some major things happening in his life.

    Venus and Mars are transiting closely together since August 7th until Venus turns retrograde on October 7th. On Saturday Venus will trine Neptune possibly making for romantic times. There could be a potential for creative advancements and it could bring about greater commitments or break ups in relationships but (as much as I’d like to cheer on another Aqua) a relationship hasn’t developed yet. Are you sure he doesn’t have a girlfriend already? You’ve known him for a couple years at least and you would think he would have initiated something during that time? Astrology aside, I don’t want you to get your hopes up too much.

  • Thanks to everyone who's replied! I met him and talked to him in our senior year of high school. We both are beginning our junior year of college so we haven't seen each other since then. I'm starting to think maybe he's just not interested and leave him alone. I noticed that during our first few chats, that I initiated, that he replied quicker. In later chats, his reponses were more spaced out in timing. I tried to look up compatibility with our birthdays, mines is January 30, 1990 and his is July 6, 1990 and the results, from what I could understand, were not pleasant.

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