Would like a reading about my situation PLEASE

  • well I've been dating my BF on and off for 7months now.I am pregnant and now im not sure if i want to keep it.The reason for this is because we argue too much and he uses a lot of foul language towards me so i then start to do the same to him.He takes a lot to offense and is a very jealous person.I'm also financially unstable.I have a 3yr old already and with me being pregnant makes thing complicated for me now.

    i mean i do care for him a lot but not sure if he's the right person for me.He tells me he cares for me but when we argue he says horrible things to me that hurt my feelings.So with all this being said, i don't know which direction to go.I just want to know whats the best thing for me to do at this point.

  • Dear kateeyes411

    Dear you have all but answerd your questions from your own inner voice that told you to write and ask for some guidence and direction here. I sense that when you have the baby you may have a feeling that you want to keep it, however I really feel you will let this child go to a couple that will agree to keep you posted on the child and send pictures to you as it grows.

    Right now you are stepping into transformation in and about your life. You want better feelings and people in your life and in your child's that is 3yrs old. Sometimes you get condition to abuse in your life and keep attracting it into your pathway. Now, I sense that you are coming out of that fog and reaching for the light and better people and places and a higher plane of thinking and talking also will be brought forth. Please find a church of your choice and go and take your child with you, pray and ask that you be guided to the church that will have what you need spiritually within it walls and the people you come into contact with will be God sent to you. After you have made a few minor changes in your life you will see and feel an inner love growing that will attract a new love , one that is not only heavenly (God) but a man that fits into your life as if he were sent from heaven above.

  • Thank you for your guidance 🙂

  • hi again,i just wanted your judgement .well im woundering if you can tell me if you feel im pregnat from my bf rob or this guy i slept with brian.i would like to know what you feel

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