???????? Please!! Thoughts anyone??

  • So just wondering if you believe in signs from the Universe, GOD or fate etc? OR do you think its all a coincidence SP? and that its all just random? I have been considering giving up in trying to contact someone but when I make the decision to back off a little. I see a lot of stuff. Signs.? And it makes me feel like I'm going in the right direction w/this. Thoughts?

  • dear sdr1980

    am anna..am kinda new here but not so new.just to throw some thoughts today, a beautiful Loving day, as a believer of astrology and the world beyond, let me inform you that, what you see, the signs, all predestined. just sit back and enjoy all the signs you got. Should you keep getting the signs until early monday morning, it means it time to contact somebody u have been thinking about because according to my Lunar calender guide:

    friday 27/08/2010 = a good day for love

    saturday 28/08/2010 = not a good day for anything

    sunday 29/08/2010 = average day for new beginnings

    monday 30/08/2010 = the most auspicious day for anything related to LOVE.

    its mercury retrogade now til 12 sept and i've been followign this lunar calendar to guide me through ups and down and it is a blessing to have it in hand.trust me. its time for you to be in contact.the new day has come.hope you are prepared fully

    God Bless


  • Thank you Anna ")

  • my pleasure...good luck will always be with you i can see..i wonder why you are so lucky during this mercury retrogade.maybe there is something you did in the past i supposed. anyway, enjoy today...and i've just got a new reading coming..the most special day for you would be on monday 30/08/2010.. if you could wait til tomorrow, it would be lovely. if you cant, today would be great too for new beginnings..hope all good.

    God Bless


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