Question for The Captain

  • Although both of you are highly imaginative and creative, your relationship will tend to be a responsible one that specialises in looking after practical matters. Thus, artistic leanings do not by any means contradict or rule out running an efficient home or office. Furthermore, you two can be quite ambitious - neither of you is content to sit around and dream about what might be or could have been. Your plans for the future are likely to materialise, since you usually discard unworkable schenes along the way. Yet a relaxed attitude generally prevails here, owing to the easy and open communication between you - you get along well with little tension. If taken too far however, such an attitude can lead to complacency, undercutting your ambitious drives. At work or at home, you two may oscillate between periods of high motivation and laziness. Thus, the relationship can tend to fall into a repetitive pattern of tension followed by relaxation.

    A marriage between you can see you two spouses become social climbers, who can be quite ruthless in reaching your goals. Any feelings of inferiority that you may harbour - and there may be quite a few - are translated into action and the raw determination to impress others. As just friends, however, such desires are curiously absent. In friendship, your more artistic sides are brought out, and you can share a commitment of considerable energy to creative and perhaps spiritual endeavours. A love affair is even more low-key and pleasure-seeking. More often than not, hedonism is the order of the day, and a lot of attention will be given to matters of sex, food and the home. Your partner however may want to see more passion and enthusiasm from you, and this may cause some problems, especially in the bedroom. You on the other hand may find him a bit emotional and overly dramatic at times.

    At its best, this matchup can be pragmatic, motivated, and pleasure-seeking. At its worst it will be ruthless, lazy, and materialistic.

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