Question for The Captain

  • Dear Captain,

    If you have the time that is to answer my question.

    My question is in relation to this guy that I like. I have an inclination that he likes me too. I am wondering if I should pursue this further ? His dob is 19th Nov 1988 and Im 19th Feb 1986.

    Regards AW86

  • This post is deleted!

  • Dear Captain,

    Good greetings to you.

    Please spare me a bit of your time. I have a very important but very difficult decision to make at this time. Please enlighten me about this big problem caused by my relationship with Mr. MW. The decision I would very soon MUST make would affect my life as well as my children's in a major scale. I need guidance, please. Do you see anything about me and my problems at this time?

    I would appreciate any enlightenment you could give.

    Thank you so much.



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