ASCLAC part 4

  • I am curious, what would a full moon in your sign of Venus mean? Anyone know?

    I think the full moon brings to light lingering issues and helps you find a solution, and Venus is the planet of love and relationships, so I would guess that this brings to light issues of love (and since its in Aries) passion as well?

  • Scorp - Well...where to begin !! If you truly want to back off, then do so. I will say tauruses can be amazing, but dag gone, we can be quite the PITA as well. For me, it took along time for me to truly get ahold of myself. I am sure that is due to my crazy past and bad marriage. But, I have done it, and I am really happy with who I am. Now, with that being said, can you give me some back ground on this guy. like, home life, education, etc. B/C see we can want something so bad, we tend to think it is real, when in fact it is not. Honestly speaking, my guess is this guy is there. We love pleasure, for ourselves and others, yet we are the types that cannot see the forest for the tress sometimes. But, once we have it figured out, watch out sistah !! We've got it srsly goin on !! lol

    Kel - so many points, I have noticed that. It saddens my heart and makes me ill. I wore pink yesterday as I do not have purple, yet I think about how atrocious society can still be towards homosexuals. Very sad and tragic. Especially when the best thing we can do is love our neighboor as ourselves.

    I wish the only thing going on with J was a bad dentist appt. I think I am going to leave it at that. And allow him to work on his own issues, but here is what happened prior too...we were texting, being flirty and on the subject of control..and this is what he texted me EXACTLY...." I have TOTAL control of U" WHOA !! back up b*tch.....srsly. With as much as I aodore and love the man, I cannot and will not deal with that mindset. Especially after my horrid marriage and he knows the details. I texted back....Um don't. i am in control of me. I am with you b/c i want to be. All the extra stuff is basically b/c I am amazing and kind.

    So, then we had to abruptly quit texting, then later, like 4 hours back on the subject. he says yells, I know, dentist, could've talked to the ex, what I said or all 3 or just one. Who knows. I don't. he will not say and I will not ask. But, I can guarantee you one thing. He knows and he has to deal with it, not me. Let me tell you, my horns flared..I mean FLARED !! However, I did not charge, did not even want to charge. I told him basically sorry, I am going to leave you alone ( which I did) and said hope your day goes better for ya..and he texted back Thank You. I have no intention of holding a grudge, which I am generally very good at. I am just going to let him deal with this in his crabby way. One thing I know, is not by his words, but by his actions, I will be able to tell a lot tomorrow. And I can take this at face value. If he is truly sorry, I will know. And I will be able to tell what really set him off.

    Who said UGH ???? I think it was SV ?? UGH UGH UGH UUUGGGHHH !!

  • Kel - As far as full moon in Venus for me ?? All I can say is I have been very frustrated !! lol I feel that I am having a very profound moment of clarity, awareness and acceptance. Except, no one is there with me !! lol I personally feel better about myself than ever. And stronger too. And, for some strange reason, i feel that whomever I bond with, during this "thing" I am going through right now, will be there for me for the long haul. If that makes sense.

  • 7 -

    I just hope that someday everyone can just leave everyone else alone, but sadly I think society will find a new group to hate after homose*xuality becomes more protected and recognized by law 😞

    He said he has total control of you because that was a lie he tells himself to make himself feel more confident in this situation and to make you feel uneasy. But its more than likely the opposite, he'll hurt more than you will if you leave him and he knows taht it would be YOU who would leave HIM, because he doesn't have control. I think you Taurus are a great compliment to us crabs, very stable and strong, like our safe place to come home to 🙂

    Sun in Scorpio birthday cheatsheet:

    SSC - Nov 13

    SV - Nov 2

    Flow - Anyone know hers?

  • Well, his parents are still together but I honestly think he and his dad don't have the type of relationship he wants. I think he's still trying to win daddy's love, if you know what I mean. The guy is an alcoholic, but not a mean one. I know, I know. I also think he's an unevolved Taurus as well. He just does some shady stuff that makes me question in my mind his faithfulness, his venus is in Aries. He always wants to know who i'm talking to, doing stuff with, etc. But heaven forbid me ask him! lol And I also think he constantly checks my fb, I see him on and offline all the time here recently and he's only got 50 friends which 5 of them are me and my friends that he met. I have learned that there's no discussing anything with him when he's been drinking all day. I can deal with the drinking, I just can't deal with the shadiness. What's up with the whole 5 times of "i love you" in 2 hours one day to nothing from that point on? Let me know any other info you need.

  • Geeze Kel - Did you have to make me cry !! It's just been that kinda day.....but thank you...truly

  • Scorp - my honest instant take...dude's a mess. I can say that bc at one stage in my life, I was an utter mess. Now with that said, i am completely devoted to those people who saw me through my mess. I did come around. But it was not always pretty. I can honestly say that it was te true, unconditional love of my true friends and family that brought me through.

    So the question you have to ask yourself...are you really sure you want to haul that load ?? It does not always work out.

    As far as the I love you's..he said that bc he so desperately needs to feel loved. The unique thing about us taurese is, we need an emotional love connection before a physical one. A persons soul/spirit is far more important to us than looks.

    Like my crabman J. He is not attractive in the worlds eyes, but I think he is beautiful, sexy, stunning and when he smiles at me..I melt !! I do !! it's silly. But he makes me swoon.

    Now, the alcohol, we can be addictive, but it is a true cover up/escape...I think you can help him as long as it is in nothing but love. No nagging, no ultimatums, just love, kindness, compassion and fun. it is like we need the good emotions to replace the bad, which we have such a hard time dealing with we would rather escape. Does that make sense ?

  • Kel - me too. Peoples hearts matter more than anything else. I am much more concerned with that then sexual preference. Who cares ? I don't...and one more time...geeze kel.....your clarity, honesty and take is so appreciated..but dang !! It floored me. It did. Now all I want to do is hold his crabby ass and let him come home !! UGH !!!

  • And Kel - I don't think I can deal with any more hatred. I don't. I just get so heart sick. It just has to stop. It is so wrong.

  • Right now, the full moon in Aries will bring about "I" needs...

    After a while, I called him in a nonchalant voice to see how things were going, if anything. He actually thought it was a 'given' I was coming over with the pouring rain and all he could 'will' the weather to change for him<lol>!!! I heard "plans" about me coming over tonight, tomorrow, and Saturday despite the forecast, so I had to tell him I wasn't coming out tonight, but possibly tomorrow and Saturday if the weather cleared. I asked what the 'writing' was, and it sounded more like a project for his control-freak landlord than anything else. I guess if you have to do such humiliating things like that while living in 'your' place it would come out as a need to 'control' other things--even the weather!! Too funny...</lol>

  • Ok change of plans so I have some time-- before I get all lost again

    Kel- I believe that these poor kids had it so hard in their mind. Here they are trying to figure out where they will fit in, in their life, their family, their world. Will they lose ones they love like parents, siblings, friends... will they hurt the ones they love with shame or embarassment?

    Their plate is so full before any bullying even starts.

    When a bully hurts them they have no choice IF THEY ARE NOT STRONG PEOPLE MENTALLY to shut down. There is only so much a person can take before they snap.

    IMHO- I'd like to see schools take a completely different approach. If you are cought bullying a person, well, Good Morning Viet nam!

    The best way to build strong bonds, understanding, tolerance is to know your victim/assailant is to ACTUALLY KNOW THEM.

    If you take the bully (the MAIN AGGRESSOR) and the victim and FORCE them to communicate-- on a daily basis. I don't mean in therapy I mean in life.

    Give them both a "job" that they hate. Like they have to scrape the school bricks all day every day for a month. They have MANDITORY detention. it's from 8 am to 4 pm everyday. They have to eat together- go to class together-P/T together- and it's only them.

    No interaction with outsiders for that time-- and the catch is ONE cannot SUCCEED without the other.

    Then take their streignths and weaknesses. Bully- physically strong-- victim strong at accidemics/art/music/woodworking-- whatever- just as long as the bully is weak at it-- the only way they can succeed is if they each accoplish a goal that the other is strong at.

    In most cases-- taking out the outsiders--all contact with the outside clique or kids or crowd, whatever it's called-- the two will pull together.

    The understanding and tolerance will build with time.

    Also from personal experience-- their is usally 1-5 ring leaders. Cut off the head and the body will fall. Teach your bullys kindness-- and the rest will follow.

    It may not be fair to the victim you're thining I'm sure but the victim needs to emotionally heal. That will come from understanding. He/she will get that as they get to know their attacker.

    Just MHO.

    It will never be done- costs too much money.

    I love America SOOOOOOO much-- But I hate the people that run it.

  • Kel,

    It's when people can't stand their own business that they feel they 'have' to mind others'. It's so pathetic and stupid!! Sometimes I think the most dangerous thing in the world is ignorance.

  • Scorpiocs- Run. Run as fast as you can. Run. PEOPLE NEVER CHANGE. WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET.


    Hunni, please don't be mad at me as I hardly know you, but you post here so I do care about you.

    Run. He WILL hurt you. Hopefully just emotionally.

  • scc I only said that because I know somebody who walked in your shoes.

    Her feet hurt alot, that's all I'm saying.

    Now? She drives.


  • I hope I did not hurt you with my response.

    Sorry if I did.

  • Moon - LOL! You didn't hurt my feelings at all!!! I know what is said on here is out of concern, compassion and from the heart and I love each and every one of you for it! 😉

    T7 - I understand EXACTLY what you mean by him needing the good emotions to replace the bad. I KNOW him so much better than what he is willing to admit. He's just so hot/cold in the past 2 weeks that it's really starting to grate my nerves really bad!!! For instance last night I asked him if he still "wuvd" me (yes, he says "wuv"! LMAO) in text and he replied but didn't answer the question NOR acknowledged that I even mentioned it! He's been really distant the past 2 weeks as well. He used to want me with him ALL the time but now it's like he doesn't care. But yet he wants to know exactly what I'm doing ALL the time!! From what book I'm reading at that moment to what I'm watching on tv at that moment! He's so self consumed that it's draining sometimes. I even told him that I feel that he only wants me with him at HIS convenience! Well, of course, he denied it and told me that I shouldn't feel that way! I told him to stop telling me how I'm feeling. He even told me the other day that he was gona start treating me better, well increasing the amounts of "baby"s and "awwws" in text msgs is not my idea of treating me better. I told him that actions speak louder than words and he agreed that he was gona do better. Well apparently he has amnesia because his actions have just gotten worse. I'm at the point that I'm gona tell him EXACTLY how I feel and what I think without any emotion, nagging or emotion. If I have to write it in a letter to keep me from getting emotional about it, then that's what I will do.

    Thoughts?? 😞

  • hey everyone! just coming in to say hi! have a great day! 🙂

    moving tomorrow, company outing today. CRAZYY!!!

  • I only meant to keep busy with things, not necessarily dating. lol I know what you mean by laying low though. He finally text me about an hr ago saying that he fell asleep and that phone was on vibrate. Hes back to calling me his baby again! lol Mr. Moody!! lol

  • Guys who call you "Baby" are so funny...I once dated an Aquarius guy with Virgo moon who kept calling me "Baby" but with Venus in Aquarius as well, it was hard to tell if it was about "Baby" 'hip' or "Baby" 'take care of you'...he wanted to go through this whole 'let's get fit' regimen that totally turned me off to whatever 'cool' stuff we did. The convention guy goes "Hey Baby, you're here and gone, Baby!!" He already knows I have a fiance so what is his problem?

    Last night a tall creepy tenant banged on my door twice, disappearing after a tenant friend (a Scorpio with Virgo moon) came by to check that out. The management would just say "He's a lonely guy and you're the only female on that floor!" That happened the last time I got harrassed that way; another guy 'just wanted a date' although I had never even seen him in my life! When I said I was already in a relationship and that I didn't even know him, he went "That doesn't matter!"

    I let my neighbor know about the creep last night and texted my fiance about that problem...I texted that whatever these guys want from me they need to find it in themselves first ("validation"). He agreed with that point of view. I've also been stalked by my ex from 3 and a half years ago (a Cancer-Leo) but I ignore the a.m. calls and 'clicks'. He can't get into this hotel, at least! I made sure of that via the hotel.

  • Cusp - it's funny cause he calls me baby and says i'm his baby and that he's my baby

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