ASCLAC part 4

  • And yes I agree, I def think that Aries is a soul mate for me, never in my life have I worked so hard on myself

  • I think Pisces..Scorps, at least the ones I have met have more of an intense gaze..and I click with them or at least feel se*xual chemistry with them..not this guy.. We just had coffee and talked..or i talked..

  • How'd you meet him?

    I've only been skimming the posts, sorry if you already explained it 😞

  • I decided to do the online dating thing like SV. I was trying to move on from crab, I never had a good experience before but I thought I'd try it. Funny thing that it was when I started meeting other guys online crab started wanting to see me again, getting all flirty, like he senses something..

    So I lined up 3 guys I decided to meet, this guy was the first one i met. I also met another pilot who said he wanted to meet me on Thursday, I told him it was too soon and he disappeared. Another disappearing pilot, lol The other guy wants to meet me but is traveling off island for 10 days.

  • So Venus is going retrograde today..

  • Hi Lua!

    Hmmm...I think you are onto something with checking out guys, with your crab noticing! I need to try that more; just remembering how nervous my Scorpio got when I was friendly towards his long-time roommate before he moved out, and even a 17-year old son of the guy who was friendly towards me! It was all strictly platonic; I've been cheated on before so I'm sensitive to my Scorp's feelings (he was cheated on by his last girlfriend, and avoided intimacy for 20 years.) But he seems to be indifferent to mine with all those "friends" so perhaps he needs a 'wake-up call' there. Yes, I am an Aquarius-Pisces cusp on my ascendant. Looking back, I have no idea why I wound up with little boyfriends, because I was quite a tomboy; the first time I got kissed by one of them I was on my bike, and it shocked me so much I pedalled home as fast as I could, ran up to my room, and locked the door, refusing to come out!! The college teacher was a Scorpio and a rather unusual character...he had a habit of gently touching his students and taking a real interest in individual student's development in their artwork, so it was hard to understand exactly what his intentions were. He seemed to be a 'spiritual' type and after he died (he had a chronic kidney problem) I found out he had his moon in Pisces. His behavior was well-known; I once read graffiti in the ladies' bathroom that said "Watch out for ---". The first time I encountered him in a school elevator, he turned around and gave me the most intense look. I thought I should heed that graffiti, because it bothered me. But I also heard he was an outstanding teacher, and I was needing to graduate soon. It turned out I couldn't get a class I wanted elsewhere, and pretty much had to take his class to graduate in a timely way so I signed up with his class. He really took an interest in my art, saying "I wish I could draw like you!!" with a tone of real yearning, almost sadness. In one of his last shows, I noticed he had adopted my subject matter, and

    when it was time to graduate he wanted to keep up a correspondence with me. We corresponded for six years until he died. His sudden death was a surprise; I got mail with a brochure about him, and didn't know why until I read the word 'was'...then it hit me like a block of ice, because I couldn't feel anything enough to express it. I took a shower, and only then was able to cry, and couldn't stop crying.

  • Kel - i am glad that you are happy in your relationship !1 What a refreshing place that is to be !

    Lua - be careful with KNOW how they are. They always seem to get what they want !! I know you are very strong, just my small warning.....

    Cusp - so sorry about your loss. It sounds like you had something very special.

    With me, well J is pushing me a little. He is definitely testing the waters. I think I am just going to tell him I have no plans on going anywhere, that I am completely happy exactly where we are.

    I have had so much going on. Did I tell you all that I found my bio dad after 42 years and we have talked on the phone ? Ya, what an emotionally draining week it has been for me. I am excited, nervous, and well, just doing a lot of sorting out. J does not know his bio dad either, so he has been a great help. And, for the 1st time, I wept in front of him. That was very scary for me to do. He was so strong for me though. And very grounding.

    When I feel up to it, I will post more details about the situation with my bio dad, I am just trying to figure out the next step.

  • Taurus7,

    It sounds like this guy is empathetic, and I hope it just gets better for you in both situations.

    Love, Cuspglyph

  • Wow Taurus! I hope the phone call went well for you, when you have the energy, let us know what happened 🙂

  • Thanks all, I will. I am so exhausted. I am not sure if I have ever felt this spent.

  • Taurus, wow! 42 years? That must have been intense emotionally!! I hope it was positive even though it was emotionally draining...I am so glad J was there for you. It's hard to show your vulnerability..

    Thanks for the warning, I KNOW how crabs are..he hasn't been this flirty since about February or january..he must sense my attention turning to other weird because we are 2000 miles apart and he still senses this? Spidey sense? crabby sense!! I'm not going to respond to his email. Make him wonder what I am up to!!

    BTW, the boring date guy sent e an email today saying "I had fun last night, hope we can hang out again soon". What do I do? How do I let him down easy ? I don't want to be a total bit*ch. I got the impression he was bored too!! I don't want to totally ignore him, I've done that before after a date and this is a small island it was awkward when I ran into the guy. I may not run into him much though, he lives on the other side of the island, I asked him what he did on his free time and he said he doesn't like going out, after work he comes home and watches TV, on weekends he sometimes goes fishing with his male buddy and that's it. Did I say BORING?

    I'm an adventure girl, boring guys are a waste of time. So what do I say? "I'm sorry, you're a nice guy but I didn't feel a connection"?

    What do you think?

  • Hi all. This is where I am at. Sorry.

    The Scorpion And The Tortoise

    The scorpion was hamstrung, his tail all aquiver;

    just how would he manage to get across the river?

    “The water’s so deep,” he observed with a sigh,

    which pricked at the ears of the tortoise nearby.

    “Well why don’t you swim?” asked the slow-moving fellow,

    “unless you’re afraid. I mean, what are you, yellow?”

    “It isn’t a matter of fear or of whim,”

    said the scorpion,

    “but that i don’t know how to swim.”

    “Ah, forgive me. I didn’t mean to be glib when

    I said that. I figured you were an amphibian.”

    “No offense taken,” the scorpion replied,

    “but how about you help me to reach the far side?

    You swim like a dream, and you have what I lack.

    Let’s say you take me across on your back?”

    “I’m really not sure that’s the best thing to do,”

    said the tortoise, “now that I see that it’s you.

    You’ve a less than ideal reputation preceding:

    there’s talk of your victims all poisoned and bleeding.

    You’re the scorpion — and how can I say this — but, well,

    I just don’t feel safe with you riding my shell.”

    The scorpion replied, “What would killing you prove?

    We’d both drown, so tell me: how would that behoove

    me to basically die at my very own hand

    when all I desire is to be on dry land?”

    The tortoise considered the scorpion’s defense.

    When he gave it some thought, it made perfect sense.

    The niggling voice in his mind he ignored,

    and he swam to the bank and called out: “Climb aboard!”

    But just a few moments from when they set sail,

    the scorpion lashed out with his venomous tail.

    The tortoise too late understood that he’d blundered

    when he felt his flesh stabbed and his carapace sundered.

    As he fought for his life, he said, “tell me why

    you have done this! For now we will surely both die!”

    “I don’t know!” cried the scorpion. “You never should trust

    a creature like me because poison I must!

    I’d claim some remorse or at least some compunction,

    but I just can’t help it; my form is my function.

    You thought I’d behave like my cousin, the crab,

    but unlike him, it is but my nature to stab.”

    The tortoise expired with one final quiver.

    And then both of them sank, swallowed up by the river.

    The tortoise was wrong to ignore all his doubts —

    because in the end, friends, our natures wins out.

    So: what can we learn from their watery ends?

    Is there some lesson on how to be friends?

    I think what it means is that central to living

    a life that is good is a life that’s forgiving.

    We’re creatures of contact, regardless of whether

    we kiss or we wound. Still, we must come together.

    Though it may spell destruction, we still ask for more —

    since it beats staying dry but so lonely on shore.

    So we make ourselves open while knowing full well

    it’s essentially saying, “please, come pierce my shell.”

    --by David Rakoff

    I don't understand people sometimes, but I do understand hearts... and even a scorpion need a heart...even a little one to live.... right?

    You all take care, talk soon.

  • Oh moon...I get it. I really do. Life can just be hard and complex. I just talked to my bio dad for the 1st time in myentire 42 yo life. He is ver smart, he nailed a womans emotional side. But I say...why is that bad ?? really ? men are men, women are women, and dang it, life is just life.

    Maybe that does not make sense, but it does to me. My crazy life !! lol

    I am in love with a crab who is not acting like a crab, even though he KNOWS how he is ? WTF does that mean ? I love him with all my being and I am pretty sure he feels the same, yet, we cannot say that to one another....???

    I do not have any more clue than you do. I don't. Just all I ask,, see me as I am. Not that hard people. really...

  • Last night I decided to pose a situation I felt might help my Scorpio guy face up his too-convenient attitude towards his female friendships. After visiting my family for the evening, I texted "Would it help if I made more male friends?" He texted back "If you want might be healthy..." (keep in mind his notion of "healthy" is 'erotic energy' via Wilhelm Reich!!), but apparently he thought I meant the two old guys (who are more like grandfathers <lol>!!)in my hotel who socialize with me in the city where I live, because he texted "Oh, ok!" after I let him know I meant while I was in the county where he lives! I have noticed him getting nervous in situations where his old roommate just wanted to chat with me ( he grabbed me then and started massaging my back) or when the 17 year old son of our mutual friends started trying to impress me (my Scorpio immediately flung his head into my lap like a little boy, wanting his usual head rub). It would be interesting to see if this affected him in real life, not just in 'theory' (talk is cheap!) about what "friendship" with the opposite gender truly means to him. But fair's fair--I have female friends I keep in touch with on a regular basis, especially my best friend he knows is like a sister to me. He texted back to my affectionate "good night" with a more neutral response than usual.

    P.S. I also offered to introduce them to him (even if those seemed to be more like last minute 'i better introduce her now that she's seen her!" introductions.)</lol>

  • Hey guys! sorry for my absence, im pretty much out of tune and good vibes. some stuff happened and im all confused and mixed up.

    Cuspglyph>> may i ask you a huge favour? could you look at the compatibility of:

    09. February 1982 Szekszard

    05. January 1981 Dunaujvaros

    thank you in advance. 🙂

    guys, im gonna catch up soon. hope all of you are fine!

  • hmmm katie, is this the cappy from your past? 😉

  • hmmmm Kel, yes. 🙂 lets just say i had an interesting weekend which made me think... which added to the rest of my confusion...

  • Cusp - way to give him something to chew on !! Does he get it ?

    Katie - 2 crabs ??? Oh lord have mercy !! lol

  • kelcrab -Hey, if you're a cancer male, mind if I pick your brain for a moment?

    I know the disappearing act is common, so the fact that mine hasn't contacted me in a month doesn't surprise me. But, now what I'm wondering is what I should do....I kinda want to wish him a happy thanksgving, but the Aries in me is stubborn and refuses to make contact with him until he does it to me first. I can't understand why he has to think things through so friggen thoroughly before doing a simple thing like keeping in contact. It also makes me worry about how long this is going to go on. Out of sight, out of mind they say; if he takes too long, I'm gonna wander off.

    Thanks 🙂

  • Katie:A cappy? Interesting weekend?

    Now I am curious.

    My weekend got a lot better. I met an intresting person, only onlie so far. I think Gemini..

    And he is from near you Katie, from Romania!!

    Do you know anything about Romanian men?

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