ASCLAC part 4

  • aww flow i just saw the page before and your cake and you sang to me! me happy! thankyou beautiful. xx

  • SV- I am truly sorry about your crab. I am. Sometimes, i worry about the day when I may see this out of mine. I know it is stupid, but I do. All i can say is, you seem so amazing, that it is truly his loss. I know that does not make the hurt go away, but you deserve someeone who makes you feel like a queen. One that actually has no problem picking you and you alone.

    Kel- awe thanks....what you said about handling my crab, lol, not to sure about that, it is just who I am and am becoming. No more NOT saying how I feel. No more putting myself last. I am trying to live in the here and now, relaxed, enjoying what comes my way and having as much fun and laughs in the meantime.

    Stranger - I know I do not know you, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!

  • thanks taurus7. no we dont know each other, i have been on and off from this thread for a while now although not so much lately. nice to meet to you. there's alot of supportive people here. have a nice day.

  • Hey Guys!

    hey Charlieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :-DDDDDD i'm glad to know you show sign of life! 🙂


    what design school are you starting in April? i mean like interior design? so homes? or clothes? or what? it sounds exciting anyways (everything that is design).

    change IS good! yes, Ibiza is in Spain, it's one of the Balearic Islands. La isla blanca! 🙂

    thanks for your question, everything else is pretty okay. im getting (for my own surprise) pretty balanced emotionally. im keeping myself up (without freaking outs, cries and break downs for a month!!!! yayyyy). and i feel kind of happy most of the times.

    how is this aries guy??? i must have missed it somewhere... otherwise are you still looking for a second job? how is that coming? anything interesting?

    hello to all the others!

  • Hi all! Adventure HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

    Hi flow! I love how you do that with the cakes it reminds me how you used to post about baking with katie

    Kel to Moon -

    I agree with waht you said, about the one-sided relationships and how they make you seem "taken" to others. That's why you gotta let go of your scorp 😉

    I'm ok with the situation yes, I am still watching that trashy TV show! HA!

    Moon, I seem to attract so many fiscally-unsavvy guys...I just don't get it. I want a man who's got his life together and knows how to handle money...ugh! As a Cancer, don't you find financial stability of very high importance?

    OMG! For me... that's right next to looks. I can't f-you if... well, there is NO romance without finance! I have ISSUES with that!

    I dunno, I just have some Aries stuff that has me bothered and this forum has gotten a little different lol I feel kind of strange now posting with all these new people...I miss Flow and adventure and lolpet and everyone 😞 I need to post and I know that Aries reads this so i have to edit myself, it sucks lol

    That's my problem 100%. That's why I can't post here the way I like anymore. It "feels" wrong or off... I dunno hard to explain. I was thinking of a way if we could make up new names on a new thread and use facebook to get the word out? I dunno. I hate I don't know if he ever read the thread but the fact that I gave up the info... it bothers me.

    um, I ended up doing the dirty dirty with Pisces on Friday had fun!

    OMG! you evil girl you!

    I had a day date which turned into a day/night date with Gemini on was great! we went to go watch the new movie Devil. it was scary and I'm still scared now...LOL

    That's because you're going to H*LL with Shorty and I!

    I ended up telling Gemini how I felt and he had no idea I felt that way...I'm proud of myself for opening up to him!!!!

    Wow, I am suprised and happy for you.

    Moon, you made perfect sense with your theory about being in a one sided relationship and sending off the vibes of being in a relationship when you're really not...made me think a lot about this...

    I read all you wrote and I did understand. I think it's a BIG blocker too! Blocker for everybody in "limbo".

    corporate restucturing at work...huge staff meeting today...get to keep my job for stressed 😞

    Hope you're ok there.

    Taurus7 - things are not going well at all with my crab. in fact we have not had communication since my last text to him last week. I have removed myself completely and I'm getting out of limbo. I can't do this anymore.

    You are not the only one SV, Me, Kel, Katie, Adventure... I've only seen one person on this thread able to do it and that was Flow. Even lolpet & Shorty walked away... well, I dunno about lolpet, she's on & off.

    Gemini and Pisces like me and want to be with me. that's what I need to concentrate on. I need to be a better ME.

    We all do hunni.

    because in the end, crab will never want me and I have to accept that. not now or ever will he want me...

    Not right now. If he did you'd know it. He probably does not even know what he wants sweetie.

    That one text response showed that.


    hey guys! been a bit moody the last days... angry, sad etc. you name it.

    Hey Katie, why? did I miss something?

    Lua-- GOOD LUCK!

    Hey shorty!!!!!!!!!!!

    Shorty to Kel-

    well Aries backed off abit but found out why it was not me but in his mind for me if that makes sense he is still in my life just a little less... I can understand his point of view even if I don't agree with it. but, his heart is in right place 🙂 so I will keep him as a definate friend 🙂

    That's at least something that's a plus (I read back to your original post)

    went to talk with my spiritual advisor and saw cancer


    I know we both had a look of shock neither expecting to see each other...heehee 🙂

    Fate has a funny way of having people bump into each other like the law of attraction...

    he was getting in his car as I was getting out of mine. we both stood there for like a minute... advisor wants me to definate start meditation in 2 weeks. I will be starting it... so he will just have to deal with it

    Why? Will crab be there too???? OMG no way! Yeah, ummm... isn't the point of meditation to concentrate???

    and I have a new player who is definately a player he is a scorpio (I keep getting all these way younger guys he is 10 yrs younger) and ooooommmm 😜 good at teasing he will be definate trouble but I oh I soooooo likey 😉 we have a get together tonight.

    <<wicked evil="" awful="" grin="">> LMAO!!!!</wicked>

    he is scumptious lots of MAN to him. he knows just how to say just the right thing he will be a joy to play with 😉 but I am sticking to my abstinance he views that as a challenge and but says there is lots else to do. and he is right. yummmmmy 😜 is all I will say last night was remarkable 😉

    See, I just told SV, she'll be in good company with us unsavory women in H*LL!


    okay yes I have been bad but I am soooo much better when I am Bad ...heehee ;)
    I am enjoying my life and lovin it right now everything may not be perfect but it never is I am just enjoying each day as it comes along... and trying not to get into to much trouble ;)
    Well darlin' one must always find the positive ..lmao!... even if it's in the form of a tasty young Scorpio man for shorty!
    Yikes! just got one step closer
    Hi OL I am so sorry but I am lost on your story except that your able to meet a guy but not like them after a while? Quanity not Quality???
    Tarus7 I have not read yours either. Sorry doll, I'll try in a bit.

  • hey katie, lol charrliee. !! will catch up soon ish. im so busy at the mo. have break soon tho.yay.

    moon, thanks! have you started writing yet? will try to catch up at some stage im just like a chook with no head at the moment. should be more chilled in a few days..



    I HEART THEM!!!!!!


  • kel - um, pisces is dirtyyyy....and I like it! We're seeing eachother again on saturday night. we talked about how we wanted to get on a deeper level with eachother on saturday. we're gonna have dinner, but dessert is definitely in the bedroom.

    and oh man, he keeps GOING!!! haha it's like he's the energizer bunny!! we started around midnight and went on till like 4am!!! ahh!! and he is um..HUGE...HAHAHA! LOVE IT!!! he's awesome.

    he told me yesterday that he REALLY likes me and that he wants to get to know me better cause he's not felt this way about a person in a while. scares me just a little cause I dont know how deep I feel about him just yet but that's probably my insecurity.....

    there's also Gem guy...he's SOOO sweet!! he's such a gentleman and he REALLY likes me too. I feel like him and I have already gotten onto that deeper level and we're talking about our FEELINGS which you KNOW is hard for me....

    I'm so did I get here?!?!? LOL

    I know I eventually have to make a decision...I just dont know how. 😕

  • SV- well anyone crab and I have a date tonight...but SV - I am asking you this b/c well....I like dirty as well....

    Anywaay, here is the short scoop. My guy has been extremely busy. I can see the look of worn down and burnt out all over him. SO, I was going to offer him a small escape time. So he could refresh himself. I was going to postpone our date. but I woke up to a text to him this AM...which was well...let me just say..our date shall be inside and he put it that there would be not much time for talking, until he was done with me....anyway...this has me totally shocked.

    His week was so bad that he actually got kicked out of his sons football game, b/c one of his players got hurt and the other coach was being an ass. And he may not get to finish the season, b/c he called a lady a bitch, loud enough for everyone to hear. Long story, but, he was right and just said out loud what most people only say in their head. Well, I told him i was proud of him for standing up.

    then I thought he needs time in his shell, but it seems that he is running towards me instead and well...i am scared. Are you or anyone familiar with THIS kind of crab behavior ??

  • Taurus7 -

    Oh my hahaha

    You are in for a treat 😉 he is going to work you over. Just relax and enjoy it, don't be scared; but let him lead. He's had a hard week and taking control of you in bed will be his tension release. Let me tell you...when we get like that, watch out haha Have fun with it

    Everyone else, I'll be back soon

  • Ok all, hi, I have a crab question as I am not really shy but I am trying to figure out if....

    Is he is shy or does he like me????


    I have known this guy for 3 years now (cancer) he lives right by me. He's 10 years younger and he knows how old I am because I've told him.
    I actually tried to set him up once with a girl at work as she is close in his age and VERY cute. I gave them each other's emails/photo's BUT he asked to have HER email him. SHE did not email because she's shy. After the email exchange I left it alone as I figured everybody is an adult.
    After that I just stayed friendly with him... a "hi" here or a "bye" there.... very light and brief conversation... NOTHING big...
    Anyway... in one of our converstaions he mentioned books that he wanted to read & I being an avid reader suggested two that I love. He sounded interested so one day went on line and got them (used as they are out of print) I text him I got the books for him online and then I thought to myself.... "OMG! Now, this "kid" he's 29 will think I like him" so I instantly felt awkward and it showed in my texts back and forth so I backed off STAT!
    I had the books in my basement forever and finally, now, 3 months later I put them in an envelope and in his mailbox with a note simply saying "hope you like them"
    SO when he came home from work I was in the yard with the kids and watched him open the package and he walked over all shy and awkward and said "thanks"
    all I said was "no problem, hope you like them" and walked away all awkward and odd...
    Now, this is the thing...
    (1) he knows I am divorced with 3 kids-- he's seen them
    (2) he knows how old I really am (he was suprised when he first found out 3 years ago)
    I feel odd because of the age difference BUT he's a big, strong handsome guy. Too big, strong & handsome. He's like... a "hunk". THAT'S A PERFECT DESCRIPTION.... A HUNK.
    I mean if you saw us together you'd never know I'm 10 years older as he looks older than I do! HA!
    It's giving me a nice ego boost... but... how do you know when a guy is the most shy thing ever? I am trying to figure out if I still got it??? or am a losing my touch and he's just being nice to "grandma" as I am 38 to his 29...

  • Oh jeez moon, I just skimmed quickly, kinda busy

    But now YOURE getting involved with a Cancer??

    Haha d*amn, kinda makes me proud be a Cancer dude 🙂

    I'll get back to you soon

  • I have a feeling my Scorpio guy is trying to have a 'bachelor party' with this steady stream of female "friends"--there are more each time I visit to stay over his place for a week--it's exclusively female, and every time I run into one she's startled and freaked out-acting by my presence. I get the feeling we are all there for his convenience, and I no longer want to head out there if that's the case. I think he's having his cake and eating it too...while I have to wear the engagement ring so guys don't hit on me. (He gets anxious when I work at conventions where there are parties and other social events included). When I texted "having fun" last night--my last day of the gig--he texted "What kind of fun?" I'm tired of being there physically for him when he needs it, and having to go through the indignity of tolerating his other hook-ups. What difference does it make whether I'm here or there if this is the case? Only my presence in bed (he can't perform, but knows I tolerate that).

  • Moonbeauty,

    At least he knows all these things about you and still is interested in you--that's a sign of maturity.

    That's what you need in a guy--responsibility for his reactions to these important things without being culturally swayed. He sounds like a genuine possibility to me. His shyness is a lot better than cockiness! There are some guys out there who are young and hunky but not necessarily shallow; I think it's more about the ability to handle experience than age when it comes to maturity.

  • no kel I am NOT hooking up with a teenybopper! .....LMAO!

    I am just trying to figure out if he likes me or not.

    Kel, do you have this problem.... do you ever want to know that you can "get" somebody even though you don't/would never want them... you just want to know that you can?

    See Shorty? I'm in H*LL right next to

    I have noticed though since I have gotten past my scorp mess and I feel better about myself I have been getting the eye a lot more and it's NOT the evil kind....

  • Moon - hey..if he likes you...age is really not that big of a deal...

    Kel- my oh my oh my is about all I can say. i feel like he took me apart with his pinchers and devored me !! it was WONDERFUL !! But get this, I got him this cute little flirty card. gave it to him after I knew he was finished, then I told him, I knew he was exhausted, so next week, I wouldn't text him, just to give him a break. he said NO ! And then, something else happened, which I thought it was kinda weird, maybe has some meaning or not, but I am almost to embarrassed to share it.

  • Sorry got a crazy weekend, my Aqua-bff from college is getting married next weekend, I'm in the wedding I'm running around making sur ei have my outfit, all the hotel arrangements are in order blah blah blah. Ever since I got back from my vaca I have been running around like crazy. I also have a Scorp update that I'll try to post tomorrow, but he short version, I have him blocked again, this time for good, i tried to be nice and friendly and he sh*t on me and my relationship again! He's gone for good this time, he's not even getting my polite side anymore, he will be ignored from now on.

    Quick responses until I can go back and read everythign more thoroughly:

    Cuspg - Kick him to the curb

    Moon - Yes all the time. But it's a product of low self-esteem a lot of times. I love knowing I can control guys by their d*cks lol it makes me feel great about myself, feel powerful. I like to keep a "fan club", I have since been unwinding that fan club mentality but that's because I'm in a relationship and it was preventing from being 100% in it. But since you're single, I don't really see why not lol

    Taurus7 - Told ya 😉 my guess is he's now thinking about marriage...

    I know I'm missing some posts but I'll come back and catch up

  • ,,,lol,,, thanks kel! have fun at the Wedding!

    Thank you also Taurus7 but 10 years is a bit much for me... a year or two yes, but 10? Nah, I can't do it.

  • Kel - i read this yesterday and had to really think about your last comment. I would like to think you are jokind, but sadly, I do not think you are. I am thinking, how could that possibly be, we have not even said I love you out loud or met one anothers kids.

    But, the one think the last 9 months has taught me, is that you are cancers are a different bunch ! I say that with love. I know J plans everything out in his head. I mean everything !! His losing control at his kids game was so out of character for him. He lives in his thoughts. That is definitely know. So, I think I am going to follow my original plan and just keep my distance yet be available.

    At least I can take comfort in the fact that from your comments and what I know, he isn't planning on dumping me anytime

    Moon -I understand what you are saying. I really do. But...yes..the big but.....sometimes in life things can be meant to be that we would NEVER think of pursuing.

  • Sorry for the typos earlier, I lost my glasses and was typing w/o my contacts ! geeze......

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