ASCLAC part 4

  • what details would you like kel?? and which part? lol

  • Moon>>seriously, it's limbo. Deep breath and wait.... or walk away. and this is why kel and I got out.

    SV>>trying to get out of being in limbo…I’m trying REALLY hard…but my crab is everywhere….my restaurant owner friend posted a youtube video on FB of my crab being a dumba*ss, lol…he is so cute and I miss him so… 😕

    Moon>>Ok, if you are constantly thinking of one person, missing them, wanting them, remembering only them then are you (your frame of mind) essentaly in a relationship with them?

    SV>>yes, I’d have to agree…you are essentially in a relationship with them…even though they don’t know or they have no idea what you mean to them.

    Moon>>When you're in a reationship don't you think of that person all the time? It's an obvious one sided relationship as they have no idea.... but I'm thinking if this person is on your mind alot, you think about them.... just like you would do if you were in a real relationship...

    SV>>yes, you think of them all the time. like I think about crab. However, I’m trying my darndest to move on and become a better person. to open my eyes and keep my heart open as well. Gemini and Pisces treat me SO well and they really like me. I really like them too. I just need to get away from crab and stop my heart from hurting for him. he’s not good for me. he didn’t treat me well and clearly he didn’t want to talk or spend time with me. that was obvious from his replies in his most recent texts….

    Moon>>Then I do wonder if by acting/thinking this way if are you are putting out vibes that you are in a relationship even though in reality, you really are not. Could people be blocking their own happiness from finding them because their minds/vibes think they are really in a relatinship??? Leading them to attract more of the same?Just like the expression "when it rains it pours" attracting more of the same?

    SV>>yes, completely agree with you. I don’t know how you feel about your scorp anymore, but I know how I feel about my crab. Or how I kind of used to feel about crab. I feel like the vibes I’m putting out now are maybe a little different since I’m trying to get past and move away from him and onto a new relationship/dating. People for sure block their own happiness from happening, but they also need that time to heal. I think that’s the reason behind putting those vibes out in the first place. If you never gave yourself that time or if you never had “heartache” then there wouldn’t be true emotions or love. Makes sense? Everyone needs to put out those vibes for a little while because they are trying to get over someone. Once they are ready and they have worked on themselves, then the vibes change a little. Just look at me for example. I needed to do me for a while and I put out the vibes of being in a “relationship” with crab and missed him SOOOOooooOOO much, however when I felt it was time and I needed to move on because I knew it wasn’t going to work with crab now or ever, my vibes changed some. Now I’m sure I’m still putting out the vibes of missing my crab but now it’s a little different…I don’t know how else to explain it…

    Katie>>gosh, yesterday afternoon i came home to my parent's house to the countryside. today i went to grape-picking in the huge rain and all. was fun though.

    SV>>wow Katie! That sounds wonderful!!! I want to go grape-picking in the country!!!! 🙂

    Katie>>two friends of my uncle completely hit on me, i hardly could get rid of them. LOL i mean one of them i would fancy, but he is married and anyways, i dont get into stuff like that, but it was a nice ego lifting. LOL

    SV>>sometimes an ego lift is all you need to feel just a littttllllee bit better!

    Moon>>i have a big thought in my head for a week or so. i think next april im gonna go back to Spain/Ibiza to work. yes, my ex is there, but lately we get along very well. he is kind of falling in love with a girl and we are rather on a friendly basis now. so i thought there is no problem with him.

    dont know yet whether i surely go or not, but am very seriously considering.

    SV>>Spain/Ibiza?!?! Can I come too?? I’ve always wanted to go to both! So you’re back in touch with your ex? And he’s having difficulty with his girl? Hm…how do you feel about that?

    Taurus7>>Things with my crab are getting stronger and deeper and scarier....They are. He is beautiful and amazing...he keeps giving instead of retreating and he has scared the s*** out of me b/c of that !I wll continue the slow path. it is best for me and mine right now.

    SV>>I am so happy that things are working out for you and your crab Taurus7. At least someone is having luck with a crab on this thread. I’m SOO happy and maybe a teeeeensie weeeensie bit jealous! 😕

    OL - wow, I can't keep up with your story! I'm so confused by all the guys! lol, but that's awesome! you keep doing wat you're doing! that's awesome!

    Hi LilShorty!!!!!!

    Lua - hope you're having a good time and good luck with your competition!!!!!

  • OL-WOW... do what makes U happy in the long run... hmmm.... french guy sounds yummy 🙂 as far as why U attract asssss holes in look @ how U view Ur self do U feel U deserve better or just the same ol same ol true to you 🙂

    Kel-"Ehh, i don't think the god of war can really handle me lol there's just been some stuff lately that has me rethinking things..."

    well I wanted an Aries found out a new guy I have been talkin/texting is an Aries(Pisces moon)... we went out I think I scared him though heehee with my kiss @ end of date 😉 now we text still but he is quieter... maybe there is no one out there who could handle being with this crazy lil scorp we will see ... I will let U know 😉

    he was a real gentleman mind U and a little older... I liked him 🙂

    now U I am confused okay spill what is having U rethink? if U can't spill here spill in an email or FB message 🙂

    "I'm glad you're doing well though! 🙂 I would stay away from us Cancers lol we're terribly difficult..."

    yeah tizzy dizzy not good but I have someone putting me back in my new cancers path... it involves some of my spiritual training and this person is inadvertantly putting me there I can avoid cancer with not going to my training or go to my lessons and grow more and risk more involvement with cancer.... which he was getting to be such a great friend too decisions decisions hmmmm 😕 my training is important to me so I will deal with cancer when time comes heehee and do so with my head on straight 😉

    SV- Hi sweetie sounds like U have been busy...heehee

    moon, Katie, adventure, Lua- XHUGSX

    sorry if I missed anyone be good to UR selves

    wow I have a busy night it is Mabon so I am celebrating tonight peace and Blessings and XHUGSX all around


  • kel- thank you. that made a lot of sense. Like a huge eye opener. i went on a mini vacay...and I did not tell him when I was coming back. Not intentionally, just oversight really. it seems that when we are together, we are so in the here and now. Anyway, it makes sense that he would be asking things now. B/C when I came back, he was like..'i had no clue you were coming back today !" I said.."ya, here I am.." He said..' Did you make me lnch ?" of course he was just playing, but I did make him lunch, and so I smiled and said YEP !! He was speechless and floored !! it was fun.

    It was after that that he started asking, where I would be etc. So, it makes sense.

    Then, when you said you crabs enjoy deep thoughts/feelings...well that made total sense as to when our relationship changed. We had been dating about 5 months and I had kept many things inside. Details of my ex and my mariiage. He knew a little, but not a lot. I was never sure he wanted to listen. So, i went out on a limb then wrote him a very lengthy, hand written letter. We talked about it, and it was great. then I started getting nervous the 1st time he ducked into his shell, so I wrote him another and well, things have been incredible since then.

    Thank you so much for your help !! You are so cool to share and give us all insight !!

    Bless you babe !

  • SV - umm...any details would be nice !!

    And, not sure if there is much to be even a teensy bit jealous of.....The word commitment has yet to come out of either of our mouths.....LOL

    OL- see, I wasn't the only one confused...;)

  • hey guys! been a bit moody the last days... angry, sad etc. you name it.

    Lua>> i know you wont be around much now cause of the competition, but if you read this, i keep my fingers crossed for you! tell us how it went!!! 🙂

    Shorty>> yes, i definitely feel that i need some changes in my life. hence the idea about going back to Ibiza to work next april. (if everything works out till then)

    SV>> wow about pisces guy. and what will you do know with Gemini? i mean you mentioned that you could tell to him how you felt. what does that mean? that you dont feel the connection with him?

    Of course you can come to Ibiza! LOL Lua mentioned if she could manage to come to europe next summer she might visit me too. so feel free. 🙂

    i was never out of touch with my ex. we had contact all the time, whatever happened between us couple-wise... i think our connection will never fade, it is too big of a bond between us.

    he does not have a new gf, just a girl he likes a lot. the problem is the girl was in ibiza for work and now she is back in her home country, so distance is not cool. they have contact but my ex is kind of sad and all, so i try to help him, give him advice.

    actually how i feel about it? sometimes weird, but i think i put our thing behind already, so it does not specially disturb me. and until he is busy with that girl, he leaves me alone relationship-wise. LOL

    Kel>> you're having problems with Aries? you dont have to share, im just surprised. I thought all was good... i hope they are not big problems...

    Adventure>> i know it is tomorrow, but tomorrow comes earlier for you than for me, so if i remember good it was the 23rd, so Happy Birthday to you!!!! 🙂 i hope you are fine!

    Hey OL and everyone else!

    Flow! if you peak in a big HI to you too! 🙂

  • corporate restucturing at work...huge staff meeting today...get to keep my job for stressed 😞

  • Taurus and SV.... Its easy to attract guys, its keeping them that is the hardest. Im not you typical gay guy, I dont sleep around like crazy. Its rare for me to do that and I often meet guys and it takes several dates to get me into bed. I usually attract good looking guys. After all I'm a Libra. We like good looking things. I met G the crab who I dumped (he is history) since then, Ive been dating lots. That is my story so far. As for looks, I dont think Im anything special. Guys are attracted to me??????????

    Lilbit, the guys I meet are nice enough guys. I don't know what the problem it me or them? Im a very upfront and honest guy. Maybe I shouldnt open up so soon. There is a LIbra guy D who has chased me for 6 years. He wants to meet up again. I like him too. We have lived in two different countries for many years. I was in Jerusalem and contacted him. He never did meet up with me. So I just put it down to him not being interested. I posted recent photos of me on FB and a dating website and he has messaged me a few times. Called me last night. He is looking for a LTR as well. How are you Taurus?

    Hello Katie..........How are you?

    Sv glad to hear things are getting more serious with your crab.

    Lua hope you do well in your comp. Blow them away.

    To the rest of the guys, hope life is treating you all well.

  • My friend said I should start dating guys who are less attractive. I should give them a chance. Ive met this nice German Jewish guy who isnt bad looking (has gingerish hair) but is nice. We get a long well. I may give him a try and see what happens.

    My Female Leo Argentinian friend said her crab is not usually the type of guy she dates. She wasnt attracted to him physically at first but he has grown on her. Now she really likes him. They like each other. She said, she always use to date hot guys and they didn't last too long.

    I have 5 guys I'm dating right now and 2 new ones. I must be nuts. Some of the guys i dont hear from often. Ive only slept with two of them.

    French Leo guy is gone (I think)????...............gawd was he passionate.

    As for G he is out of my system YAY!

    What do you guys think? Date someone less attractive?


    Happy B-day to you, Happy B-day to you, Happy B-day my dear Adventuruos Aussieeeeee....Happy B-day to youuuuuuu.

    My dear...out of sight is not out of mind ....I sincerly hope you have/had a great day no matter what challenges are on your plate.

    I wish you all the best in life, I also wish for the truth to always make your path clear in everything that you do.

    Here is a virtual cake for you. Blow out the candles after you make a wish for yourself.

    All the best girl...mwuah. Flow

  • Hi everyone...

    I hope you are in good health and things are moving along somehow.

    I am okay extreemly busy but doing okay.

    When I got some time again I will drop in.

    Adventure....winks let me know okay?

    Take everyone,


  • Ol - as far as dating someone less attractive, that depends, what drives your attraction ?

    me, I was in a horrible marriage for 21 years to an absolutely sexy, hot, very good looking man. it got me no where, except 3 beautiful, gorgeous children whom I cherish...

    Now, my cancer guy, is not attractive to many. yet he is absolutely gorgeous and sexy to me. When he walks up to me, my knees get weak. They do. My heart starts beating faster, my breathing gets harder, b/c he is confident in who he is and he is so kind and easy going. His heart is so wonderful. he cares and does for his kids like no other man I have EVER known. yet his face is marked with acne scars, yet, one time, we were, well, and I had his face in both my hands, I looked him in the eye and told him he was beautiful.....B/C he IS.

    So my answer, it is the heart and what they PRESENT as who they are that matters most.

  • Happy birthday Adventure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Happy birthday Adventure


  • Taurus7 - things are not going well at all with my crab. in fact we have not had communication since my last text to him last week. I have removed myself completely and I'm getting out of limbo. I can't do this anymore.

    Gemini and Pisces like me and want to be with me. that's what I need to concentrate on. I need to be a better ME.

    because in the end, crab will never want me and I have to accept that. not now or ever will he want me...

  • SV -

    I want s*ex details of course 😉

    Shorty -

    Awww it's sweet that you found an Aries with Pisces moon 🙂 That Pisces moon will really help, mine is on the cusp of Pisces which helps a great deal. I think ultimately though, they act without thinking and this can really hurt us sensitive water signs. You know how we are...we think through everything first and we know when we do something if it's going to hurt someone else, they don't think that way, they just do it. They do whatever they feel can be a bit much at times

    The Aries and my drama has been talked and sorted out lol So things are better

    I'm going to a wedding Oct 2nd, I'm actually in the wedding so I think it's just causing more stress on me which in turn is causing me to nitpick and create problems

    I wouldn't give up your training, it sounds important to you, I say continue! 🙂 Even if it means facing crab head on

    Keep me updated on the Aries 🙂 he sounds sweet.

    Taurus7 -

    No problem 🙂

    When you open up to us, we do love it. But we do retreat a little bit at first, this is because we're internalizing everything you just told us and need to think. it's not a bad thing at all, we're not pulling away from you, just remember that. We're just readjusting our strategy

    But you sound like you know how to deal with your crab 🙂 You sound really sweet

    Katie -

    Problems with Aries are resolved 🙂 no worries

    I kind of shot myself in the foot though telling him about these forums lol because i have to censor myself sometimes if I dont want to make a problem worse

  • 1st things 1st:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADVENTURE 🙂 love You girl Peace and Blessings and lots of XHUGSXXXXX


    ~~~~~~~~~ my version of a virtual cake I hope Your day has been special just like You XhugsX
    Shorty :)

  • cake didn't show up like I wanted 😞

    change can be good that's in Spain right? so in April around time I will start classes for design school....
    how is everything else?
    I think mystery does help a little when it comes to guys ;) just don't be to mysterious a :)
    Give the german a try and the Italian :)


    well Aries backed off abit but found out why it was not me but in his mind for me if that makes sense he is still in my life just a little less... I can understand his point of view even if I don't agree with it. but, his heart is in right place 🙂 so I will keep him as a definate friend 🙂

    went to talk with my spiritual advisor and saw cancer I know we both had a look of shock neither expecting to see each other...heehee 🙂 he was getting in his car as I was getting out of mine. we both stood there for like a minute... advisor wants me to definate start meditation in 2 weeks. I will be starting it... so he will just have to deal with it

    and I have a new player who is definately a player he is a scorpio (I keep getting all these way younger guys he is 10 yrs younger) and ooooommmm 😜 good at teasing he will be definate trouble but I oh I soooooo likey 😉 we have a get together tonight. he is scumptious lots of MAN to him. he knows just how to say just the right thing he will be a joy to play with 😉 but I am sticking to my abstinance he views that as a challenge and but says there is lots else to do. and he is right. yummmmmy 😜 is all I will say last night was remarkable 😉

    okay yes I have been bad but I am soooo much better when I am Bad ...heehee ;)
    I am enjoying my life and lovin it right now everything may not be perfect but it never is I am just enjoying each day as it comes along... and trying not to get into to much trouble ;)
    Light Love Peace and Blessings
    and of course XHUGSX all around
    P.S. to all else be good to you :)

  • oh im actually in tears. thankyou for remembering my birthday! i have missed you guys..

    the whole cyber thing gets weird for me and i crave real. i guess i will just be in and out.

    flow.. god im so emotional sometimes! yes i want to stay in contact...ive been thinking about you and wondering how you are going..just didnt know what to do. how can i just walk away from special people. i cant. and in my heart i havent.

    thankyou for the cake shorty! yummy. 39. cripes.


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