ASCLAC part 4

  • Oh, and Lua, I saw your photos.... I can tell 500% that you are SO the "Queen Of The Limbo Stick!"


  • I think I figured out something huge about my cancer guy. Since he has 4 kids, he is very busy with them. When we are talking or texting, when he is 'short" it is b/c he is not able to spend time with me. Rather than telling me that, he is short or not elaborate.

    Plus, when we do communicate, we communictae deeply and I think it alarms him. And it makes him want to spend time with me that he does not have to spend, therefore creating negative emotions around our relationship which he definitely does not like.

    I am not ready to take the step to blend our time with our children yet, he is respectful of that. So there we are.

  • Mooonbeauty- I'm all for the story... : )

    He asked me to hang out with him and his friends tonight and also for me to spend the night. Is that a "I want s e x" call or I want you to chill with me? It's this stuff that has me confused. He will open up a bit only to close out. He seems real into me till he gets around his friends. Than it's like he's gotta prove something to them.

  • KM, I am going to post more to you tomorrow. If this was a last minute thing I would not go but hold off as I need more info.

    Treat yourself to two Books ASAP...

    (1) Why men Love B.i,

    (2) Why men marry,hes

    Take out the periods and comma's tarot has rules so I don't want to be disrespectful.

    These books will be GOLDEN. If it were me and it was a last minute invite I'd tell him no and go to barns & Noble instead. chit chat more tomorrow.

  • hey guys, good morning!

    Hey Flow! .yesterday i just bumped in an out, forgot to say hello! glad you're keeping busy and you're fine! 🙂

    Moooonnn! When did i become Princess Lea? LOLOL she is the child or? i mean she is the one who is in the old parts? LOL ive seen Star Wars only one single time. she the one flirting with Han Solo?

    oh Moon, thanks for the question, im fine.

    update-wise: so funny that i offered crab the exhibit or some cinema. now he sends out a groupmail about some cheap cinematickets and that we should all go together and then mentions the exhibit saying:

    "i still havent seen the exhibit, but passed through fast last night and it looks good. finishes next week."

    i mean hello??? tell me im paranoid, but doesnt it sound like a message to me? like hey ive been waiting to go to the exhibit with you...

    honestly i hate his sneaking ways... he is either playing me all the time... or he really SO MUCH has no clue about what he wants...

    i offer him, he half rejects me... tells me first that he "does not mind" seeing me (i mean f-uck... i rather search a guy who not "does not mind" but is eager to see me) and then he tells me i "should feel free to go without him"... watch out he will get surprised and totally offended that i went without him...

    i mean, some peeps think they can play along with you for months and months... i dont really get it...

    Moon, im really glad that you feel so much passion with writing. im very happy for you, and im sure you are good at it, otherwise that friend wouldnt have offered you to 'tutor' you. 😄

    hey SV! how are you today?

    hey Kel! hey Lua girl! OL? where are you?

  • Katie, I really think your crab either does not know what he wants. But what I do know is that you're in limbo.

    I think it's either stay in limbo or walk away. Kel and I are water signs I think that's why we su(k at limbo. We're all about emotions.

    Do I think the email was a message that he wants to see you? could be...

    Do I think he's crazy? maybe....

    Do I think you're in Limbo? 100% yes.

    Katie, I really don't know how to tell you how to act in limbo other than what Flow told me a while ago. "That was stay in the line of sight but don't block his view. Be friendly from a distance."

    I can't do it. You either like me... or you don't.... but I'm not going to wait around while my scorp figures out if he wants to be with me. No thanks.

    My situation was very different though because there was another woman. I'm not a second choice... I'm not a back up.

    I think your crab just has issues.

    And yes, Princess Leia because she's very demure around Luke Skywalker not Hans Solo (you did only see the movie once and it reminds me how you must act around your crab.

    Katie, you were spot on with my thinking there.... you're starting to understand me more.... oooooooouuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Hi everyone, I may not be around much for the next week, I am preparing for my competition, only one week left and I have a lot to do. I'm going nuts..

    Moon>>Hi Lua, Yeah your crab is crazy. He sends a $3 pen in an $18 dollar mail envelope WTF is up with that???

    Lua>>Huh? I don't know how much the pen was. No, he didn't send it in an $18 envelope. He sent me 2 packages with a bunch of stuff in it, what I said was that the postage on one of them was $6.00. He had told me that he was going to send the package via ship because the postage was 3 times the price by airmail, even if it took 2-3 months to get here. So 3 times $6.00 is $18.00, I was just saying he was cheap because he didn't want to pay $18 for shipping yet he spends thousands of dollars for other things. He even took me out for a nice dinner at the airport the night I left and ordered some expensive things..maybe that was guilt..oh well.

    He's been quiet again, probably doesn't have his computer or internet hooked up yet at his new place. I was tempted to call him the other night just to say "How's moving coming along?" But I chickened out.

    I'm loading myself with water..have to go pee every 10-15 minutes...ahhhh!! Made it to 91 lbs..(41.5 kgs)...may lose the water and get down to 88..that's not the point..

    Katie- Crabs seem to have a very indirect way of saying things or asking to do things. They walk your crab, putting in the group email about going to the exhibition.. It's like they expect us to read their minds...My crab was the same way, he won't ask me directly to go meet him in Manila, it was like he went sideways so just in case I say no he won't get hurt or he would say "When are you going to the dentist in Manila again?" or "You should see your doctor in Manila often just to see if everything is ok". If I ask him to do something directly, like "When you get your vacation do you want to go to Palau with me?" and he would say "I don't know" I wish he would be direct!!

    Anyway it was good you went to the exhibition without him. You should email him and say casually "you should go, I went and it was great!" so he'll know you went on your own. It's his fault, he could have gone with you. Your crab has issues!! he sounds more twisted and messed up than my crab sometimes. Mine is weird but in person he seems half way normal, just negative, moody and complains.

  • woke up anxious...and missing him...ugh...I feel terrible...

    I looked at my phone hoping he would have replied...what was I thinking? he never replies...he doesn't care...

    I need to get over this...

    pandora's box.... 😞

    Moon - I'll be c3po, but I'm only 5'2"! irony...LOL

    I have a dilemma with Gem boy, but I'm not in the right state of mind...maybe later this afternoon when my head clears a little(or so I'm hoping) I can write about it and you guys can help....honestly, I think it's just that he doesn't emotionally connect...he's stopped trying hard like boys do when they initially try to get you, but we've only been dating for like a little over a month! wtf? I dont know...I feel like I have to slightly chase him and I'm SO NOT ready, nor do I WANT to be that person again...NO CHASING!!!!!


  • Moon -

    I've started reading books on NLP lol so that I can be a better communicator

    Aries is so social and people just naturally like him quickly that it makes me feel like a mutant

    So I'm reading "How to make people like you in 90 seconds", I bought a ton of books as well but that's the one I"m reading now

    I think you mentioned neural-linguistic programming before, about the eye movement if they're lying lol I actually did google it and found what you were talking about

    It's just so damn hard for us crab men (and from what I've seen scorp and pisces men) to talk to people! lol We're not good at small talk!!

    I'm getting new carpets installed today in the houseeeeeeeeeeeee YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Moon, did you take that lady's writing class? I think writing is a good outlet for you 🙂

    SV -

    Next step, delete his phone number 🙂 lol

    Katie -

    Your crab, is confusing beyond belief lol But I dont think it matters anymore, I know you know what you want and that's all that counts

  • oh, by the way, thanks for all the kind words everyone....I need you guys more than EVER right now....I need this support...because you guys are the ONLY ones who know what's really going on inside me right now...its hard... 😞

  • Lua -


    I want to hear an update when you get back 🙂

  • random sidenote:

    I bought some se*xy underwear from aussiebum the other night lol just waiting for them to be shipped heheheh

    SV -

    Well the chase does eventually become two-sided, you cant expect the man to chase you forever, eventually he'll want a little bit in return...

  • yeah, I understand's doesn't have to do with only the chase's hard to explain...I can't connect with's so hard...he's not emotional enough for me...I dont know how else to exlplain it.... 😕

    I guess I need to think about what I need to tell you guys and then write it down...I'm a little spaced out right

  • SV -

    It happens, sometimes you just dont emotionally connect with people, it's ok.

    But do you know what you want? Do you have a mental list of the qualities in a guy you feel you need? Do either of these two guys fit it?

    Just because you're dating them doesn't mean you have to end up with either of them, if you feel that they both dont have the necessary qualities that you need, then kick em to the curb!

  • Hey moonb- he had asked me to go over there at like 4pm. But I fell asleep on him so I ended up staying at home lol. He said he understood and that he missed me. He asked if I would see him today before I went to work. But still when I say I miss him he says "no you don't". I asked him what gives him that reason and he says it's the way I act at school (both seniors in college) he says I act non interested. I dk how though. He's the one with the guard up at school.

    He opens up and than closes to make me chase him again. Like I'm proving how much I like him.

  • Moonbeauty- I feel like he's pushing me away again. He's putting his friends before me. Like a side of him wants to be with me but the other side is his friends who r all singel. Why can't he just make things easier lol. He says he misses me but than puts his friends first. I dk how many times I can do this. he says he hates BS relationships yet he's the one playin games.

    Also .. I consider myself a pretty girl. Not to be cocky it just shocks me when he has a girl like me and he takes his time but all these other girls who I think aren't even on my level (I'm not tryin to be mean I swear lol) and he'll give them more attention. Like he's to nervous with me. Like I'm to good to be true. He never believes me when I say I miss him or hit on him and he thinks I'm dating other ppl not just him. WTF is up with that? How many times do I have to throw myself out there till he gets the point? I LIKE YOU. JUST YOU.

  • ** when I say "attention" I don't mean like he flirts with them or is dating them I mean he is more open to them than me.

    Hot and cold hot and cold I swear.

  • Ok, real fast then I'll post more later or tonight.

    Lua- Ohhhhhh.... I missed what you said. still, why would he mail you something if it's going to take 3 monts? I don't think it's about being cheap. I think he's nuts and its about the 3 months!!!

    good luck girly!

    SV- 5'2, hmmmm.... okay maybe you and kel could trade as he gave himself R2D2 seriously, it's limbo. Deep breath and wait.... or walk away.

    I'll write more later, but this is limbo and this is why kel and I got out.

    katie- so will you be joing the group on their outing???

    km12- did you get the books yet???? oh, & i understand. i dont think you're being concieted, just honest. get the books!

    Kel- new carpets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    no, no class she's just going to read it over. I'm giving it to her soon. I'll let you know what she thinks. Fingers & toes crossed!

    Umm.... were they tighty whites????????

    Tarus- still have not read! sorry. 😞

  • Hey guys!

    Moon>> no i did not go to the cinema. i kind of debated and then i thought i dont leave it completely without an answer, so i just wrote back that i knew about this weekend's cinema offer and it sounds good. im out of town so cant participate, but if anyone goes they should have fun.

    thats all.

    gosh, yesterday afternoon i came home to my parent's house to the countryside. today i went to grape-picking in the huge rain and all. was fun though.

    two friends of my uncle completely hit on me, i hardly could get rid of them. LOL i mean one of them i would fancy, but he is married and anyways, i dont get into stuff like that, but it was a nice ego lifting. LOL

    i have a big thought in my head for a week or so. i think next april im gonna go back to Spain/Ibiza to work. yes, my ex is there, but lately we get along very well. he is kind of falling in love with a girl and we are rather on a friendly basis now. so i thought there is no problem with him.

    dont know yet whether i surely go or not, but am very seriously considering.

  • Moon>>Lua- Ohhhhhh.... I missed what you said. still, why would he mail you something if it's going to take 3 monts? I don't think it's about being cheap. I think he's nuts and its about the 3 months!!!

    Lua>>That's what Kel said too...although it only took 2 months this time!! And he claims he doesn't remember what he sent me, hahaha. He is nuts.. He must think I'm a crazy cat lady though..almost everything he sent me had something to do with cats..

    Katie-Ego lifts are always good. I had a group of Japanese college girls stare at me at the beach when I went in the water the other day. They were saying "Kawaii" which means "Cute". They had no clue I understood. I was also at a hotel yesterday and these two pilots that came in started flirting with me..older men in their 50's but it was a nice ego boost..

    So you might go work in Ibiza? Does that mean you will be there in the summer? I am thinking of saving money to go to Europe next summer. I'm more interested in going to Spain. Italy and Portugal but maybe i'll visit Flow in Holland...if I do, I'd love to go see you in Ibiza!! Is it expensive there? I know it's a big resort, I heard they have some good parties there! I think you should go!

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