ASCLAC part 4

  • SV -

    I haven't actually read anything closely, just skimmed very quickly, my advice is the same as it was yesterday...

    Hi Flow, Hi Katie!

  • Thanks kel...I know I need to think about this hard and stay away...

    he hasn't replied there's my answer...

  • Hi all. Hey SV, I'm going to go with Katie & Kel on this one.

    It's very hard to be friends. I can't do it... never could. Not with somebody I love. I'm either on or I'm off.

    I think you need to decide if you can do limbo or no limbo. If you can't do limbo then I think Kels advice was best with the leave it alone and walk away.

    If you can do limbo (I can't myself neither could Katie or Kel) Then I suggest you take everything he does as forgive the expression "a fart in the wind" (you need to smile).

    What I mean is that you take his responses in a "take or leave it" way. If he responds great... if not, oh well next time. Flow was able to do this with Libra guy. Staying in the line of sight while still staying out of sight.

    It's too hard for me to do. It wound up becoming an awful mess and now scorp and I don't talk anymore. I got really mad at him and blew my top finally.

    It wasn't him and it wasn't me. It was the "limbo" two people in two different places at the same time trying to find a way to connect.

    You can do limbo and maybe one day you'll connect again...

    Or you can do like Katie & Kel and just distance yourself and go on with your life

    Hmmm.... you can always be like me and try limbo.... just don't end like me... with it not working out and have a huge blow out.

    HI FLOW!!!!!!!!!!

    What do you think Kel? Did I get it right this time Limbo... it's all about the limbo with some guys.

    The next time I post about a guy on here... I'm going to be just like Kel and be Happy... VERY happy.

  • That was a F.A.R,T in the wind I wanted you to have a bit of a smile about this situation if you could.

  • I can't be in limbo anymore Moon...I honestly believe it has made me slightly literally lose my Moon, I can't do the limbo anymore...and like I said before, I just opened pandora's box...I messed's like I couldn't handle being/dating two guys who want me...I wanted to somehow sabotage it and go back to feeling anxious and hoping/praying/wanting the one person who doesnt want me...

    you're right...we're two people in two different places who are trying to find a way to connect....well in my case, it's just me who wants to connect...

  • SV -

    "I wanted to somehow sabotage it and go back to feeling anxious and hoping/praying/wanting the one person who doesnt want me..."

    I think you're right on the money with this

    Here's the most important thing to take away from this:

    That it SHOULDN'T be this hard to get the guy's attention if he likes you!! It really hsould be no work at all, no game playing, no doing a dance here to get him to start chasing you, no sending vague messages to trick him into more conversation.

    If he likes you, he'll chase you, bottom line

    Moon -

    i honestly dont think any guy who plays in the limbo zone is worth your time lol if they like you, they'll come get you; there's no limbo

    If a guy puts you in limbo, it means you're not #1

    Well I guess if he has some really crazy sh*t going on in his personal life, that might be a reason, but if he doesn't, then he's just not that into you

    Honestly, it really SHOULDNT BE THIS MUCH WORK TO BE WITH SOMEONE!!! lol

    That's what i learned from my relationship

    It's a lot of work keeping each other happy, but its no work to keep things two-sided.


  • in the wind made me laugh lol

  • F.aarrrttt in the winddddd

    All we are is just f.arts in the windddddd

  • ^^^^HAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!! wow...totally needed that!

    and yes Moon it was hilarious!

    you guys, I just need to learn to be grateful for what I have...which are TWO guys that want me!! do you remember me getting ANGRY at some person who posted about having to choose between two guys cause I didn't even have one!?!??! I need to be grateful, yes indeed.... 🙂

  • wow, if anyone saw my posts, they'd be like "omg, this girl is totally bipolar".... kinda sad...however I'm being wishy washy cause I'm just a confused little girl... 😕

  • Nah all us water signs are wishy-washy lol That's why everyone hates on us haha

  • ,,,lol,,, OMG! No you did not just make fun of that depressing song! ...lmao! OMG!

    I agree, that's what I meant about limbo. If he has stuff going on, does not want a relationship at the moment, having fun playing the field.... or maybe playing with another batter.... or even better... another on the same team!!!! lmao! ROTFLMAO!

    I wasn't kidding. I'm really tierd.

    What I mean by limbo is "you're not #1... not right now anyway, you may be someday, but not right now" It could be anybody or anything.

    You have to decide if you can just handle "the f.a,rt in the wind" or do you need the real sh.i.t. some can do the wind... living their life and then one day if it's there and the timing is right then it will be.

    Others like us... we don't do wind very well. We HATE limbo.

    I don't think she can do limbo either.

    Very few can be like Flow and get all Jedi Knight on a limbo situation.

    I am NOT a limbo Jedi. I am limbo Chewbacca.

    Just call me chewy.

    Chwey limbo.

    Limbo chew.

    ..lmao! I'm more OT for me.

  • LMAO!!!

    I'll be right there with you Chewy

    R2D2 Limbo lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • See, this is what limbo does to you...

    "Scorpios, Cancers and limbo OH MY!"

    It makes you crazy to the point of (A) blowing up like I did on scorp

    OR (B) walking away like you and Katie.

    I was just thinking about it... Lua is doing limbo well on the outside with her crab but it's killing her on the inside... that's not very good either.

  • walking away from crab...

    kel - deleted text thread with's non-existent...

    first step...

    I am no Jedi...I'm right there with you guys...

  • That's ok SV... you wanna be C3PO? Katie's Princess Leia and Flow is Yoda. I have designated Lua as Hans Solo because she travels so much. Oh, Luke Skywalker is open too. Although, I think lilshorty might want that spot as she's a Star Wars fan.

    (trying to make you smile)

    (((BIG HUGS))) SV, sadly you're not alone in the HJNTIY club. 😞

    But smile because you do have two other guys who are very into you.

    Feel better sweetie.


  • Limbos and farts?? Hahah you guys are funny..I won a few limbo contests at the resort where I worked a few years ago..I am the queen of limbo!

    SV, I agree with everyone, just let it go...What was your intention when you sent that text anyway?

    In my case when my crab was an a$$ to me, I left HK and I didn't contact him...except he then started sending me daily emails, then the packages...he's put me in limbo..yes, my crab has something major going on, some depression and an early mid-life crisis and now the moving. In my case it's a bit easier because we live 2000 miles apart and there's no way I will see him unless we decide to get togther or he comes seems like he's taken his vacation time to do the moving so I doubt if he'll show up now. I don't like the limbo, like moon I can't do the friend thing very well...he's also the only guy that has kept in touch with me like this after breaking up.

    You have 2 guys that like you!! I'm going to get mad at you and go kick your butt, SV. You are lucky. You have 2!! Don't sabotage it!! We always want the one we can't have, that's twisted.

    Hi Flow!! Nice to see you stop by!!

  • Hi everyone !! I have a lot of reading and catching up to do. I have missed you all very much ! I went on a small vacation, by myself. it was good. A lot of time to relax and think, which I needed.

    Well things with cancer guy are really, really, good. We had some excellent talks and I told him I was not ready for a big, deep committed relationship just yet. I think I said we worked together, well, the friday before I left, our family experienced a huge tradegy. My cousins baby took urine into his lungs while labor was in progress...he was on life supprt for 3 weeks and did not turn out well. I was at the hospital and in the room with them, and I was distraught with emotion.

    The next day at work ( i did not want to be there) but my cancer guy was right there. He was super worried, b/c I was so overcome with grief, he did not know what to do. I just asked him to please leave me alone. I flew out that night. On monday, his grandmother had surgery, so on tuesday, I called to see how she was. She was/is doing good.

    Anyway, I went back to work today and I realized I did not tell him when I was coming back. He was surprised to see me. And I was still deep into my self and my own thoughts. And, of course, he knew it. And he was so supportive !! DAMMIT ! lol

    We talked off and on through out the day. It was just really casual, easy and very comfortable. he makes things so easy.

    I have no clue where this will go. And, I am really ok with that. Does that make sense ?

  • Hi Lua, Yeah your crab is crazy. He sends a $3 pen in an $18 dollar mail envelope WTF is up with that???

    I think they're all crazy. But like kel said It should feel good not bad. I always felt bad. Well, not always but when it twisted it did. I'm making a promise to myself that the minute things start to feel bad... all the time... and it doesnt stop... I'm stopping it, by ending it. I WILL NEVER BE IN LIMBO AGAIN. THIS WAS A ONE SHOT DEAL AND IT WAS THE WORST DEAL EVER. I WILL NEVER, EVER, NEVER DO IT AGAIN!!!!!

    How's things going with your mom? any compromise?

    Hi Katie, how have you been? I think SV is doing the right thing. It's working for you, I mean it's hard but working.

    Honestly, I took some advice somebody gave me recently and I am almost all but done with the feelings I had for him. The advice was find something you like and pour yourself into it. For me it's been writing. I don't know if I am any good at it or not but I'm doing it. I'm so focused on my new hobby he's just not really poping into my mind as much.

    I think that the best way to get over somebody (well, for me anyway) is to channel all that engery into something else that makes you happy.

    Hi KM12 sorry I didn't say Hi the other day. I kept meaning to but I kept forgetting. I was super tired, still am super

    Hi all I'm new to this website/forum and I noticed a few of you guys either being scorpions or dated scorpions.. Which I kinda have a situation.

    A Situation? Somehow I don't think it has anything to do with the Jersey Shore

    Im dating a scorpio at this moment. He is very cute, nice, funny and fits the Scorpio description quite well. He likes attention but when i compliment him he never believes me. Like ill say your cute and **** say "dont play me". Or **** ignore the compliment all together.

    He's a little insecure I'd bet.

    Ill say i miss him and he will say "no you dont". **** say he misses me but i cant miss him.. Stuff like that. He seems to be a bit insecure but finds a good way at hiding it.

    Well, let me read a bit more...

    You see I started sleeping with him after our 3rd date. **** was amazing and he showed a lot of affection towards me in bed, public, and when just us. He continued to show me affection up until one night.. I dk what happened but he kinda became distant.

    Ok but that's what they do sometimes... they back off a little, don't stree just yet.

    His friends became priority again and when I asked him he said he doesn't want his friends getting upset with him. He said were still dating but he has trust issues so he wants to take things slow.

    Okay, he just explained himself well.

    He said his love don't come easy and I have to put in work. I was ok with that but my problem is he doesn't put in any more work anymore with me.

    Hmm.... ok I'll read on....

    He flirts with me and stuff but I always have to call him or hit him up to chill..

    OMG! Girl, he is making you become a carcass and seeing if he can take away your moose status! Moos story is long I'll type it later.

    A week ago it was him doing that (I was mutual as well) but now it's all me. I've heard scorpios are hot and cold.. Testers... And don't trust easily .. So is this what's happening? Or am I being played?

    Girly, you need the moose story.

    I really like him so do I just countinue putting in work to prove it or do I back off?

    Back off a bit.

    I don't want to nag him or be walked over. He told me he has been threw many BS relationships and is tired of just that. I'm not trying to pull that tho.

    No, being a moose is not about BS.

    I'll see if you post again, if you do I'll take the time and type the moose story.

  • Hi tarus missed you there, will read up later after I put the kiddies to bed.

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