ASCLAC part 4

  • Hi Scorp,

    WHoops!! Where's the parent <lol>?!</lol>

  • Awww pet names are so cuteeee 🙂

  • Cusp - I'm tempted to get him a friggin bottle and paci!! lol but he is cute about it!! lol

  • Kel- what can I say? Thank you. I posted to her. I could SO relate

    You really are a great anchor. I hope Aries knows just how lucky he really is.


    Hi all! Be back a little later.


    (tisk-tisk) SCC- can you just imagine a Scorp calling somebody moody??? I'd never dream of it!

    HA!!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!

    That was cute SCC, very cute-- and

    glad you're not mad.

  • Moon - I know I can be moody, but he takes the cake!!!! He's taurus with a scorpio moon!!!!

  • SV - Hope all goes well ith the move !!

  • SCC - I'm glad you understood. Moon has a good point, and I did say, be prepared for loads of work......I will give you tauruses do NOT like to be told what to do, even if it is the right thing. We just don't. Now, talk to us, engage our minds and we can get on board. Appeal to our emotions even...but not flat outs..this is how it is going to be....we dig in our heels ...big time.

    So - ready for this...J came to see me as soon as he could at work this Am. I was hoping on that. i apologized for yesterday, bc I really did catch him off guard. So I took my faux paus in adding to his bad mood. Totally caught him off guard. AND I was actually able to communicate why I felt the way he did !1 And guess what ?? Instead of retreating to contemplate what I said....we spent a wonderful hour together after work !! An hour was all each of us had....but it was so worth it !!

  • I'm in Manila. Crab's flight is delayed at least 2 hrs...I think I'll just go to sleep and see him tommorrow..

  • men are pigs...

  • Aww, Scorpvirgo!

    I hope you two have fun with this!!

  • This post is deleted!

  • I'm out here a cellphone call from the guy (now a senior citizen with a girlfriend he's been with since 2000) who lives in the same hotel as me. Only I thought his number was my fiance's!! So I wondered about the strange number across the screen and texted that to my fiance. He didn't have a clue!!

    Well, although it's been 10 years now, that guy used to be my ex! Yes, he was the Scorpio with Virgo moon (and a total health nut too, LOL...). My second experience with a Scorpio guy, and it didn't work out because he was so critical and pretty kinky (a fundamentalist upbringing maybe brought out the other extreme!). I have no "relationship" with him but your basic tenant-neighbor one, and he doesn't like to be alone (no one wants to talk to him in general, even his busy girlfriend!) So I felt kind of awkward when that number got mixed up with the other one already on my cellphone! I'd let my fiance know who he was, but that was quite a while back and I think he didn't even want it to register in his brain...but I don't like the idea of not being honest about things like that either. And if he hadn't gotten himself a new, long-term girlfriend, there's no way I would even let him have contact with me!! With me, once it's over, it's over. I just want to be 'civil' and even the length of time helped me in learning how to be assertive with him in ways I had only dreamed of other words, if he angers me I let him have it!! He was really a terrible boyfriend, and he has to respect that fact now...

    My fiance and I sat down together and showed him the silly text (ex writes and acts like a robot in general). He seemed a little perturbed I even got a text from him. He sounded audibly relieved when I told him he had a girlfriend; before this I had made it clear he was just a 'grungy old man'. Yes, that ex was at least 14 years older than me! And his girlfriend is even older than him! It's so much better being with someone closer to my age because there is more to relate to with. But perhaps it was a good ''shake up", even for a moment, because his nonchalant attitude about 'both of us being friendly with others' seemed a little unconvincing if put into practice...and this seemed like an interesting example!

  • LUA - what's going on ???

  • Oh no--not another one of those solicitors again...looks somewhat similar but with different name...creepy!!

  • I know what is up with that ?? Just checking in, miss you all. Hope everyone had a great weekend !!

  • A little creeped out right now...went into the store break room where one of the co-workers he is friends with was 'nice' to me. I can sort of tell when it's not quite genuine, if you know what I mean. He was asking her if she danced (he used to dance), and she said "Yes, it keeps you flexible". He replied "It keeps you flexible in more than one way..." I didn't smile at her after that, and made sure he saw I was annoyed. Ewww!

  • Taurus, I'll explain later..but in a nutshell, I found out that the Romanian Gemini has a girlfriend in Romania and he must have felt guilty and that's why he hasn't gotten in touch, because I cyber stalked him on FB and found out he sent his girlfriend in Romania a huge bouquet of flowers after our last date. I read all the comments on her wall and everyone is commenting how sweet he is and she wrote "True love"..if she only knew this guy was trying to get into my pants the day before he sent those flowers!! I'm glad I didn't now..

    Crab came and left..he was soooo affectionate this time, he usually just kisses me on the cheek when we meet but this time he picked me up (I'm 4'10 and he is 6'1) and hugged me hard and kissed me..I remained aloof...I tried to talk to him about things but he's such a crab he side-stepped the whole time and changed the subject or twisted the's obvious that he missed me but he won't say it.. super super affectionate..he's getting out of his depression but I don't think he knows what he wants yet..

  • Lua - What a jerk that Romanian guy is !!! I feel sorry for his GF ! UGH ! men are pigs !!

    So.....crab picking you up...that's a pretty big statement. However, I think it was wise for you to remain aloof. I do. I'm not sure how capable crabs are of knowing exactly what they want.

    I think the most frustrating thing I am going through right now is, how they figure everything out w/o including anyone else.

  • "I think the most frustrating thing I am going through right now is, how they figure everything out w/o including anyone else."

    What frustrates you about this? Isn't everyone like this...?

  • Lua -

    I'm sure he missed you very much, but try to take it at face value. What's going through your head right now about crabby?

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