ASCLAC part 4

  • Taurus-I don't know if he thinks it's hogwash..we were just chatting by email, I asked his birthday and he just said "Did you ask me that because of an interest in astrology or horoscopes? I don't believe it myself" I said "yes, I'm taking a survey"

    Funny thing, the Romanian guy asked me first last saturday on our date, then I asked him and he said June 6, so I said "You're Gemini" and he said something about the characteristics of the sign, etc..It's funny it's usually only American men that seem to find it hogwash..Romanian, Brazilians, Italians don't react like that..even American women find it interesting. I told this one girl "you're such a Gemini!" and she's like "I know I am!!!"

    It's good to just enjoy the time with your crab..haha you had a tiff cuz he was acting like a crab and you were acting like a bull..I think I was talking to katie about this before, crabs have their own sense of time..when it comes to emotions they can upset about stuff no matter how much time has waiting 13 years to tell me I hurt his feelings...I'm a fire sign, when i am upset I have to get it out then and there..learnig to be patient is one of the things I learned...

    I had fun when I was with crab, but the on and off thing drove me crazy..I can handle it better when I just think of him as a friend.

  • Lua - that is so true...I keep repeating to myself over in my head...crab time....crab time....LOL . I am not a fire sign, but man....i am JUST like you...if I am upset, I need to deal with it right then and there. I used to just think I was brushing things off, but I wasn't. I was allowing them to build up, then I'd blow like a pressure cooker. Which I realized was not good, so, my 1st approach is when i think there maybe something bothering someone ( ie...when I 1st asked crabman J) I was prepared to rationally talk it out.

    Well, so much for that with a crab !! lol or sometimes I think many men or women in general.

    I need to have this basic quick convo with J....look I know you worry about how much I was hurt in my previous marriage, but I really am OK. I am not that fragile or sensitive that you have to worry about protecting me. The fact that you WANT to, means more to me than anything. And I will let you protect me when it is needed. But when you hold back, that hurts more than letting it out.

    Which could really go south and cause a stir or possibly a break up. But I have decided that I am not going to quit being me and the me that I am becoming. I am vocal, confident, strong, sensible, devoted and caring. if that is not ok with him, we need to know. I don't feel the rush to do this right now, but the time will come if this gets any deeper. Right now, I am ok with surface only.......

  • Hi Taurus7!

    Your happiness is my happiness...I hope this chart can give you some peace of mind about why he is the way he is.

    Love, Cuspglyph : )

  • Cusp - it did. I was laughing......that was probably why he got kicked out of two football it pegged us both to a T. And, we really have not even begun to go deeper into the's like...we put our toes in the water and decide NAH..not feeling like a swim today !!

    Let's just laugh, have fun and really great s*x......which is fine by this

  • Hi everybody! I am going to catch up with you all but I just want to post this to Lua real quick...


    If you listen to the words in this song, I SWEAR the guy who wrote it is a cancer and knows how to suck a person right back in without a second thought. I think your crab may be back to himself again (I hope so) but... treat him with caution and guard your heart. Water signs from what I can tell... can do this to somebody when they still care... they don't even know they are doing it. At least I don't. I don't think Scorp knew he was doing it to me either.

    I think your crab... I do think YOU above all... will have a place in his heart for a very long time to come... if not for always... but on his terms... meaning in his heart, with his rules... I wonder.

    Give a listen and tell me what you think? THE ULTIMATE LIMBO SONG.

  • What I mean by the song is that it's like the guy is apologizing for being so f-ed up to whomever it is he has hurt in his romantic life (girlfriend/wife) just enough to explain himself and give them just enough insight and emotion as to what goes on his head and heart... BUT never offers them what they are wanting from him.

    Just enough to make them feel his feeling for them and explain the reason for his hurt.

    And not enough to let them hold him in their hand and help them to feel secure with him.

    Just enough to hold, but not enough to keep. Does that make sense?

  • SV- good luck with th move doll!

    Taurus- awww... I am SO happy for you. Awwww....

    Cusp- gotta read, I caught something about stip clubs... can I tell you I have never been, but I'd like to go to one. I have a thing though, I like hot blonds BUT not guys, Guys I like tall dark and handsome, or tall bald and but girls? I think there is something very $e%y about a although all this is off the subject.

    I was reading about you and your scorp. As I remember he had some (ehhh-hem) hand/touchy/feel issues. Gotta catch up.

    Where is Katie????

  • Oh, this is funny for the "old"

    I have gotten wanna know who I work with almost every day???

    The Sagg. Whew, it's taking a whole lotta self control ya'll. Damn, he is a $E%y man. Thank GOD he did get married or I'd be right next to lilshorty in H*LL. Oh, I think I have my room reserved already

    This guy is my tall, bald, handsome... anybody see diehard? That's him... only 6'2 and better looking. Moonlighting who? Die Hard what?

    Oh, and yes he is being VERY flirty and VERY fresh... in a sneaky way. Honestly? I LOVE it as it's SUCH an ego boost.

    Makes work a lot more fun. Today I worked 12 hours wiith him and another guy. We text the whole time and the other guy was going on about tacos or the Yankees or some he had NO idea.

    Damn, this gal's gotta keep it in check.

    Do naughty texts count if you don't act on them??? Is that cheating? He's SUCH a player I could never NEVER take him seriously. This guy-- will NEVER be faithful.

    Hmmmm.... maybe he'll go to H*LL first? ..lmao!

    Ok, g'night all!

  • Moon, are you trying to say by that my crab also is sensing that I am starting to date other guys? Kind of a psychic 6th sense and that's why he's been asking to see me again to reel me back in before I totally get over him? he's trying to put me back in LIMBO again? That makes sense, because all of June, July I didn't even look at another man..August was just that one South African Leo that I had no chemistry with..I started the onlie dating thing in september..and boom! There comes crab again.

    The link did not work, it said that it contains something that is prohibited in my country...can you tell me the name of the song and the singer?

    Moon>>I think your crab... I do think YOU above all... will have a place in his heart for a very long time to come... if not for always... but on his terms... meaning in his heart, with his rules... I wonder.

    Yeah, it's "on his terms" that I am getting tired of waiting for...he wants me to wait around for him until he "gets in the mood" for me again???

  • yup, that's what I am saying. I think the singer wrote this song for your crab it's by a group called: Staind and the name of the song is "It's Been A While" it's like a rock song kinda, not fast, but Lua- I think it would click for you.

    It does for me. It did the VERY FIRST TIME I HEARD IT. I don't think it's about drugs. That's where I think people make a mistake with this sone. I really think it's about a guy who's so f-ed up he just hurts those around him even though he does not mean to. He wants so much to be close-- but can't get that straight either.

    Hope you can get it. If not I'll try and emailing it to you.

    Hope you like it.


    and yes, if he is like me and Kel... it's UNCANNY we just "know". Sorry Lua. I hope that he figures himself out one day.

  • Ok, I looked it up..hahaha

    I can see how it COULD be about a guy messing up because of drugs but it definitely can apply to crab. One line says "It's been awhile since I can't say I've been addicted"..well, in crab's case he's not addicted to drugs, he's addited to his own self pity and own he goes into his shell and meanwhile people around him suffer...just like the drug addict can't see that he's hurting people round him, crab can't either...

  • Crab is trying to win back my heart with Catupiry...that's such a cancer thing, trying to reel me back in with Brazilian cheese I haven't eaten in about 7 years...

  • Hi Moon!

    He wanted me to get a lapdance with him there...but not a lapdance for himself in a male stripper club <lol>!!!</lol>

  • Moon & Lua _ I watched the video for the song. i agree crabbish.

    Think about this lua, what is the one thing crabs are addicted to the most, their thoughts and feelings. Essentialy themselves. oh sure, they are kind, caring and sweet, they truly are, but like you said on their terms. When the line goes..." i can still remember the way you taste.." and he is kissing that womans cheek...I can so see that being a crab.

    So Lua - i say if you get to see crab if I were you, I think I would just throw it all out there.

    Moon - is Sagg the jogging guy ? And didn't he just get married not that long ago ?

  • Hey 7 (do you mind 7?)

    I agree the song kills me becase it's something I would do completey. I would totally open up to somebody about me and explain why I am treating them the way I do... in between throwing them little pieces

    Lua if you can pay attention to what he does....

    he's explaining about himself that he's got a lot going on...

    and then says out of the blue to "her"---- it's been a while since I first saw you.

    Or again he goes on about himself and his issues....

    and then says to "her"---- it's been a while since I could call you

    NEVER saying what he really means. Not I miss you , Not I love you... Just puts these mixed messages out there.

    He does this throughout the whole song.

    I bet he is looking at her photo because (drum roll) She dumped him

    I look back at what I did to three of my ex's wow, I would not be shocked if have done some serious emotional damage to them.

    7- Sagg? Well he's got a stomach but unless his shirt is off you'd never see it. From the outside he's a perfect V. Well, 90% perfect V. God liked him (he was a "kissing" friend all PG PRIOR to marriage

    Not a jogger that I know of.

    Cusp- Lap dance? Hmmm... again, crabs are a bit odd with $e%, ask kel his opinion. If everybodys an adult... I could be ok with almost anything and if not doing it at the very least understanding it. $e% is supposed to be a way to bond, feel, love.... and let's not forget to have fun!


  • hey all. I've got a ton of stuff this weekend so I'll check in with ya monday or tuesday!

    enjoy your weekend!

  • hey guys! i hope all of you are doing fine! im a bit out of tune again, i have been busy, redoing my kitchen, it is done now, but i have tons of cleaning to do over the next days.


  • Moon - I do not mind 7 at all !! For some weird reason, I thought you jogged with the married much to read, sort out, I get

  • Hi Moon!

    Maybe with my moon in Cancer, it's a bit hard to watch him get a lapdance that is really would feel like watching my partner have sex with another woman. Does that make sense to you?

    For some reason, being expected to watch seems kind of rude, like I am expected to not feel anything when this happens. And this may seem like an odd attitude, but it wouldn't bother me if I didn't have to be there watching.

  • Hi Kel,

    Any insights on this lapdance experience? Thanks!!

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