ASCLAC part 4

  • Well how much experience i have with Cancer... LOL

  • BTW the Cappy is very Cappy... Sun, Moon, Mercury in Cappy. otherwise Venus in Sagittarius, Mars in Aqua...

    i think not bad for first look. 🙂

  • I took a sick day yesterday because my allergies were killing me. I though "hey this is the perfect opportunity to catch up with everyone"...but no...God had diffrent plans for internet was down ALL DAY! I watched a Project Runway marathon and ate donuts...YAYYY!!! LOL

    I miss you guys...I hope my internet is back up soon. if it's not up by tonight, AT&T is gonna get an earful!

    btw, the positions thing was hilarious!

  • Haha, I kinda like Project Runway, it's pretty interesting, I havne't watched any of the newer seasons though

    Katie he sounds veryyyy Cappy lol maybe just waht you need? 🙂

  • Kel, dont know whether this is what i need. LOL but coming from me being very earthish (moon&rising Virgo, Venus Cappy) he might be just my type... well in a way he has been for the last 15 years. LOL

  • Kel-haha I'm a bedroom freak..I can confirm liking to be serviced with a smile...

  • LOL LUA!!!!! 🙂

  • Lua - TY...I have been crying like a baby lately !! The day he called me for the 1st time, i sat in the parking lot of a BP gas station and balled like a baby for like 30 minutes !! people were looking at me...I was like...oh whatever !! lol

    I love the posistion thing too !! I can confirm the crab thing, the libra thing and the taurus thing...;)

  • Taurus, this must be an incredibly emotional time for you! So happy it's working out.

  • Last night, my Scorpio wanted me to go to a strip club with him (this is not the first time; the last time I 'agreed' to go--for a lap dance <lol>!!! I'd been given too much alcohol to drink beforehand, so I felt 'tricked' into going inside one with him...and promptly got disoriented in the restroom so I went outside and told the security guard I couldn't find my guy in there--and he threw him out! That security guard must've had a 6th sense about girlfriends being led into stuff like that). He assured me it was only a "lingerie show" about 'just looking' so it sounded tame enough...and then no "lingerie show" because someone didn't like that kind of thing happening in the county <lol>...but really, I was just glad to be able to drink a good beer at the table. Outside, he wanted to 'do this again' elsewhere, so I suggested that we try going to a club where GUYS 'showed their stuff' and got a "Uh...I wouldn't want to do that" from him. So I said "Isn't it kind of unfair that we go to a club with females but not with guys?" He had to admit that it was, but his excuse was "They are probably gay"... Well, I'm not going to a club for women where the guy isn't really into women! So I think it was his way of avoiding the fact that he'd feel jealous of all the attention that guy onstage would be getting instead of him <lol>!!! I'm glad I was able to pose this alternative to his idea of a "good time had by both" (Yeah, sure!!)</lol></lol></lol>

  • Check out the Mars for sexual tendencies...

  • Hi Katie!

    Here are the charts for you and your guy...

    For you, intellect and emotions struggle for center stage. You are ardent and expansive in nature, warm-hearted, idealistic, and romantic. You are self-reliant and don't like to have your original opinions of others upset. But if your pride is directly hurt, you can break and run away for your own good. A strong creative flair in what you do. You are an independent, original thinker whose ideas are so well-researched and grounded, you may have a hard time changing your mind. You want substance in a relationship that will help you with where you want to go. You prefer to weigh pros and cons beforehand in making decisions. You are reflective and adaptive; capable of great empathy. You do best with partners who share your interests . Self-appreciation is necessary for success in love. There is a need for balance in your environment to learn discernment in relationships.

    Stay tuned for his chart next!

  • Hi again, Katie! And now, the chart for your guy...

    Wit, fluency and ambition combined. Voluble and expressive, with a keen sense of values. Imaginative, an enthusiastic critic, with strong likes and dislikes. Goes through an orderly process in learning, is freedom-loving, enjoys being a leader in a group. For your relationship with him to work, lower your expectations of each other more and try to let go of a fear of loss of control at times.

  • I had a pretty good day...yesterday, I got an e-mail with activities we could participate in together; it was gratifying to see whatever we did I was encouraged to decide for myself. For so long, a feeling of being coerced into 'just accepting' whatever he considered the thing to I picked an event that was specifically couples-oriented. This was a calendar of events for "Sex and Culture" in the city...

    I had an outing with my mother today; I got lots of texts that basically was concerned with my well-being, so that was encouraging. I really hope this trend of support continues, but how else can I feel confident enough to stay without that?

  • Cusp-what sexual tendencies would mars in virgo indicate? Me and my crab both have mars in virgo and we are very sexually compatible, that's one of the reasons it was hard to let him go because I never found anyone so compatible like that.

    I went out with the Romanian guy last night. Lol, I didn't have to ask him his birthday, he asked me first. Just like I thought he's a Gemini, June 6..makes sense.. he's nice, we have good conversations but the attraction is more mental..makes sense that he's a Gemini..crab is back to sending me cute pics of puppies and kitties, hahaha

  • Hey cusp! thank you so much for your analysis. at me, i can confirm it all fits.

    with him, i see the ambition completely, it is something i really like in him. Keen sense of values absolutely true too.

    Witty i havent experienced yet, cause he is sooo closed off, this is something that troubled me already back in elementary school, that he is like a stone with showing emotions. i could never really open him up yet.

    I can imagine that he is critical, but i havent heard that yet either.

    actually i must say that socializing with him was always fun, he is nice and clever, but i havent really ever experienced him in a situation where he was emotional or really debating and critical...

    about what you said for us to work in a relationship... i can confirm my side, i know that i do have problems with high expectations and fear of loss of control... about him, i dont know that either.

    i mean even the crab i was involved with, i saw through him much more already from the beginning, i had guesses and all. with this guy... like a huge wall around him and have no idea how he is or how he behaves in a relationship...

  • Hi Lua!

    A good thing Mars in Virgo was shared by you and your's easier when you have needs that are shared. From what I know about Mars in Virgo, there was a conscientiousness about what you were doing between yourselves that worked.

  • Hi Katie!

    He will build a wall depending on the situation at hand. With his aspects, he needs a certain emotional detachment to be able to deal with situations that he feels might compromise his needs. What's crucial here is being able to mention issues without them sounding 'too personal' to him (at least from his point of view; that's how he is used to thinking, and what is familiar to him in that area can be, oddly enough, 'comforting'. He needs to feel he is in charge of how things are discussed to talk about them). Try bringing up an issue in a general way, and ask him his opinion on it. Make sure your timing is appropriate when you do. Whatever the outcome, he needs to feel "it" was his idea. You don't 'have' to compromise what is important to you, just sound neutral and willing to listen to his 'take' on a subject.

  • Hi Cusp! you see, this is i fear, that he is like this, so closed off and it is a real big struggle and work to open him up, if ever... and it very much reminds me on my problematic ex Sagg and then of crab and i really dont want more drama... im doomed, always being attracted to problematic people... silly...

    thanks again Cusp!

  • LOL all I caught in the last few pages is Cuspglyph's Scorpio wanted her to go to the strip club with him....did you go?!?! I didnt get to read the whole post cause I’m kind of in a hurry…what happened?!

    All – I’m moving to my new apt. on Saturday. it’s going to be CRAZY busy for me until things calm down after the move.

    Cuspglyph – oh also, I don’t remember if you ever finished posting about my two guys, but I’m going to ask this to you since you did the charts for both of them. My Pisces guy is for some reason pulling away or something. I feel like he’s hiding or that he’s not telling me something. he says he’s totally easy going and lately I haven’t been able to communicate with him at ALL. He barely texts me and when we spend time together, he’s distant. I tried talking to him about it and he told me he’s sorry that I’m confused but he only gives what he gets. So I said I’m sorry that I’m guarded and to tell me what he needs from me. I haven’t heard back from him yet, but I feel like he’s turned off from me. is there anything you can help me with about this?

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