ASCLAC part 4

  • hey all, just checking in again. sorry I haven't been so active lately. I have a lot to talk about but I've been doing a lot of internal thinking.

    just wanted to stop by and say hello before the weekend comes along. I'll probably be able to reply and such on sunday.

    Lua - I dont know what to tell you...I would listen to Kel and Moon on this particular situation you have right now.

  • guys, so crab could not stay silent for long. took him like 3 weeks-a month.. anyways...

    tomorrow is my best friend's namesday. and crab sent me a mail reminding me of it and then added some funny jokes connected to a story i told him before about my bgf...

    and then he finished with: i hope you are fine, too. nice weekend.

    i hate when he "shows up" again and again in my life with stupid excuses. we are done, she is my best friend, what the heck does he care whether i wish her happy namesday or not?

    i wish i were more of an a-sshole; then i would not answer him at all. i think the only thing i will write back is "thanks. and im well. and hope he is doing fine." not more not less. that's ok, isnt it?

  • Katie, I'm not sure, I kind of want to see crab and see how he acts. Even in HK he told me it was not me but he's going through some crisis. He told me he's kinda depressed but he's got plans on moving to the beach and picking up some new hobbies like learning how to sail and he bought some camping equipment and he wants to go hiking and camping and spend time in nature. Sounds like he's not totally out of his depression but he's looking for ways to come out of it now, before he wasn't looking for ways to come out of it. He said he now understood why I like living near the beach and spending time around nature, he even joked nd said "I'm moving by the beach and then I'm getting 2 cats, then I'll be just like you!" as a joke, haha, if he got 2 cats they'll die of starvation while he's gone flying!!

    I'm not sure if I'm giving him a chance, but want to see how things go..He mentioned coming to see me again but I am not going to count on anything, he's a crab and what he says things depending on his mood, and his mood might change again. He had never stopped communicating, he was sending me daily emails and sending me gifts. I guess he sent me one more package and is sending me more. Maybe I can just be friends and not be emotionally hooked by him...I don't know...I don't know how i would feel when I see him..

  • Katie, so in 3 weeks you had not heard from him? yeah, it su*cks that crabs do that, just when you get over them they have to get back into your line of sight...I think that's an excuse to stay in your can just say thanks or just ignore's up to you.

  • hey Lua!

    listen, then do what you have to do, and go see him. 🙂 i just suggest try not get too fast sucked into it again. 🙂 and then all will be fine.

    no, it has not been 3 weeks of not hearing of him at all. but it has been like 3 weeks of 'personal communication', him addressing me directly personally. yes, i guess all i will do is say thanks and thats all. 🙂

  • Katie,

    Ok I will see him. By the time I see him him it would be 5 months. But I am not going to meet him at his hotel at midnight like I usually do. They have many delays and sometimes they come in around 1 am. I am not going to wait for him, but i will meet him the next morning. That way i will not be sucked in so fast.

  • scorpio woman love gemini men,,sweet and they love games..I like to so in love with this man could smack him llooooooovveeee uuuuuuu...kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • hi all! Katie, I am so glad you liked it! I changed a little around and when I am done I'll email it to you.

    Lua- give me your email address on facebook and I'll email it to you. As for your competition... that made me sad to read.


    SV- you too! Give me your address and I'll email it to you.

    Please all wish me luck that the editors like it! Fingers crossed.

    Kel- how's the wedding? Have a cocktail for me please!

    lilshorty- you are so cute!

    Flow- Hi, glad to see you around again.

    Taurus and OL- hey you two!

    OL- your beard is sooooooooo thick, does that itch? seriously. I am SO happy I am a female.

  • It's a small world, I met this girl online 2 years ago who is also a fitness competitor. My family and friends here don't really support me so I started going online for support. She competed in NY last year and it turns out she competed with the same girl i competed with, the one who is making a big drama and harrassing the other weird..NY seems so far away!!

    Yes moon, send it to me, I'll send you my email.

    Crab informed me that he will be in Manila Oct 23-25th..and this weekend...I happened to be going on Oct 22...I had gotten the ticket for that week because it was really cheap...I'm thinking of going to Malyasia for a few days too, it's only about $20 one way from manila on Asia Airlines..

    OL-have you been to Malaysia? Just asking because you've been everywhere. I'll probably just go to Kota Kinabalu, and not KL. I was thinking of going to Cebu (another city in the philippines, area famous for diving) but it's cheaper to go to Malaysia. I'm going to research Malaysia now. I need a vacation after all the training, lol.

    I may be starting a new business soon with a partner..It should rake in more $$$ so I can save money for a trip to Europe next year. There's hardly any overhead..

  • To all..Sv, kel, moon, katie, and my guy have met a stale mate. I have applied for a new company.......he is supporting me, but..we both know that this could really change things...we text everyday all day long...when i told him what i did...he was supportive yet silent.

    Kel, I did explain to him why i kinda freaked, he told me he understood. And I know he meant it. We are getting ready to go through a huge change and it is scary for both of us. I guess only time will be our judge.

    We have a an odd relationship. We long and cannot wait to see one another everyday, yet, we have not made our relationship known. Neither one of us wants that. We like our privacy. We love to be together....but my new change can either make us or break us....very scary..

  • SV-what's been up with you lately? Gemini? Pisces? dating both? Are you over crab yet?

  • Yet another female friend in the picture...she seemed to be told to introduce herself, but stumbled over his name when asking me where he was (coworker in store he works at). So typical of so many of these friends!! The first one withdrew her hand in horror when introduced to me and avoided me (and him) later on. The second one acted all nervous on being introduced to me when I happened upon them chatting outside the store he works at (I was waiting for his shift to end as usual, and got bored). With both friends, I'd made gestures of friendship that were rejected. The third got wacky when introduced to me when he wanted to go on a walk with all three of us (the "friendship" seemed to end after that). We sat outside on his break today and he brought up the latest friend; he'd treated me after I tried to leave that day. But he was upset last night when I 'touched him the wrong way' (it was dark and I couldn't see I was touching his knee--a 'sore point' before he decided to be more than close acquaintances; he told me he freaked out the day that happened--the first yet we met--because he 'suddenly discovered he had feelings for me'. This 'latest' touch suddenly was an issue again, but why?

    I don't know if that means anything, or some latent trigger of guilt, anger, etc. This morning that old love interest (the one I found out had a boyfriend neither of us had known about) e-mailed him "help" for his wounded masculinity (mother issues) and he actually shared his anger about that "help" with me this time instead of projecting it onto me (he was 'under her spell' the last time they corresponded and she was a thorn in my side because of her anger about me being his fiance now). It' hard to know what to empathize with, when he seems to have so many intense issues about being open about his 'needs' with me, socially. Last nignt (when he got 'touchy') he actually said "I'm not allowed to know what my needs are" but is reluctant to be upfront with me about that in a way that frees me to make my own decisions about this relationship.

  • Wow, this thread has really slowed down since most here have decided to move on..I miss you guys..I should follow everyone's example and move on too...I miss everyone so contact me on FB if not here. I'll post a backstage pic of me at the competition. waiting for better pics.

    I decided to see crab, with no expectations..

    Meanwhile I met another pilot who asked me out...I think he's based in Japan..

  • hey guys...I feel terrible that I haven't caught up with you all...:(

    I will for sure tonight. I was SUPER busy this whole weekend and barely got home to spend a few hours alone last night for just me.

    Lua - I hope your'e ok. I need to go back and read up on what's going on with you but I really hope you start letting go of your crab. to me, now that I look at it from an outsiders perspective and realized all the game playing, it's just too hard to go back and forth with all the manipulation. and you dont even know if he REALLY wants/loves you. I just dont want you getting hurt again...:(

    All - Gemini and Pisces are good. my Aqua friend met both and loves both. however, she's telling me that I need to make a decision fast because they both are acting like I'm their girlfriend. ugh...they're both so wonderful and treat me so well. I need to do some REALLY hard thinking on this. I dont want to hurt either of their feelings, but I eventually I have to...ugh...who knew I'd be in THIS kind of delimma??

    I still think about crab every now and then and sometimes it makes me smile, but most of the time I just end up cringing because I remember getting so hurt and being so sad. I'm definitely in a better place now. I have no hate for him and I hope he realizes and find out what he wants because hurting girls like that doesn't do anyoen good. I wish him well. I still miss him dearly, but I know it's for the best that I stay away and forget about him. he's of no good to me because he will never want a real relationship with me. I had a dream about him the other night though. he had a girlfriend and was telling all of us that him and his girl decided to get married...I was utterly shocked that I woke up immediately...I dont think I'll ever lose my feelings for him but it's ok. I'm definitely in a better place now. Gemini and Pisces treat me very well.

  • Moon, Katie, Lua - I dont have a fake FB...I have a real one, lol. one that I use just like Kel does. Kel can probably recommend me as a friend to you guys if you want to be friends with me on there.

    no judging, LOL!! 🙂

  • Hi guys,

    I feel so good about myself right now. I havent been this happy in ages. Its my birthday tomorrow and this would have to be the best gift ever. why?

    I was rushing up some stirs today in to a government building and I physically run into G current boyfriend. We have never met and I don't believe he knows of me or what I look like. I know who he is because of his FB. I bumped into him, take a few steps back and I start laughing so much, I could't stop to bring myself around to say I'm sorry.............right up front. He is standing there looking at me with this confused but angry look on his face. I said sorry only to laugh again. He walks off and takes a seat and gives me the evil eye the whole time we waited in the waiting room.

    Why did I laugh so much? Because G new boyfriend looks NOTHING like his profile pictures. Most of the pics are old, he looks good in his photos, like a model but in real life...........we are talking umpa lumpa. He is short, has a body shaped like a pear (not bad on a female body but not male body) and he has these huge white teeth....Yes his face is somewhat attractive and he has nice blue eyes. His body was weird and the clothing he wore was far too small for his frame. Sorry but he had more rolls than a french bakery!

    I know I sound shallow but I felt that G upgraded me for a much hotter guy......................I laughed because the guy in my eyes isn't hotter than me. I was laughing mostly at myself, because I thought G new boyfriend was this amazing good looking guy. I was wrong!

    Im sure he is a nice person. I just wanted to share this with you guys.

  • Cuspglyph - hi! if possible, could I get some readings done on both my Gemini and Pisces boys? I just want to know what compatibility for long term might be?

    Gemini - 5/21/82, Fort Worth, TX

    Pisces - 2/21/82, California (not exactly sure of the city, I think it might have been San Bernardino, but I'm not 100%)

    and yes, they are exactly 3 months apart. LOL!!!

    I need to catch up with you tonight. your scorp man doesn't sound like he's treating you right

    :-/....I gotta go back and see your last couple of posts. if I remember correctly, kel felt like you needed to kick him to the curb also...

  • SV Hi there, sounds like things are going well for you. I wish I could just forget about my crab but it's not that easy. Remember how long you held on even when yours wasn't contacting you at all? Well, mine had, sending me those daily emails, 3 packages of cutsy gifts, and now he wants to see me. I am totally open to dating other guys but I'm not meeting anyone interesting enough....

    are you on Kel's FB? I don't call it my fake FB, that's what katie calls it, It's my FB for my taeot friends My initials are SM there's a pic of a kitty looking into a mirror and seeing a lion. I have my real pictures inside the account. I'm also friends with Katie and OL

    OL-you are so funny, that's the argentinian guy that thinks he's all that? I'm sure it made you feel good!!

  • Yes the Argentinian guy that listed IM AN INTERNATIONAL CELEBRITY as his political belief! It's just the best feeling....I'm relieved. I just gotta make myself HOTTER! Tomorrow is my birthday and I'm spending it with K at a club. K is G's ex that randomly messaged me after I broke up with G and we have been on a few dates. He is good looking and G really liked him but K likes me now. K said he will NEVER go back to G. G was too boring for him.

    LUA- I have been to Malaysia a few times. Ive been all over Malaysia. I have some gay friends in KL Kuala Lumpur who would be happy to meet up with you. Not much really to see in KL but cameron Highlands is pretty and Taman nagara is awesome also. Islands on the east coast are nicer. I liked Langkawi which is on the west side. Which you would know. I like Malaysia. Ask me anything you want about Malaysia. Best to do it on FB.

    MOON- My beard doesn't itch. Im trying to look more masuline hehehe how are you?

    KATIE- How are you. Whats news with you?

    Hope everyone else is doing well. Im not this shallow in real life!

  • ScorpVirgo,

    I would be honored to do a reading of your two guys--stay posted!!

    Love, Cuspglyph

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