ASCLAC part 4

  • Hi guys, I need to catch up,,

    Moon-you think someone 10 years younger is a "teeny bopper"? My crab really WAS a teeny booper when I met him, he was 19!! He's 15 years younger!!! All the guys that hit on me are at least 10 years younger..usually more.

    The competiton was a disappointment..girls with jiggly bellies and butts placed higher than me. maybe I'm getting too old for this and the like younger girls with fake boobs...I wouldn't be upset if they atually looked better than me but I know I looked better!!

    Now my crab is asking me to call him..why an't he just call me? He keeps his skype on all day trying to get me to call him...moon, where does this fit in the moose thing? I thought we were supposed to have the guys call..but even when things were going well he never alled me unless I asked him to. Even if I turn on my skype to indicate I am around he won't call. Why is this?

    I befriended this young Japanese girl who told me all her boy problems. She was telling me about this diving instructor she met here and man, he sounded so much like a crab, but she said most Japanese guys are like that, you never know what they are thinking, they are never direct and you have to guess or read their minds and you end up trying to analyze everything. Maybe all Japanese guys are cancers, lol!

  • LUA! Good to hear from you!!!!!

    I'm sorry about your competetion that stinks about the boobs and butts. I don't think age has much to do with it, I wonder if it's more about fresh people. When I say "fresh" I don't mean younger I mean newer? I don't know because I don't know the first thing about these things.

    Now about the younger guy thing.... I am not a cougar. I like the man to be older. It's a "thing" I have. Could be to that I have/had a 22 year old step son. The thought of a guy too young, nah, not for me. I don't want to teach... I want to be taught! Yummy!

    " Now my crab is asking me to call him..why an't he just call me? He keeps his skype on all day trying to get me to call him...moon, where does this fit in the moose thing? I thought we were supposed to have the guys call..but even when things were going well he never alled me unless I asked him to. Even if I turn on my skype to indicate I am around he won't call. Why is this?"

    Lua- Kel is away at a wedding but to be honest? I'd call. The whole moose theroy is out the window right now as it's Limbo. If it were me, I'd call and see what's up. Once you do that THEN you can decide if he will bo moose-morphing worthy. If not, friendly limbo it will stay.

    Seriously, if it were me... I'd call. You made him wait a bit? Good. Call, see what's up, be happy, friendly and don't bring seeing him up. That you can be a little moose-ish about. IMHO of course. Let him bring it up.

    Oh, and if he starts with the "do you miss me?" don't bite. It could be a trap. Trap? Yes, emotional ego boost trap.

    Just when you call.... don't get your hopes up high and brace yourself for ANYTHING (another girl, does not ask to see you.... anything).

    But yes hunni, I'd call him.

    Good luck!


  • Is facinated by human emotions. One day you are hurting over someone, you cant sleep, you cry, your heart bleeds and you think of this person day after day..........................then NOTHING! All these emotions pretty much just go away. I just wish they could go away sooner. I'm over G. I have no need or erge to contact him, I dont think of him like I use to and finally I'm back to my normal self.

    Hope everyone is doing well.

  • Moon

    Nothing to do with "fresh" or new faces, the girl who won was the same girl who won last year. I saw a similar thing happen in Manila. My friend was by far in the best shape and a fat girl took first place and an anorexic-looking skinny girl took second. Well, back to improving my physique for myself rather than for judges..

    As for crab he asked me to call last week so I did and there was no answer, his skype was on so I know he wasn't flying. I emailed him and said I called, he said "I'm home now, call me again" but I was dead tired from training and only sleeping 3 hrs so I emailed him and said "I'm tired I'll call you tomorrow" but that was about 5 days ago so yeah, I've made him wait.

    I don't think he would ask me if I miss him, he never has, I'll just be friendly.

    I'm still exhausted, I didn't sleep much last week and trained hard on very few calories. I'm enjoying my chocolate and carbs now..

  • OL- I'm glad you are over G! So who are you dating now? I've been ignoring the Italian cancer boy Giovanni, haha I've got my own "G" now. I've kinda been ignoring both crabs..

    Had a weird dream though..dreamed I went to visit crab, knocked on his door and then remembered he had moved...

  • Oh, feel better Lua. If you contact him let me know how it goes.

    The crab boy... yeah, he likes me I just saw him this morning whe I walked my daughter to the school bus. He was jogging in the rain, and said "hey, I like the books, I have one for you, I can drop it off later"

    I told him I have a Dr.'s apt o I would not be he then says "Well, we could hang out one night and I could give it to you then"

    I told him thanks but just put it in my mail box. 10 years.... too young for me BUT it feels nice to be asked just the same.


    Hi OL good about G!

  • OL - I am so happy for you !!

    Moon - I don't know........what is better than being worshipped by a HUNK ? lol

    Lua - You are so in control !! haha Good for you !!

    me...remember when I said I was goin to give J space..well..I was right......he has a serious mood/retreat coming on. I knew it. He's tired, worn out....he should have listened to me....

  • Ahh so busy! The wedding is next weekend lol I'm just trying to get all the last minute things in order and on top of that do some work on my house 😞 Going back to catch up

    Here is the Scorp drama:

    kelcrab 4:18 pm

    (4:18:13 PM): happy friday Scorp!

    (4:18:14 PM): woot!

    Scorp 4:24 pm

    (4:24:39 PM): u too kelcrab 🙂

    Scorp 4:31 pm

    (4:31:02 PM): almost over

    kelcrab 4:33 pm

    (4:33:37 PM): yup!

    (4:33:41 PM): doing anyhting fun this weekend?

    Scorp 4:34 pm

    (4:34:14 PM): no plans really u

    kelcrab 4:34 pm

    (4:34:41 PM): i have a bachelor party tomorrow night, thats about it

    (4:34:55 PM): my friend form college is getting married next weekend, im in the wedding

    Scorp 4:36 pm

    (4:36:48 PM): nice

    (4:37:00 PM): don't get to wild sexy 🙂

    Scorp 4:41 pm

    (4:41:31 PM): unless it's with me 😉

    kelcrab 4:42 pm

    (4:42:24 PM): did you seriously just say that? i thought we were friends

    Scorp 4:43 pm

    (4:43:24 PM): I'm jokin ..calm down

    kelcrab 4:43 pm

    (4:43:37 PM): its nto cool, dont do it again

    Scorp 4:44 pm

    (4:44:10 PM): w/e dude..later!

    i blocked him after this, he is out of my life for good this time...

  • Taurus7 -

    Oh yes we plan plan plan plan. We are utilitarian and if we didn't see it going anywhere, we wouldn't waste the time on you

    He is not planning on dumping you anytime soon lol

    Lua -

    Sorry to hear about your competition 😞 I think you look amazing! I saw your pics on FB, it surprises me that you wouldn't place

    He's asking you to call him because we are control freaks and don't like rejection. If you come to us, we can approve or deny your call as we feel.

    I think the moose thing doesn't always work for us crabs, I think we're too sensitive and shy away too easily. But if you want to call him, call him and see what happens. No expectations, just a friendly chat to catch up 🙂

    Moon -

    LOL! Who says that a 29 year old couldn't teach you a thing or two 😛 You should give us crabs a try haha We give the Scorpios a run for their money

    I think your crab might be interested...and if he are now the moose - playing all aloof lol

    OL -

    Glad to hear that 🙂

  • Hi All! hope you all feeling fine!


    Glad you are back. sorry for the competition! BUT i agree with Kel, you are beautiful and stunning, so please, just dont care too much about it all. 🙂

    Did you call crab?

  • Hi guys,,

    I'm still exhausted...I wasn't sleeping much this last week..i feel like i need to sleep for a few more days...crab said he got food poisoning and is on sick leave for 3 days and told me to call again..I haven't yet..kinda chicken to call..I haven't talked to him since almost feels weird..

    Those pictures are from last year, the judges said i was too big and bulky, so I sized down this year and lost 10 more pounds so I actually look leaner but last year I came in 4th place, this year I came in 7th...I guess I have to look absolutely amazing that there's no way the judges can't notice next time...oh well.

  • LUa - may was quite awhile ago. If you do not want reopen it, then don't. Remember your decision.

  • Kel - well, I may have screwed everything up, b/c I spoke my mind to J. i was very careful how I worded everything. here's the story. We had a date planned yesterday, by me, not him. he was all gung ho at 1st, then as his day wore on, he wasn't 'feeling" it. thats fine. I am understandable. But h told me he wasn't feeling well. Again, ok..but when we were talking he said well, i'm just really tired.

    In my book, tire does not equal not feeling well. My ex used to pull that crap all the time. So, I spoke my peace. Well, his are stressing me out. I even told him, you can always tell me the 100% truth. You do not have to worry about my feelings. I can handle my feelings just fine. I knew he was exhausted and the on the verge of a mood, but I just couldn't let this go. I wasn't going to. So, we'll see how this pans out. if it works out...fine..if not..better now than later.

  • Taurus, yeah May was long ago to me, because I'm not a crab. For my crab at least, there's a whole different conception of time. He came to me 13 years after I rejected him saying "the last time we talked it didn't end in a very friendly way" like it was just a few weeks, so it's probably like days to him!

  • Lua - very true....crab time or real time ?? lol it could very well be 13 years before my crab ever talks to me again....only time will tell.....but, one thing is a given....the thoughts NEVER leave their head !! lol

    I am not so sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.....but, if you feel the earth shake in like 3 is bc we aare arguing and stopping our much every area of our relationship......

  • Lua - I am sorry, but I am laughing right now....13 freakin years ?? Oy vey....13 years and still on the tip of his brain. Every detail to i imagine....

    The reason i am laughing is bc we have had an excellent 9 months...that probably means, translated to crab years, that I will be in his brain prolly till he dies. Now, whether I am in his life, whole nother story....OMG what have I gotten myself into ?? Bill Murrays groundhog day ??

    And the sad thing..all i want to do is take him in my arms and reassure him that everythng will be ok....

  • Yep, 13 freaking years and he knocks on my door, I actually recognized him and said "what are you doing here?" (also, you have to understand that the last time I talked to him was in brazil, other side of the world) His actual words "Last time we talked we didn't leave on friendly terms" My thought, not words: "WTF is this boy talking about? " because I totally forgot about him and what happened 13 years ago!!

    Ok, I got another email asking me to call and he turned on his skype. I turned mine on to try to provoke him into calling me but I think he's stubborn so he won't...he's playing this stupid game with me...hahaha.what a silly boy!

  • I turned on my skype and he turns his off!! WTF? This is after askinng me to call him on skype. Does he want me to play tag with him? I've called twice and he didin't answer!

  • Lua - back away, he's playing games now. He feels hurt in some way and now he's getting his revenge

  • Kel-Is he hurt because I said I would call and I didn;t for 5 days? I was busy! So I back off and i don't call him? Would that make him hurt more?

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