ASCLAC part 4

  • Hi all. I can only post one little thing as I have to get myself & kids off to bed. Tomorrow is Sunday aka Catch up day.

    This is the one little thing I want to post... It dawned on me that Kel did it and it did indeed work for him whe he gave up Scorp & met Aries.

    I think you all might like it... especially you lua as you are into this stuff like I am. I've been doing a lot of thinking and this is what I came up with... mostly it was for SV as I feel so bad for her little 5'2 hippy girl party planning self.


    Ok, if you are constantly thinking of one person (her crab), missing them, wanting them, remembering only them then are you (your frame of mind) essentaly in a relationship with them?

    When you're in a reationship don't you think of that person all the time?

    It's an obvious one sided relationship as they have no idea.... but I'm thinking if this person is on your mind alot, you think about them.... just like you would do if you were in a real relationship...

    Then I do wonder if by acting/thining this way if are you are putting out vibes that you are in a relationship even though in reality, you really are not.

    Could people be blocking their own happiness from finding them because their minds/vibes think they are really in a relatinship??? Leading them to attract more of the same?

    Just like the expression "when it rains it pours" attracting more of the same?

    What do you think Lua?

    Good right?

    I know.



  • hey loves !1 Tomorrow, i am going to catch up on all of this. I just wanted all of you to know that...ANY man who dates us...should feel very priveledged !!

    We are awesome, strong, caring and supportive women !

    Things with my crab are getting stronger and deeper and scarier....

    They are.

    He is beautiful and amazing...he keeps giving instead of retreating and he has scared the s*** out of me b/c of that !

    I wll continue the slow path. it is best for me and mine right now.

    But, I will catch up !!

    And are an amazing NOT forget that !

  • I won't have time to catch up but moon, just about what you said, it makes sense!! We do put out vibes. I think I told you I didn't date at all for 11 years, well, one or two dates here and there but never went past that, and after awhile men stopped asking me out. It wasn't because I wasn't attractive, but because I was putting out vibes that I want to be left alone. When I started fantasizing about being with a an again, crab knoked on my door..

    So we are in an imaginary relationship and putting out that vibe...I'm glad I don't think about crab all the time now..not like I used to, but it's not fair, just when I stop thinking about him he starts snding me daily emails and packages..

    OL-where are you? I think I'm getting sucked into FB drama..not drama but FB real FB, I got a friend request from a cute Italian guy who has mutual friends. So I accepted him and he starts messaging me and he found me on Skype..he wants to talk to me in person, ok no problem, he's in Italy. I have a weakness for Italian men. So I check out his FB profile and he's a fricking cancer!! In fact, his B-day is July 15th!! (crab's is July 12) I want to RUN!! All I need, another Italian cancer!! Crab is Brazilian but Italian decendant, has dual citizenship..ah cr*p..

  • Lua, you ARE a cancer magnet !! However, I do not know how one could resist and italian cancer !! DANG !!

  • Lua......poor you. What are you going to do? Sorry I haven't been online, got drama of my own. I seriuously want to hang myself. It's boy trouble either.

    Anyhow, I met another Leo guy named A. He is from Fance, visiting Israel and will leave on 27th September. He contacted me and insisted on me meeting him. I went on a date and what do you know, we hit it off. he is super cute, smart and he was instantly attracted by me. He invited me to a party a day later and I met his friends. Party was awesome. He couldn't keeps his hands off me. Im not one to show affection in public. We made out in a alley way in the building he was staying in. It was amazing. That night when the roof party ended, we were alone on the roof..................all I can say is WOW! What a way to end the evening 🐵

    We would text like crazy, he spent a day and night at my place. I noticed when he came to my place he was a little diststant. I asked him if all was ok. He spent most of the time sleeping. Show me a little affection now and then. He was giving him attention, fliting with him. He left the next evening and I didn't hear from him. I waited until morning and nothing. TYPICAL LEO! I got him on FB and said whats going on.

    He said he likes me but he thought ofthe situation.....he is going back to Paris in a few days. He doesn't know what he wants. He was all hot and now he is all cold. He was the one asking if I would move to Paris and I asked him if he would move to Israel. We both said yes. Im like for gawd sake..................why do I do this to myself. This is the second Leo I've liked and they went all quiet on me???? Men are stupid!

    I think I should stop dating!

    Lua.................I personall think you should run. IKnowing me, I would still chat to the guy.

    Like my FB status said the other day: E is going to listen to his brain more often because his heart is clearly and idiot!

  • Katie are you? hope to hear you are ok. ive been busy the last few days and havent been online. i have been on FB but not tarot.

    G boyfriend A who is a friend of mine on my fake FB asked me if I wanted to have a threesome with him and G. A said he doesnt want to cheat on G but finds me really hot. The pictures are not of me but a friend of mine. My friend is the type of guy G and A are into. Well mostly A is into. I know this wrong but my life isn't black or white. I'm just playing a long with A. I thought it would be funny if I agreed to meet up with them and just turn up myself HAHAHAHAHA

    I wouldnt do that. I dont know where I am going with this. I know I should just forget about it. I find it kinda funny. G boyfriend asking me for have a threesome. I know G would not go for something like that.

  • Ol !! You are such a hottie !! So, do you like him enough to change your life ?? or do you just want to tuck him away as a memorable fun time ? The decision appears to be yours.

  • hey guys! a nice week start to everyone!

    Lua>> hey. yes, if i go, that would be from april till end of october or so. im getting more and more sure that i wanna go. when im there, life always brightens up, the world widens, as it's full of tourists and so on.

    i've never been there yet when being single, and i remember being sorry for that both years i've been there. cause i met some really awsome and handsome guys, from which some even hitted on me and invited me to places, but i had to refuse...

    i thought i should go for more reasons. one of the reasons is what i mentioned above. then i thought about creating some financial security for myself.

    in one and a half years i turn 30 years old and i know that is not sooo old, but still, im not 18 anymore.

    then again, this city right now bears the memory of crab and it kind of suffocates me. i have to break free and prove myself that i am worthy and pretty and all. i have to shift the balance in my life and go live life.

    so yes, this is my plan now and please, visit me, i would be really glad about that. well depending when you come it can be pricey. i mean in pre and post season is the best i think. cause in July and August it is anyways way too hot and way too crowded. best is in June or September.


    hey girly! Loved your thoughts to Lua about being 'in a relationship' while in fact not being in it and i completely AGREE with all you wrote. couldnt it be a next topic for you to write about??? 😄


    hey! thanks for asking, im fine. had a nice and busy weekend, so now i hate monday. LOL

    wow that mess up on FB with G and his bf... why are you doing this to yourself? i mean it's not my thing, but i think you would heal faster and easier if you would not play those games. these things will just keep dragging you back again and again!

  • Hi taurus,

    Are you talking about A (french) or A (G boyfriend)? I don't like G boyfriend. He is the one who asked for a threesome. He doesn't know the real me. Gawd if G ever found out it was me.......

    I did like A (French) all was going well. Anyhow, I have no time to BS so I unfriended A (French) on facebook. Men are assssssholes.

    Katie hi,

    Thanks for your concern. I really have no desire right now to get back with G. I feel im 99% over him. I just find it amusing that his new boyfriend is scouting around. Infact, it is helping me move on.

  • I'm Libra rising Gemini and it states I don't like to keep partners too long. That is BS because I want a LTR. I had a great 10 year relationship. The ex from that relationship and I are best mates. It will never be what it was before. 6 years and both of us still havent found partners. I've tried and no luck. I don't think I will ever get another chance like my 10 year relationship. He is a Gemini and we worked really well together. We broke up because he had a mid-life crisis. He was 12 years older than me.

    I met a guy named D (Israel) about 6 years ago after I split with my 10 year ex. D and I met in person only once and it was a very quick meeting. Over 6 years we communicated online and showed interest in each other. We lost contact for a year or more. We reconnected online when I arrived in Israel. We have yet to meet up. I tried calling him when I was in Jerusalem but I felt he wasn't as interested. He said he would call me back and he never did.

    Last week I got a New Year message from him Last night he sent me a message online...When are we going to meet. I want to meet you. I'm off to bed....alone etc.... D is a Libra and looking for a LTR. I like him, he is very much my type. I'm conflicted. I think I should just stay single and get a dog. Or go straight. How hard would it be to find a women who would be cool with my previous encounters with men? I find women attractive.

    I'm totally losing it. hahahahahaha

    I dont handle rejection well. When someone shows great interest in me and if I like them, I usually fall for them. Arrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhh

  • Taurus, glad to hear things are going well with your cancer. Not sure if I'm a attract cancers, I didn't used to...before it was mostly Aries, Sag , Gemini and Aquas..Scorps for can I resist an Italian cancer, haha I've already got a Italian Brazilian one...henceforth I will have to refer to them as Brazilcrab and Italiancrab...Italiancrab has been messaging me asking me about Scuba diving, he's a diver too. Brazilcrab has been quiet,

    I'm thinking of sending Brazilcrab a gag package, just for fun. I'm going to start collecting gag gifts for him. I'll send it by ship, of course.

  • Lau - too funny ! Sounds lke you are enjoying going with the flow. I dated a Gemini once....pure heat !!

    OL- glad you deleted A....threesomes and drama...not good. I meant you are a hottie in general !! paris guy sounded hot and intense.

  • Hi all checking in I am alive... been busy 😉 in more than one way:) I see there are some new people hello all... 🙂 I just wanted to check on my sweet souls 🙂

    Lua- You are having similiar issue as i did cancers everywhere <<eyes rolled="" into="" my="" head="">> I don't get it hope you are @ least enjoying life .... I lost some more of the flab and am gaining more tone finally thanks again for the advice :)
    Katie- I saw your feeling stifled I found when I feel that way it is time to change things up a bit do some randomness in your life.... like walking thru Store "Charlie, let's go to Candy Mountain Charlie" or just go somewhere new be it a restuarant or something else... be spontaneous. I am a planner by nature so when I do a random bit I get a rush it's a great way to get out of the blahs of everyday life :) I hope I am not speaking wrongly :)
    Moon- your note to Lua is about right when you hold on to someone in your mind yes you are still in a relationship with the other even if they move on ... U need to release it.
    hey tid bit it is a Wicca holiday(I am christian/wicca) called "Mabon" it is a time to release the negative in your life it does vary a bit from coven to coven but basically it is a celebration of the next phase of life and the release of the old. if you want more info let me know it starts tommorrow 9/21 Katie knows how to reach me and so does Kel I know they can pass it on discretely :)
    hope all is going well in your life :)
    kel- You know I will keep checking in as the faces change around me... I think it has to do with my libra moon we have a hard time letting completely go... heehee.... but cancers cancers everywhere oh my ;) if it wasn't for you, moon, flow, and of course Katie I would have gone nuts a couple months back :) be good to your God of War... I think I want one cause if they can handle a cancer maybe they can handle this mixed up crazy little scorp...hmmmm what you think :)? cause passed friendships cancers put me in a real tizzy dizzy.... ;)
    OL-from what I read you are busy.... remember to take time to be good to yourself
    Adventure- hope life is treating you good :) hey adventure"CHARLIEEEEEEE!!!!!!!" can you hear me smile each day enjoy each day
    Well I hope you all stay out of trouble. I am trying to keep being good but I keep getting sent all the nice tasty morsels.... how is a girl supposed to remain abstinate from s<# I tell you what... It is starting to get harder to be good :(</eyes>
    well if I missed anyone I am truly sorry
    just remember to live each day enjoy each day take time for you ... be good to yourselves :)
    Peace and Blessings :) and XHUGSX all around :)
    Lil bit(Shorty) :)

  • Thank you for your kind words. How do you know what I look like? Just curious.

    I deleted the French guy. He was all hot and went cold. He doesn't know what he wanted. Out he went. He was on my real facebook.

    The ex's current boyfriend is a friend on my fake facebook which doesn't have my own photos on it. I find it kind of theraputic as weird as that sounds.

    Lil, I'm trying to be good to me..........................I never learn. Why do I attract assssholessss! I think I should delete all my dating accounts. I liked the French guy and now look!

  • First part of my message was for Taurus

  • Hi Lilshorty!!!

    Ehh, i don't think the god of war can really handle me lol there's just been some stuff lately that has me rethinking things...

    I'm glad you're doing well though! 🙂 I would stay away from us Cancers lol we're terribly difficult...

    Moon -

    I agree with waht you said, about the one-sided relationships and how they make you seem "taken" to others. That's why you gotta let go of your scorp 😉

    Moon, I seem to attract so many fiscally-unsavvy guys...I just don't get it. I want a man who's got his life together and knows how to handle money...ugh! As a Cancer, don't you find financial stability of very high importance? I dunno, I just have some Aries stuff that has me bothered and this forum has gotten a little different lol I feel kind of strange now posting with all these new people...I miss Flow and adventure and lolpet and everyone 😞 I need to post and I know that Aries reads this so i have to edit myself, it sucks lol

  • Ol..I have no clue what you look like !! i really don't. But, you MUST be hot to attract someone that instantly. Does that make sense. Do you deleted the french guy and not A ?? I confused that.


    Kelcrab...I have a question. Lately, I have been saying some pretty deep emotional stuff to my cancer guy. He has taken it all in stride and not even made the appearance of ducking in his shell. He responds everytime. lately, though, he seems to want to know where I am at and what I am doing. I am not trying to read to much into this, but my ex was terribly controlling and well, I hate that feeling of being Kept tabs on. Is this just him being curious or could there be more to it ?

  • Taurus -

    I'm not sure exactly. For me personally, I can be on the more insecure side, so when I ask what my Aries is up to, its usually a combination of wanting to know what's going on in his life and making sure he's not doing anything that would upset me. We do get jealous and controlling at times, but like most of the water signs, it's hot and cold. Sometimes I get controlling, but then I calm down and just go with the flow only to get controlling again.

    if he starts to get controlling, try to find out what's wrong. usually if i have an insecurity flame up, i'll get controlling, or if i feel like our connection is fading, i'll get controlling. we're very face-to-face, we need that constant in person interaction and when i dont get it, i feel the connection is fading which leads to jealousy and controlling tendencies

    there's always many many layers going on, so whenever you sense a problem or a change in behavior, try to find out why, usually its because a mood swing is causing him to be insecure. happens to me all the time lol

    by the way, sharing your deep emotional thoughts is a HUGE plus for us 🙂 we love when people show their deep side

  • hello everyone...busy weekend...

    um, I ended up doing the dirty dirty with Pisces on Friday had fun!

    I had a day date which turned into a day/night date with Gemini on was great! we went to go watch the new movie Devil. it was scary and I'm still scared now...LOL

    I ended up telling Gemini how I felt and he had no idea I felt that way...I'm proud of myself for opening up to him!!!!

    ok, gotta get back to work. took yesterday off as a "me" day...I'll catch up with everyone later

    on a quick side note: Moon, you made perfect sense with your theory about being in a one sided relationship and sending off the vibes of being in a relationship when you're really not...made me think a lot about this...I'll reply more tonight...

    have a good day everyone!

  • Oh SV! details lol cant leave out the details 😉

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