ASCLAC part 4

  • J told me today he hates christmas !!! I was in shock. Our 1st date was Christmas eve last year.....

    How can this be???

    Hey kel - We all understand. But, i would really appreciate insight into my question ! 😄

    Cusp - I never know what to say in repsonse to your Ever

  • Hi Taurus7!

    You might check out his past experiences with Christmas for a clue...early memories can spoil the 'celebration' for some guys that have little to do with the present, except in their imagination. My guy doesn't like Christmas, either--stressful in his growing up years, especially with three jealous stepbrothers and an abusive father his mother later divorced not too long before his early adolescent years. My own father is a Pisces; you'd think he would like the sentiment. He does, but his stepfather made the holiday a family nightmare for him. Presently, he is just thankful it's not like that anymore, but old emotions die hard. He has a hard time giving presents that are not sentimental enough or are overdone price-wise. As for me, I believe in making the most of what I've got and have no problem celebrating--even if it's just me and my own little tree! : )

  • hey guys! just shortly popping in.

    Taurus7: though what i tell you is not related to my crab ex, but my sagg ex whom i was with for very long.

    i dont think that hating xmas is sign related.

    my sagg ex hated xmas, he had a rally rough childhood etc. but being with me for long, he started to like xmas cause my family took him in and showed him that xmas can be great and joyful. give him time, NO ONE really hates xmas. i do hate xmas too, when i am completely down and some people hate it, cause they have bad memories connected to them...

    but im sure this can be changed. 🙂

    Hi cusp, hi everyone else!

  • LUA & MOON - Check Your Facebook Messages!! 🙂

    cusp/taurus - hope all is well! Gem and I are working on our relationship!

  • Now it's about work, literally...not on my relationship, but on who is paying my paycheck from a couple weeks ago. I either need to correct that info, or not--both companies saying the other is my employer. And I haven't even gotten my paycheck! My guy texted me a sweet greeting this morning, but only 1 minute left on my cellphone, so he may call my landline. It seems like sometimes if it's not one problem in life, it's another <lol>!!!</lol>

  • Hi everyone !! he won't tell me why he hates xmas...;(...I threw everything out there !! he said.." You don't have to have a reason to not like something." I said..'yes you do. I don't like brussell sprouts bc I think they taste like dirt." he said.." that's different!" i sadi..." Only to YOU it's different!" he laughed and I giggled......I told him...." think you are avoiding answering me..but I NEVER forget...just maybe the next time we are intimate...i will sing xmas carols the whole time !!" 😉 He said " you wouldn't?" I said..." try me ! lol" he said...' One thing about you are NEVER boring..."

    See....I never get anywhere with him....!! LOL

  • Kel, kel, kel, kel ,kel !!

    I so wish you would have told me that when one enters into a relationship with a crab that the way the two become one is unlike anything that one being NOT a crab has ever experienced !!

    It has happened KEL !! OMG !! His love is amazing....I just had to calm down....which I did.....I cannot even explain the person, the strength I feel having J's love......i have no clue when this happened, I think over the issues with his ex. Which i did not bitch to him about, i actually said very minimal....the most major thing I said was...if she calls me a c*nt again...I am not making any promises.....he said he understood that......but wile that was like this light bulb went off in my head that bc he loves me...none..I mean NONE of that even matters or bares any weight...and it was like he instantly knew what I just figured out....

    The only way I can describe this is like is like he drew me into his am there...he has every intention of always keeping me there.....and all this transpired without that REALLY how you crabs work?

  • Hi everyone.

    Katie nice to see you post here. I know you are reading this thread but when you don't post it doesn't feel like you are around. Tell us what happens with the dating sight. I don't want to give up, I need to get my "All men are a-holes" thought out of my mind. Just because 5 guys were a-holes..maybe there are 2 or 3 more guys left on this island that aren't...not like I have a huge pool to chose from here..maybe I will join an international dating site.

    You are still seeing your crab? He's in your group of friends so I guess you can't avoid it. What happened to the cappy?

    Taurus-I think the guys I met were just jerks, one was married, 2 disappeared after the first date, no follow up, one had a girlfriend and the other guy was probably married too, I mean he said "I really enjoy talking to you" we discover we had so much in common and then his next move was not to ask me out but invite me to "see the view from his room" at 1 am? I don't think they don't think I am willing to leave this island..I didn't get that far with any of them, I think their only intention was something else.

    I would definitely relocate for fact that would be a good excuse to leave. I want to leave, this place is too small. I am just here for my family. When my Aries X wanted to marry me, my mother put pressure on me not to because I lived in Brazil but I was very young then, now I can say "This may be my last chance"..I've missed my chance to have children (my own at least) but I still want to find love.

    Your crab doesn't like Christmas? Well, there's got to be a reason and you know how crabs are emotional and hold on to hurt. I have bad memories of Christmas too, I was 6 years old on Christmas eve one year when my great grandmother passed away and my mother yelled at me for ot praying for her and being more interested in my presents. She wanted to cancel Christmas. I was only 6 but I remember this so clearly, about feeling guilty for having presents and being happy when my grandmother had passed away...

    Crabs seem to be a bit eccentric..yours hates xmas, katie's won't tell anyone his birthday, mine..well he's a whole weird species on his own.

    My crab is driving me crazy again. Just when I dedide again to let him go, he calls and tell me he misses me and wants me to go meet him again. When I said I couldn't, he said he is going to ask for a week off in January to come see me..arggh!! He was so sweet on the phone it didn't even sound like him..he said he sent me more packages, this time by airmail..He is trying to reel me back in..I swear he must be psychic, he seems to feel when I am pulling away and comes back to pull me back in. I hate limbo!!

    Where's moon?

    Hi kel, how's Aries?

    SV-I'll check FB.

    So is everyone freezing in winter? Here it is just slightly cooler, but still 27 C or 80-82 F. Poor crab froze his buns off in Beijing where it was -11 C or 12 F. Must be hard travel through so many places with different temperatures.

  • Hey LUA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i missed you dearly! couldn't you come to fake FB and send me in a private msg your e-mail address? cause i actually thought, if you don't come back to tarot, and don't check your fake fB i will have no means to reach you... that would be sad, cause i dont wanna lose contact.

    Honestly i do check in from time to time, but sometimes i have to keep myself away. i wanna forget everything that happened and it does not help when i read about crabs. newer and newer posts all the time appearing, i sometimes read into them and see those poor people hooked on some evil person and it is like i re-live all that happened to me... well... you can imagine what im talking about.

    The dating site... well, i gave up. i mean... i signed up... first guy who wrote me? a CRAB... no way... i did NOT answer him (i no i am being 'racist' now, but thank you noooo way).

    then i started to talk to a Cappy guy and he is very nice and all. but i realized it stressed me out, the thought that he will ask me to meet and parallel all these bad feelings came back from the times i was 'exposed' to my ex bf and then to crab's games and i felt i am NOT ready YET.

    so i am now chilling. waiting xmas and i am downloading xmas songs to bring home to play while i bake with my mom and all. i want this xmas to be special and beautiful and be about me and my family, cause after all they are the ones who are ALWAYS there for me. 🙂

    ohhh, i might be meeting the "sweetheart" Cappy guy between xmas and ny's eve. Cant wait, as he is always a great ego boost for me... 🙂

    oh, yes, i sometimes see Crab again now. i mean for 3 months i have not had ANY contact to him, until he started to be active again and organize stuff. so ive seen him like 3 times i think lately. but then he pulled some majoooorrr C.R.A.P. like two weeks ago and i am completely disappointed and angry with him, not as a man (that happened way before), but as a human being, he wrote himself off the map in my eyes. well i guess that is good, hurts even less for me. 🙂

    your crab... wow. they always come back, don't they? Lua take care. i mean if you ever wanna enjoy him still... make him work and work and work. good that you told you cant go. if he REALLY wants you, he will REALLY take holiday and go see you. dont make him feel comfortable, give in and go there yourself. Let HIM WORK. you did way much already. 🙂

    otherwise, Moon is not really coming around anymore, but she is doing fine. right now very busy with building a doll house for her daughter for xmas. 🙂

    Lua, come more often here! then i try to come too. let's keep in touch.

    ohhhh and yes, winter is freezing cold here right now. but i like it, it belongs to xmas for me. 🙂

  • He told me he was following up on his promise to take us dancing by having access to his female tutee's (tutoring client)'s knowledge of a local dance he texts me he 'stayed up all night with the client and going to sleep now'. Huh?

  • Got an explanation, but can see why it bugged me...tutee wanted to come to his place again, and do likewise until the wee hours. But good to know he cared enough about the confusing details to text and call me back. I let him know I appreciated that as well. Clear communication--and consistent communication, with efforts--are so damned important!!

  • Running at full speed lately

    Looking forward to Jan 2nd when I can relax and take it easy for a while

    T7 - I think you've got it figure out lol

  • How's everyone been doing with the Mercury Retrograde and Venus in Scorpio? Mars in Capricorn is supposed to be in its exalted aspect, as people tend to take things more seriously around this time...

  • Lua - I have missed you !!! I really, really have....I wish Mr. Right would come along !! You SO deserve that ! That is my xmas wish for you darlin !

    Katie - Good for you darlin !!!

    Kel - only took me a thing you crabs move allows us tauruses time to catch up !! hehe....

  • With the Winter Solstice, the mood is strong and serious about the coming year...I had to think long and hard, and with the Mercury Retrograde until the end of December 2010, literally replay my old a.m. messages and voice mails of this year to help me decide whether it's worth it to continue with my relationship, especially with the engagement commitment I made last year on December the 23rd...the last time I tried to leave, he was very adamant about me staying with him for the long haul. My chief concern has been: "Why?"

  • Quick Update:

    Lots of car troubles

    Lots of events/parties to attend

    Lots of angry people in malls while xmas shopping

    Got a new phone! (Blackberry Torch!) 🙂


    Been on a short fuse lately

    The End. lol

    Hope everyone is doing well

    Have a wonderful holiday season everyone 🙂

  • We've been texting since I let him know I wasn't sure I wanted to continue this relationship, and needed to know if there was anything he was looking for outside of me that he was afraid to tell me. He originally invited me out today and invited me again after this. I didn't know what to think of that, so I texted I could if he was sure he still wanted me in this relationship, and that I didn't change my status (I texted him it was all private on the site we are both on) so it was up to him whether he still wanted to be engaged to me. I don't want to stay in this relationship for the wrong reasons; my last two long-term relationships I was expected to stay while they looked elsewhere for whatever they needed from me they thought they weren't getting. Didn't help!

  • M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S to

    My ASCLAC friends - Lolpet, Katie, Moon, Kel, Adventure, LilShorty, SV, Lua, and to all ASCLAC new contributors and visitors.

    May your day be blessed with love and joy in your hearts.

    Have a wonderful day/weekend.


  • Merry Christmas everyone !!

  • Happy Yule!!!

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