ASCLAC part 4

  • "bc it is like he instantly knows what and how something will work out and he is not satisfied if it does not work out the way he needs it to. He deals and always comes around and quickly too."

    And not only that, we are very flexible, so we'll make a NEW plan if the other one failed, but yes this is apretty accurate, for me anyways.

    You are right, we need that constant security. It makes us so anxious to be patient while you figure out what's going on, it makes us so insecure and nervous

    But agian, I really feel like this d*amn retrograde is making things very difficult. It sounds like you two will be ok, its just a matter of keeping your head together until Nov 18th lol

  • hey guys! feeling much better today! thanks for the positive energy! 🙂

    good to hear from you Kel and Moon!

    Kel - I'm sure that he is probably going to do some internal thinking and if it takes him some time to talk to you about it, have patience. I hope it went well and you guys will be fine soon. I dont know what kind of retrograde effects I'm having but I'm having some issues with the apartment and with my health so maybe that's it. Gemini confronted me day before yesterday about where we are in our "situation"...I dont know. he acts like he's my boyfriend, which is fine, but i'm just not attached to him like that yet. I mean I love spending time with him and having him around and talking to him but I feel like I'm sort of keeping him within arms distance or something. maybe he senses that and that's why he asked. my Aqua friend also asked him to HER wedding in front of like 10 other people and when I looked at her super shocked, she was like "what? what's wrong? why are you looking at me like that?" and the first thing that popped into my head as a response was "um, we're not ready for that yet"...Gem heard me and got kind of upset. so he confronted me about that and why I haven't told me family yet that I'm dating him. I told him that I just need some time. he said he was disappointed in the situation since he's told his entire family that he's been dating me since our 2nd date or something. it's only been 3 months, is it really that serious? or am I just scared? sigh

    Moon & everyone else - please see what I wrote to kel and weigh in also if you can. I'm confused. I mean, me and gem are fine. he even spent the night yesterday and we had a great time but I feel like maybe he's more serious than I am? or is it just that I'm running away because I can't handle it? I dunno...

    Moon - how's it going with the new guy? what have you been up to??

    cusp - your guy just seems so are you dealing with this?

    Taurus - how's it going with you and J?

    All - I saw crab the day after my bday. I was weird. It didn't affect me like it usually does to be around him but I was still a little I knew that I was secure with myself and that I was dating someone who's tons better than him so I was fine and confident....but I've been thinking about him after that day... he was in my dream last night... 😕

  • Hi ScorpVirgo,

    Yes, he sure is tempting to use the word "complex" that suggests something deeper (and more worthwhile). If there is anything to get to the nitty gritty of this guy, it is about actions following words. He can be so abstractly idealistic yet out of touch with everyday realities in dealing with people, period. But that is his Achilles means a lot to him to be 'taken at his word' and has expressed hurt when others don't believe him, trust him, etc. (He seems to be ignorant of the amount of lack of belief and trust in others he exercises too). The last time he exchanged e-mails with his female "friend" (seems unusually intense to be 'just friends' to me; not to mention his Mars Aquarius Venus Scorpio attitude towards friends of the opposite sex) he was back to gobbling chocolates--this time at a truly frantic rate, shaking on the bed he sat on while I was behind him) after an exchange. It was heartening to see the posts about us he made on his Wall, as well as the fact that he dropped the "Like" on her Page recommendation to him--but it makes me wonder if she is still hostile towards the very existence of me, and is trying to freak him out with some kind of 'ultimatum' about being with me 'versus' her...the last time I tried to send a friendly, work-related e-mail to her, she didn't respond. It's weird; all she seems to respond to with others as well is praise for her views, photos of herself, etc. It's like all she can 'relate' to is some kind of neurotic worship of wonder she seems like a "fantasy figure" overall. It really hurts to see how much she can control how he acts, including when he is with me!! And she doesn't even live in our state!

  • hi everyone.

    been a while.. can i just say that venus retrograde...i noticed someone used the word havoc- hmm perhaps an understatement??

    nice to see lolpet pop in. lolpet if you are reading.. i had a feeling with what you have been going through for the last couple of months and i completely understand you not wanting to be on the forum while you've been in the thick of your emotions. totally relate.sigh. its so hard huh.

    my scorps bday is coming up soon.. i have mixed feelings. big huge hug to you.

    moon, how are you doing? and how are you kel? sv.. katie..shorty.... ive been really busy and too much emotion playing havoc.. a bit like what lolpet wrote.. hope you are all ok and surviving the retrograde...

  • Hi everyone

    I've been back since last Friday but I think I picked up some bug on the plane and I've been sick...feeling really yucky...

    Where has everyone been? Not too many pages since I last logged on..not like the old days when it jumped about 20 pages in one night, lol. Has Katie disappeared? I don't go on FB at all so hard to keep up that way...

    SV-happy belated birthday. sounds like you had a good time with GEM. So what happedned to Pisces? Is he completely off your list now? You've decided on Gem?

    Kel-what's this Venus retrograge thing you are talking about? How does it affect us?

    Taurus-I've read the last few pages and it seems like you are sort of on a roller coaster with your emotions. You're on a high a few pages back because J loves you and then you are having some problems....what is up?

    Lolpet and adventure welcome back.

    Cusp, I still need to catch up on what's up with you..

    Moon-miss you!! You also haven't been around much..

    My situation, well, nothing new since I saw crab, he seemed to have really missed me and expressed it with his affections rather than words..but he wasn't there long..he's back in Manila again now, this time for 3 days because a flight got cancelled..he sent me an email saying "I'll be in Manila three days with no one to kiss argghh!" by now I know this is crabean for "I'll be in Manila without you to kiss"

    Right now I'm feeling ok about crab, I really don't think things will progress and I've accepted that. I can't force someone into a relationship they are not ready for. but I'm also frustrated with all the other guys I had met online the last few months..maybe it's the retro I'm into a "men are jerks" stage...Out of all of them crab seems to be the least of the jerks..

    1. Romanian Gem-I found out he had a girlfriend and sent her flowers before I left. I had heard nothing from him for 2 weeks, then the night I got back I was on line and he messaged me and asked me what I was doing, we chatted, and he asked me if I wanted to come over because his roommate had gone to the Philippines and he was alone. A-hole obviously wanted a booty call..I didn't tell him I found out about the gf and flowers but I turned him down and he blocked me from messenger a few days later...jerk!!

    2. Pisces guy I had been coresponding with for about 3 weeks, seemed nice very communicative so it seemed, we had exchanged long emails even while I was in Manila, etc. I went out with him, he wanted me to sleep with him, I refused, no more communication..jerk!!

    3. Scorp-Haven't met him yet because he went to the US on business, then I went to Manila, then he went to Japan, but we emailed during this time. I told him I was sick and he made some lewd sexual comment like I needed sex to make me feel better. Really pis**sed me off. Another male friend of mine had also made a similar comment. What is up with men? I am feeling miserable, coughing, my nose running eyes watering stuff full of phlegm and they think I want se*x?

    So I'm a bit upset with men right now...why bother?

  • hi lua,

    sorry to hear your'e sick. feel better soon. the good men are far and few between in this world. they are out there though but maybe not so obvious. kindness is such a good the end of the day.even the beginning..

  • Kel - I think it is the retrograde too !!

    Lolpet & Stranger - nice to meet you both !!

    SV & Lua - It is the damn retrograde which seems to be highlighting all my past relationship insecurities. So, I went o his daughters game and let me just say, his ex was NOT happy at all. She reared her ugly head, used his kids against him, which made me so mad. I have little respect for people who try to use children to either strike out against someone or manipulate them as well.

    J was on my and our side from the bat. it was me who retreated this time. Really. I could not bare seeing his kids get hurt. Just the thought alone about did me in. All the while j was like, babe, we will always be together, I am sorry she hurt you, are you ok ? Etc. i really did not even talk about my feelings bc well, one, this is a whole new arena for me and two, I have been in such a funk, I just knew I could not communicate them right.

    So, several days later ( go back to kels post about aries) I try to talk to J about how I feel. Well, J was already over it, catching it still from his ex, I try to talk and he snapped at me. We both hung up on each other, something we have never done. And i began to wonder if it was even worth it. Again, took me days, he could see I was going through our whole situation in my mind, he kept his distance so I could work it out, all the time just being kind and simple. And reaching out a little, but I just couldn't accept anything.

    But talking to kel helped me so much, bc I realized that I was what mattered to J, I learned more about how he handles things and i realized that I love him too much to be w/o him and that things are often times more simpiler than I make them. he loves me. he wanted to protect me and the kids through this, and do his best to keep thngs amicable with his ex.

    I see that now, but it took me quite awhile to get to that ! Whew.....

    And, i am going to say this, during this time, all the bad crab traits that people talk about, thought THAT was what I was seeing. I was seeing the traits but I realized that they are not BAD at all. Confusing, Different ? Most definitely.

    So there it is. Crazy huh ??lol

  • Wow!! Good to see everyone back 🙂

    So I decided to steal Aries and take him on a mini-vaca up to Maine tonight, so I probably won't be around until Sunday

  • Way to go kel !! have fun !! 😉

  • It's great to see happy moments for the people in this group when they happen...we can only hope they will continue, and on a solid foundation!!

    As for me, I got a response from the FB friend to an e-mail about my work situation (trying to stay 'in the loop' obviously...if he 'can't ' talk about his latest exchange and I have no idea whether it involves me, the only thing I can do is initiate something that would 'blast' any delusions about 'who' I am, etc.) Well, she responded somewhat later than expected, but at least it was friendly and supportive of my work concerns...she even added to enjoy the autumn weekend as well. That was reassuring. So now I can take a deep breath; whatever happened may have very well been about their usual "debates" about his interests rather than anything personal. Hard to believe someone can get so shook up (literally) about such things, but perhaps I've learned something there.

  • Cusp - you are so sweet. And I have to say this...remember the whole retrograde thing..your situation makes my head spin !! lol But, you seem to be handling it, so i will just defer to you !! lol

    And, speaking of retrograde..I have decided to not talk to J till it is over !! I am just gonna tell him I am hiding in my shell till thursday...LOL

    B/C let me tell you, if he still speaks to me after this is over, it is truly love !! 🙂 lol The poor man !! I have taken him through the ringer with only speaking like 10 Imma gonna shut up !! He will be so I think I will tell him least he will laugh.......he keeps looking at me like I have two heads !! lol I think he may be right ?? lol

    Thank god for alcohol...I am consuming a LOT of it right least I understand myself....

  • Taurus7,

    It's your integrity he has to respect. After all, if he wants to have a relationship with you he's got to pay attention to you..and, more power to you!!

    My guy actually let me know he was shook up in words last night, but said he didn't know why; a 'combo of things' clue may have been an unopened letter from the Urology department on his altar. Probably a humungous bill from when he had surgery in '2009. He was clutching me very intensely when we slept together at his place.

  • Now it's back to more mundane concerns like work!! No word yet about work this week from place I worked for last week, so I let other place know of my availability for project. It feels weird to have my energy diverted this way, but my guy sent me an encouraged text message after I texted him about my work progress. We may or may not be able to get together this Tuesday (his wish) but at least I know his heart is in the right place. I'd rather focus on more vital stuff like supporting him with his health situation and progress with work, anyway.

  • Ugh. Weird stuff again. This time it's a call almost two hours after he said he got off work; claimed he was 'on the way home from work' via a.m. I texted 'got yr am msg, sorry thought you got off work @6pm'. He called back after that, sounding sheepish. I didn't pick up the phone. Only a little while later he is on FB, obviously chatting with FB friend, and 'disappearing' once I am on that site. I am so sick of his sneaking off to her instead of being straight with me.

  • I had to get on the phone and let him know my time was important to me, and that I took what he told me specifically, seriously. After being jerked around all day with evasive agencies the last thing I needed was a situation that changed when I needed to rely on it, for it mattered too as far as being able to see him out there or being stuck here with my work situation. He tried his "nobody's perfect" line but I told him it wasn't about being 'perfect'--it was about being straight about what he did or didn't know, or when something changed. Probably hard for someone who likes to think of himself as being 'in charge' but less hypocritical when it just wasn't happening time-wise for either of us.

  • sooo..Pisces text me this morning just to say hi...I replied with "heyyy how are you?"...what should I do?!?!

  • bump....

    wow, this thread is really getting slow... 😞

  • Hey SV! you told that you are not dating Pisces anymore. do you still care about him? and what is with Gemini? are you getting serious with him? did something happen since that invitation which caused the 'misunderstanding'?

  • hey Katie! I replied to your FB message 🙂

  • SV - YAY !! The retro is is my 2cents..i think gemini hurt you and with pisces return, maybe it just got you thinking again. many moons ago, I was in love and dated a gemini....never again. I just could not deal with the hot/cold thing. And having a beautiful pisces daughter......knowing her and how delightful she is, I would pick a Pisces over a Gem anyday.....but that is me.

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