ASCLAC part 4

  • kel - ok...sorry, but I am on cloud nine here !! lol...actually giggle....he took me apart and put me back together..yet again..but this time.......he put our hearts together.......I can't even describe it. But I have never been loved so completely in my life. He's committed.

    Kel- I feel it. Deep. We held on so tight to each other. I feel like I can do anything !! WOOOHOOO !!

  • Katie....Flow...OL !! Where ARE you guys ???

  • Biggest news of my lifetime...and NONE of you are here !! 😞 lol

  • I'm on an island called Bohol in the Philippines. I went diving today and there was another diver, and we went to pick him up on another island. he looked alot like crab when I first met him when he was 19. This guy was Jordanian, and he was 18! The height, smile, brought flashbacks..kinda creepy...

  • Aww Taurus7 🙂

    I'm very happy for you!!!!!!

    Enjoy it you deserve it

  • Came over last night. Co-worker and him rather close to each other until I appeared in the store to let him know my new cellphone couldn't be activated. They jumped back, and on his break he claimed one of the employers was concerned about him 'not working' when I showed up. Well, he wasn't working while he was with that co-worker, that's for sure!!

    After his shift, a "friend" showed up, looking all of 35 when he had told me she was 16 (this was the first of the new "female friends" last year. He said "She was at the voting booth; I still don't know what that's (age) about..." I left immediately after that.

    He called me this morning, but I didn't answer. "I want to know if you are alright...please let me know as soon as possible..."

    What difference does it make?

  • My best friend is mad and thinks he is just using me. I got a call again claiming the "friend" 'must have lied' about her age to him, ' but I don't really know; I haven't spoken with her for a while...'

    He added--between "um's "--that he thought " I don't know what is going on with you, but I don't really think there is something going on with you..." D-uh!! Like he can take whatever state I am in for granted as 'nothing' because I am 'always there', regardless of the scenario.

    I feel so used; is that the main reason I am supposed to be there? I don't even have a regular job, and I am expected to travel there every week to sleep with him! And tolerate this continuous stream of women to 'be friends with' while I am there. And be expected to believe they know we are engaged, etc.

    Maybe I need to 'suggest' we all get together to get to know each other as friends, for real...!!

  • aww Taurus, so happy for you!!!! 🙂

  • Since I responded so little, I guess he decided to 'drag his feet' on my cellphone update; he said "I can do it, but maybe not tonight..."

    Well, I made it clear I couldn't call back on my landline long-distance with my budget--and he knows my assignment expects me to pay a total of 8 dollars each day for both early am and late pm shifts...

    it isn't easy when you have been unemployed for so long! So it's up to him to decide how important that is to him...and not 'blame' me for my financial situation, etc.


    I wish you all the best in life and love. Be true to yourself at all time and you will be fine.

    Biggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg hug and a party cake for you.

    Have a great day.

  • hmmm your cake was denied at the kitchen back door. Lets see if the chef likes another one for you. lol

  • Quick and small update from me.

    I am fine has me pretty busy and b-day month started. Which means for me almost EVERYDAY I got someone or two that is celebrating their birth. Arggghhh and my own ofcourse.

    Anyways...I wanted to share with you all that since a week Libra and I are once again on speaking terms and I received my apologies. He has made some major decisions in his life and is pursueing them. We are going to see how things are going to work out between us since my feelings has cooled for him. Yet thrilled and pensive to have the contact back. He is aware of my shift in feelings and only hoped that my heart didn't go completely cold. It hasn't.

    That's it in a nutshell.

    I hope you all are well and comfortable with yourself and in the way your love life is heading and do only what makes you happy. If you're not you can't make the other happy and be honest.

    Have a wonderful day and keep an eye on astrologyzone to see what is the stars in the last couple of weeks of 2010.


  • *** Have a wonderful day and keep an eye on astrologyzone and tarot to see what is in the stars for the last couple of weeks before 2011.

    Hmmm...still yawning


    wow, so you've kind of lost feelings for Libra huh? I'm happy he at least appologized. I barely EVERRR think about crab...however I do every now and then and I get a little sad...

    the thread has been a little slow lately, and with everything going on, i haven't been able to catch up OR keep up!!

  • Last night I needed to 'lay it on the line' as far as direct experience with these latest female friends...I mean, despite efforts to get along with them there has always been some sort of "miscommunication" or "misunderstanding" from the get-go...and how else would they 'know' me if he hadn't tried to 'speak for me' while I wasn't there? Please!!

    He told me the co-worker 'wouldn't be available' when I suggested a friendly get-together. She was going to be 'moving' now!! He claimed she was going to San Jose (how ironic; that's where the 'girl with a crush on him' lived so long ago, too), and that he had given her a link as well as exchanged e-mail addresses. So I asked if I could at least offer my e-mail. He told me he would need to 'ask her permission' accept my e-mail address? <lol>!!!! Give me a break!!

    My job gave me the option this week of working only one shift, so I opted to take the p.m. shift off for his birthday. He 'melted' considerable upon hearing I did that. But even he needs to 'earn' that time from me, all things being fair...</lol>

  • happy birthday scorpvirgo!!!!! bugger i got the date wrong . soorrryy! hope you had a fantastic day!!! love adventure xx

  • Happy Birthday SV !!!

  • Hey, ScorpVirgo--Have a fantastic birthday!!!!

    Love, Cuspglyph ; )

  • thanks for all the love ya'll! it's been hectic!

    so..umm...Pisces forgot my bday...I didn't say anything to him...I tried hinting but he didn't get it. I understand he's been under a lot of stress, so that's why I didn't push it..

    Gem bought me a present, took me to dinner, and spent the night with me. it was wonderful!!

    I think I might have made my decision! LOL

  • so, where is everyone? can I get an update from you guys so I can get back on the ball?? 🙂

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