Torn between the two?

  • I have two lads i like, there both different to eachother and i like them both for different reasons, they both like me, well claim there love for me, It's wrong leaving them both standing around but i wan't to make the right decision the one who i am better off with, i get on well with both of them in person but i am quite insecure and one seems very flirty, i'm so stuck i just need some guidance to make the right decision i do realize i could choose niether but if i did i would only fall back into the same trap because i do actually like both of them.

  • write a list of both their pros and cons and truly think about any deal breakers they may hold for you, date them both for the time being and if they truly like you as much as they say they will stick around (dont drag it out) and wait for you to chose, pay attention to how they act around their friends and meet their families, really pay attention to how they treat their mothers because thats how they will treat you. do some real research on these boys and find out who they truly are in every aspect of their lives. compare their lifestyles also, even though their lifestyle may not fit yours perfectly thats okay adjustments can be made. but if its something big like two different religions, if they do/dont want kids. theres alot to find out before you let that physical attraction take over the situation. just be smart and keep your eyes peeled, if you do the work you will pick the right one 🙂 hope this helps you

  • I've kind of came to a decison i met one of them to comfirm what i was doing, and i find out the one lad who i thought he was, im currently working things out with my ex hopefully things can be worked out and everything happens for a reason thanks for the advice.

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