I have some suspicions about my cancer man help!

  • I am dating with a cancer man.He is really cute and he looks he loves me so much.But i have some suspicions about his love.He fell in love with me very quickly after one date.I can't distinguish does he really love me or he is just toying with me. Do the cancer men really fall in love with one woman or are they just flirty?I am so confusing:(

  • Oh my, I have had this too before.. May I suggest that unless your feelings are the same for this man. You tell him to slow it way down before it becomes a problem.

    I don't think all Cancer men are that way but from my experience - they certainly can be. If you really like him, continue this relationship. If your not serious, end it now before he gets hurt. He will not let go so easily if he keeps falling more and infatuated with you.

    Either run for the hills on this one or be upfront with him right now on your feelings. I would suggest being upfront with him right away before he becomes more attached to you. Merely a suggestion.

  • Thanks for replying me.I do love him i a sure about that.I said i am not sure about his love.He looks he loves me alot.But some kind of his behavioris weird to me.Oh,i am very confusing with this man!

  • Be careful. Cancer, Taurus, Sag, Virgo, it doesn't matter. Quite often people who move that quickly are hiding a deep dark side you will only find after it's too late.

    You might want to Google "Love Bomb" and "personality disorder".

    Then again you may have found true love, but I usually find that something that appears to be too good to be true usually is.

  • What is his rising sign? His sun sign is only 1/2 the picture. It is the sun sign and rising sign together that gives the most insight.

    For example: I am dating a Cancer man with Aquarius rising. I thought it was going to take FOREVER to seduce him since he is a Cancer, but NOPE! Aquarius rising in his natal chart meant he has a lot of fun sexual riskiness in him!

    If your guy is a Cancer with Aries rising then HECK YEAH he could be in love with you already, that is the trait of Aries! We tend to fall in and out of love instantly. It is baffling, but true!

  • Oh, I don't know his rising sign.I'll ask him but i don't think he knows it.


    'I am dating a Cancer man'

    Does he really love you?What do you think?

  • If he knows the time when he was born you can use his date and place of birth to any of the "free natal chart" sites online and peek at his natal chart yourself. It is very insightful!

    Does my Cancer man really love me? Hmmm, no idea! LOL!

    Mine is a Cancer with Aquarius rising so he is cautious and doesn't speak his emotions easily. (We have only been dating for a month so I will give it a year before I would think he might open up to me.) 😉

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