Venting......... I am so lost in my life!!

  • Oh, Jenna! I knew there was something more going on than just wanting to have another baby...

    I felt compelled to say a few quick words before I head off to work, but I promise to do a full spread for you later.

    First of all, if your husband is telling you that you are lazy and not contributing then he is not supportive and does not honor and respect you as you deserve. If communication is not good between the two of you, then everything is not working. Communication is a key component in a relationship. I think where you need to start is by discovering your own self worth. All of these things in your life right now seem to be created by a lack of it. Our inner thoughts do create our reality...

    As I said, I will do a full spread for you later, but in the meantime, please keep your chin up. I think that if you follow the advice the cards are going to give you that you are about to enter a new and fulfilling phase of your life.

    And 30 is NOT OLD!!! Please stop saying that - you are still very much young and vibrant!

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