Hello all! Help with reading?

  • Hi guys! New here. A little about me-- i'm a 22 yr old empath from houston, tx. WOOT! lol

    I just did a simple four card reading to see how the man i like feels about me. I would very much like a second opinion. Here are the cards i got:

    1.) What you feel about him-3 of Cups

    2.) What he feels about you- The Empress

    3.) Your relationship now- 7 of Pentacles

    4.) Your relationship in the next three months- The world

    Its looking good in my opinion but i'm a bit confused about the 7 of pentacles. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! 😄

  • Google it. It'll cost way less than this site, and include way more information. Don't readily associate between the cards. View them individually.

    As an empath, you may wish to associate with the cards as they appear. Remember, things change readily. You know of this as I do. So, don't be afraid to go back and re-read the understanding, or, engage in several sites to get a general idea. Then, go back and re-read again. Keep going back, until you feel you have enough info to go by. See what you may see, and do what you like. Then go back and re-read. Things will change each time.

    It can seem weird, but really, it's easy. And, you're the one who's making the associations. In time, your opinion may change, and so will the associations you give the cards.

    I hope you find wisdom in your actions. Good luck.

  • Seven of pentacles. Patience. Harvest will come. Don't push ofr tug. Be still and all ill grow as grass and flowers and trees in its own time

  • First of all do you believe in that, it might come true. I did try it once and Im still here waiting. How much is it true?

  • hello, i am also new to these forums. i recently took a tarot class and from what i understand penticles or coins are related to the element earth which would be physical and the 7 i am pertly sure from what i was taught means the end of the middle, if that makes sense, to your situation? i am not trying to give any advice here, i guess i am speaking in more technical terms, than any sense of intuition that i am receiving. if this does not feel helpful to you then please disregard and definately listen to your inner voice.

  • u have all earth cards n 1 water card well sustained relationship go for it

  • Here's how I would interpret that:

    You have growing feelings towards him. You are more and more singling him out as the person for your affection. (Which is basically what you've already told us.)

    He feels very attracted to you and thinks very strongly about forming and nurturing a relationship together. He currently holds you in very high regard.

    You relationship now is in the process of growth and transformation, but you are still focussing on what each of you want out of this, and not about what the other person is feeling or needing. It's still very much a 'me' perspective, rather than a 'you' or 'us' frame of mind. Desire is there though.

    The near future holds a world of possibliites where anything can happen. It is in your hands, and there is nothing blocking or opposing this, so it can become anything that you desire. It is up to you to make it what you desire it to be.

    ...that's what I get from the cards that you presented. It is a very positive reading. One thing that I will state though, is that it's often difficult to do a self-reading when it comes to where you want a relationship to go. When you are this emotionally attached to an outcome, and want it to be positive, this often affects the energy of the reading and can instead tell you what you want to hear, rather than what the energy actually is.

    I usually do self readings to meditate over and to ensure that I am travelling a proper life's path. This works very well for me and is almost always very accurate. But, the few times when I did do self readings on potential relationships, the cards always gave a very positive response, and told me things would go pretty much how I wanted them to. I think my desire to hear that affected the reading and the cards ended up reflecting my desire rather than the actual energy of the situation.

    So keep that in mind, self readings about 'budding' relationships have a tendency to tell you what you want to hear. That's not always the case though.

  • DreamerNorth - I have to laugh because I will never EVER do a reading myself on a relationship. I did my own reading once when I was upset about my boyfriend. The more I asked the cards, the worse the reading became. I was told later that because I kept questioning the cards, I didn't respect them and since i went into it upset, I got what I deserved. 🙂 I feel that you are very correct in saying the cards will tell you what you want to hear. I was upset, thought he was cheating and wanted to know where I stood and believe me the cards told me. Had I had someone else read the cards, the outcome may have been different. All I can say is that even though I tried to clear my head and be open-minded about it, I still had this negative energy that flowed from my head and into the cards. The cards reflected my worst fears. I will never do that again - LOL!!!

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