Confused and discouraged

  • Hello,

    I am very discouraged I'm generally the one who pours into others, but i feel as I have no one to pour into me I feel very alone. If anyone has any answers for me I would greatly appreciate it, my DOB 2/22/67

    For at least a month i feel like something is wrong, the word I keep receiving is "move" - i feel as if i am sitting in a place that i am not suppose to be- I just don't understand it. I don't know what i'm suppose to do. I believe i've also been told new beginings, but i don't see it. Is it because i'm not moving? and what type of moving am i suppose to be doing? I feel like i'm suppose to use what i've got (which is not much). I tried selling our surplus cellphones but strangely that door would not open. I have a concept for a movie that i came up with years ago, I believe i am suppose to do something with it now.

    The other word i keep seeing and hearing is "focus", this stresses the hell out of me - I can't take it, am I not doing the right thing? "Yes" I get major distractions I have 5 young stay at home kids, the house feels disorganized even though it is not a mess, if i spend time focusing on organizing it I feel like i am compromising.

    For the last several months I have felt very agitated by our minimal resources, I have had a strong desire for more. Today I felt like I was in the wrong place playing a wrong role. I felt this way before and I immediately acted on it and my circumstances changed. This time I don't have a clue what to do. I feel like i'm playing the role of a person in lack, and that I am not suppose to be playing that role anymore - how do i move forward out of this role I feel stuck?

    Tonight I've given up hope for various reasons. I don't feel like moving forward on my movie. I always say "when in doubt, leave it out". I don't want to work on the movie right now because i'm in doubt, but it doesn't feel right being still. I feel like crap, I want to cry i feel so frustrated.

  • I just noticed the **** I don't believe I wrote profanity but the words I chose got censored, none the less I apologize.

  • Hi aenyu,

    I'm sorry I'm not a psychic to do a reading for you, but what I got straight away when reading your post was that maybe the word "move" could mean to move or shift and change your thought patterns!! because you say the other word is "focus" it tells me that you maybe need to focus and listen to your thoughts, are they not serving you any more? start today on "listening" to the thoughts that go around in your head, if these are constantly negative ones, try and change them around to positive ones, I know this can feel hard at first, but it's like anything in our lives, we have to Practice it! to become good at it.....

    I sincerely hope you find your answers my friend 🙂

    blessings to you!

  • Oh, I meant to say don't worry about the little **** that came up in your post....I got them once before, and I certainly didn't use any profanities either 🙂

  • HealingWays has a wonderful suggestion, due to her link on another thread, I have learned a great many things. It was not from the video I watched but from links to others.

    Maybe you should try hypnotherapy or Law of Attraction or both. I just started using them for myself to get rid of all the negative energies in my life and push them far, far away.

    Here is a link for you to youtube, maybe this video can help get you started?

  • Thank you for your replies, your time and consideration is much appreciated.

    I very much believe in the law of attraction and having been using it for over 25 years before I even knew it was called that (I believe in non-ritual magic). My husband has made claims that my energy/belief/enthusiasm and the children's energy overwhelms him to the point he has to leave the house. What i am discovering is that i don't move (take action) in order to receive that which I desire. Example: I wanted my own room/space for a while then we moved into a house. I gave the children their own rooms but they did not sleep in them they slept together. My husband would get annoyed every time I would mention having my own room. I moved my meditation mattress to a closet in "our" room but it was still loud and non-private. I finally had the courage to move one of the children and move my things into the room. Once I was relaxed and settled into the room I realized that I had manifested my desire but I was to afraid to move and receive my desire/room when we had first moved in

    i feel like this is my problem now, that i am not moving in order to receive/manifest. I just don't know what direction to move what to do. Recently Spirit is telling me to dig up diamonds in my backyard.

    Writing this msg, i just looked up and saw my vision board my eyes went immediatly to the title of my movie then to the words success and great rewards which is glued directly underneath it.

    The odd thing was when I put my vision board together my thought hadn't been on the movie in 13 years I even forget the title of the movie then the other day my eyes zoomed in real close on the items i had glued on the board, and i realized that one of the items on the board was the title of the movie which seemed to be a great coincidence.

    I already know that I am going to be in entertainment I've known since I was a child I envisioned it. I've had training in acting but not in making movies so "yes" i am afraid, I feel like i'm lacking. I don't even have a script just a great idea and a great outline. I'm not even interested in writing a script, this is not my desire. I believe I am supposed to produce this movie on my own - huge feat, but i believe i can do it.

    I don't know am i not focusing and putting enough effort forward on this? When i do sit down to work on it i get side tracked and start looking up other things on the internet.

    Speaking of playing an old role/character i still don't understand why I feel like I'm playing an old role.

    I apologize if it appears that i am rambling, but I am trying to paint a picture in order that I can get an answer. thank you.

  • What exactly are you waiting for? If you really feel you can make this movie, begin to accomplish it. Find someone who can write that script for you and begin looking for actors and a place to hold or film your play/movie scenes. Then hire a cameraman or find a friend with a video camera. You may have to start small, like getting family and friends to perform in it for free but you just have to make a start somewhere. Put the finished production (or just a trailer) on youtube, as many recent careers have been made this way. Bigtime people will be interested if you can build up a following of fans.

    Just sitting around fantasising and doing nothing is obviously not making you happy. Take the first step to achieve your dreams today!

  • I appreciate your comments Captain and I hired a writer to work on the script and since I have almost no money we made an excellent deal, the universe sent me exactly what I was looking for.

  • aenyu,

    The reason you keep hearing "Move" and "Focus"

    is because its something that you are still holding on too, something

    from your past reoccurring, your suppressing when we suppress, we become depressed

    and stress and we dont even know why because we're still carrying that old wieght

    that we were supposed to let go along time ago, our body and minds go through a empying period, which means when we enter new stages of our lifes we have to empty all those old thoughts, feelings, and that old energy. and regenerate it with New energy but first before doing that we have to go through the heartache part which is letting go. you need to focus on your next steps I feel you will be going through some new changes. I also feel you help alot of people

    Alot, its the simple things you do.. sometimes you dont even realize how much you help people because it is natural for you. but when it comes to your problems you suppress and suppress

    Let it go.. letting go is a process and your in the process now which is becoming aware that your have been supressing..

    Many Blessings And Hugs

  • That's fantastic, Aenyu.

  • @ addictedtoriches

    thank you for your reply, you are right about holding on to something it was "fear". Whenever I get afraid I get discouraged. I've been on a journey of letting go of fear little by little. I'm not afraid anymore to focus on change and move forward into my new life.

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