Reading Please on a trip

  • Dear Captain, I am going on a short trip 9/17 where I will be seeing some relatives, old friends, and a man I was just matched up with on a dating service. He emailed me requesting correspondence and sent his phone # and email address. I did not call or use his personal email, I went through the dating service. He doesn't look my type and he is 12 years my senior but I did say I was going to his town to meet friends and perhaps we could meet for coffee. Would you kindly give me a reading?

    Sincerely, MissD

  • Did you want to know how the trip would go or your meeting with the dating service man - or are you asking if you should meet him at all? As long as it is in a public place, you should be fine. I think you should meet with him so that you can make up your mind about him. If you don't meet him, you will always wonder.

  • Dear Captain, Thanks for your quick reply. I will meet him in a public place. How does the rest of the trip go?

  • It will be very happy.

  • Dear Captain, I appreciate you. Have a great day and many blessings to you! Sincerely, MissD.

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