Does she still loves me? Or just laying and using me.

  • I'm a pisces man, so I'm always falling in love, that's my problem I have love every single woman I have ever go out with. I know I have been hurt more time I have hairs in my body, but this is about a woman I been in love with for 3 years, she's a canser so we have a lot in common, but one day she just lost her love for me, so things went down the hill after that, she wanted me to leave, I try to stay, but it was making things worse. I left, she got her old man back, which lasted one month and she wanted back with me again, oh did I mention and her 4 kids? So I did I took her and the kids back. I got a bigger place so we all could fit anf have a better life again. 3 month after she took her things, kids and left again. Yesturday when she called blocking her phone # she told me she misses me and wants back. Pls I need help I still got fellings for her, but I'm not stupid, and the funny thing is that I'm pretty sure she is the one for me, but I don't think I can't take more of this coming and going. So if anyone can seriously help me, you may be saving my happiness cause I'm hurting right now tx.

  • Sorry, but I feel that, though you may think this woman is the one for you, she sees you as her 'fallback plan' when she can't find anyone else. It takes two to make a good match and this woman is simply not giving, just taking from and using you. She is playing you for a sucker and, because you don't love yourself enough to pull back and dump her, you keep falling for her tricks.

    Instead of loving every woman that comes along, do some digging to find out why you are so desperate - it probably stems from your childhood when you didn't get enough love or attention. You have to believe that you are a good person who deserves better than this. Real love takes time and effort to find - rushing in before you are sure of the other person is all about need, not love. When you say you are always falling in love (before you really get to know someone well) it means you fall into 'romantic' love where you see an ideal of a lover - the type of person you yearn for and dream about - not the actual person themselves. As a Pisces, you are especially prone to fantasy, so be careful. Next time, get to know everything about a potential lover - be friends first - before you make the move into a more intimate phase of the relationship. Take your time and deal with anything inside you that is causing you to rush in blindly. Otherwise, people will always be taking advantage of you and you will let them.

  • thank you bery much Captain 99% of what you said is the truth, I'll have to tell her that I love and respect my self more than that I'm done with her mind games and manipulations. Tx a lot

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