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  • This is really for anyone. I've seen the Captain around so if they want to respond or just anyone who can help. 🙂 So this past summer I've been getting to know this guy I knew in high school. We were never really close or anything and since we had mutual friends I wanted to change that. He lives 2 hrs away so we mostly talk through Email since he doesn't really use his cell very much. Over the summer and getting to know him I have found myself falling for him. I really enjoy talking to him and just who he is and all. I've been wrestling for a while with telling him or not. When we last talked he said things at his work were pretty stressful and with drama. He is a bar tender and they're getting ready for football season and stuff. So I guess I'm just not sure if I should say anything now or what. I'd love some advice. 🙂 Thanks in advanced and I'd so be grateful.

  • I forgot I posted here already so I apologize for the double post. Bah. If the mods want to delete one that's fine with me.

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  • I don't know if I'm moving too fast or not. I've been wrestling with this for a good month or so now. Sometimes I get this nagging feeling to say something but when I finally get the courage it'll go away sometimes. He did come back here during the summer for this festival we have every year at the beginning of June. I was just getting to know him then so I didn't feel comfortable with meeting up when he was here. We'd only been talking for a few Emails at the time. I know he works at two different bars and he's been wanting more shifts since he talked about that not too long ago. As for the cell thing some people are like that. My father is. He hardly uses his and usually has it off. I just use mine for texting and Facebook stuff. I rarely talk on it. He mentioned how he doesn't even answer with his boss and how it drives him crazy. Shrug. I sometimes get this nagging feeling to be more honest. I had that a while back to be more open to him and honest and to tell him about my secret with my psychic abilities. I've never told anyone in my "real world" life before.

    He's a Buddhist I know, so I wasn't sure how he'd react since I'm quite ignorant on the belief system but he said he didn't think I was crazy and things made sense. So I do have that comfortable feeling established. We do have a mutual friend and I thought about saying something to her and asking her opinion, but I don't know about that. It seems to jr high too haha. In the past whenever I was so unsure about something and didn't do it I was glad and when I was very sure of something and did it same thing. I know I'm getting this unsure feeling for a reason. Just not sure what and if it's just a timing thing. I don't have too much confidence in myself either. He's a handsome guy and I guess I'm okay. The past few months I've been getting in better shape for career goals so that helps with confidence in a lot of ways. I'm not as unsure of myself in the confidence area as I was this time last yr. I'm not very good at this sort of thing either. I've only confessed one other time to a friend and he was already interested in someone else. Things were weird for a while but we're still friends now. 🙂 So I know it's not the end of the World haha. :- For some reason my guides have been really encouraging on me just being honest with this guy. Maybe just in general but it's really pushy with him well I guess more encouraging is a better word.

  • Oh and also I am unsure too with my career goals I mentioned. I'm hoping to be finished with a bachelor's in criminal justice next fall if all goes according to my plans. I want to work at the fed level and with that comes moving around. What I want to do I know has it's risks too and I don't know if he'd want to be involved with me if I'm moving around and have a risky job. I want to work for either NCIS, Secret Service or U.S. Marshals and with the Marshals I want to apprehend fugitives. So I also wonder about saying something because of that.

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  • Thanks water for your help. 🙂 I think what you said made sense and that's why I have the unsure feeling. It's not a negative bad unsure feeling like a screaming of "no!" or something like that. It's just this unsure feeling. Usually when I have this at a later time a more sure feeling will come a long at the right time. Right now whenever I think about the decision I just have that feeling. How interesting with the tower. I've been having dreams dealing with a tower and being attacked and falling (the 9/11/01 attacks). But it's always just an individual tower. I did my numerology life path number earlier this week and found that my tarot card is the tower. I've been trying to find the right words to say but they aren't coming. 😞 I was thinking, if I do say something, that I didn't plan for any of this and I've enjoyed getting to know him more and to my surprise I've found myself falling for him. It feels like the right words are important too.

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  • I know going on past experiences for me it's usually a bad timing with this type of feeling I'm getting. Maybe he has a lot of stuff going on in his life or something. He's been slow about writing back when he usually does in three days or so. So I've been giving that space and also figuring out what to do with all this. I'm not very good at this sort of thing either so I'm just not sure what to say.

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  • Haha yes. I can be quite impatient, but I'm a lot better at it now days. I've been pretty good with it and haven't even though about Emailing even though I've thought about what to say when I do confess something. I have classes (college) starting back on Monday so been getting ready for that and working out and stuff.

  • Even though my guides told me not to I talked to a friend who knows the guy better than I do. I told her my situation and she said that he has plans to move farther north. She didn't say when or how far and as such she said he's not looking for anything romantic right now and I might not want to say something. Oh and she also said he's a person who's hard to read. I could feel my guides saying not to ask but I did anyways. I'm starting to wonder if I should say something but the farther my thoughts go in that direction the more of this regret feeling I have. Should I say something now? I also have this feeling of being rushed if that makes sense.

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  • LittleP82

    been a silent reader 4 quite a while.pity u having to cope with allthese.just a helping hand from me, i did a reading to help u through faster.

    Its your lucky day today.i dont know why the reading came out like suggestion is :do it today.tell that lucky somebody whats in your heart& the best day according to Lunar calendar i have in hand.its a day for is in the air throughout the world..spread love today without'll be surprised with what u end up this evening..

    God Bless..

  • So first of all I would say I wrestled with this issue all day today. After thinking about it some more I took a rest and fell asleep and cleared my head. I didn't dream (that I remember) so that was helpful to rest up. When I woke up I just had this amazing confidence feeling to say something which so isn't me haha. So I finally got the courage and wrote the Email. I had the right words to say. I just told him how I've enjoyed getting to know him more and I now have all these unexpected feelings. I didn't mention that I talked to the friend (I had strong feelings from my guides not to mention it for some reason) or anything. I told him how I have my own career goals and I'm sure he has his and how I'm not expecting anything. He knows about my abilities so I told him I've been having this nagging feeling lately to be more honest with him in general. It felt like the right thing to do. I told him I'm not very good at this stuff so to please excuse me if I use the wrong words or anything.

    The last (and first) time I did this sort of thing was with another friend and he was already into someone else. After I sent the Email to the friend I right away felt guilt, remorse all those bad negative feelings. None of that this time but quite the opposite. I feel very proud and no regrets at all whatever happens. Like I was supposed to say it and today. I told him I wasn't expecting anything with him and I hoped my revelation doesn't change anything in a negative way.

    To watergirl- I think I said the right things in my Email. I didn't say how I was falling for him or in love or anything like that. I just said how I have these unexpected feelings. I have my own career plans, which include living in another country hopefully, and the last thing I need is someone in my life like that. And it wouldn't be fair to them since I'll be moving after graduation probably, training and a dangerous/risky job. It felt like these words were there all a long. They just needed to come out.

    To Summit- Let's hope so. I wasn't expecting this to happen so if nothing does I won't be disappointed or hurt. If something does I'll be happy though.

    I'll post an update when I hear from him.

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  • Thanks. I think I said the right words with still getting across what I wanted to say. It just felt like saying "unexpected feelings" was the right thing to say. So now it's just the waiting game. I don't feel impatient or worried or anything but glad I did it. I'm about to head to bed so maybe now I'll be able to sleep well with not having to wrestle with this decision anymore. I have a dentist appointment in the early afternoon so can't sleep too late.

  • So I haven't heard back anything yet. I saw he was on earlier today, so I guess he saw my Email. I'm not hoping for anything and I'm starting to be disappointed even though I told myself I wouldn't be because I wasn't expecting anything. I do still have my feelings, but I guess it's back to just working on my career goals and keeping myself busy with school work and physical goals.

  • Oh and I don't regret saying something or feel negative about it. It's just been two days now and still haven't heard anything and he was on earlier today for a bit so yeah. I should have known things would have ended up this way as things tend to go that way for me now.

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