Dont believe a computer generated reading?!

  • I did a reading today from the tarot cards on the computer it was strange it came up with the empress card stating that I was either pregnant or would become pregnant......... Anyways I feel im pregnant I am supposed to have my time now and aint got it yet. I am very concerned as to wich THE ONLY question I want to know is Does anyone? see me being pregnant soon or may I be pregnant now? my birthdate is 8/22/1980 please help me out........ AS I only have a few months to become pregnant becuase I am done if I dont conceive soon I dont want a baby after age 31 please help read and let me know what your insight is thank you so much for your help and understanding...........

  • Why on earth don't you want a baby after 31? I had my first at 31 and my 4th at 36.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Wow I kneel before you that is amazing, you are a young momma then. i can understand the body falling apart bit. Good luck!

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