Alchemical Layout

  • OTO Cover Card (When All Stacks Are Combined)

    Pisces Chapter: (Pubic Symphysis Stack)

    The Moon

    Prince of Wands

    Prince of Cups

    Prince of Swords

    Prince of Disks

    9 of Cups

    9 of Nine of Swords

    9 of Wands

    9 of Disks

    Aquarius Chapter: (Right Hand Stack)

    The Star

    8 of Cups

    8 of Swords

    8 of Wands

    8 of Disks

    Capricorn Chapter: (Left Hand Stack)

    The Devil

    7 of Cups

    7 of Swords

    7 of Wands

    7 of Disks

    Sagittarius Chapter: (Umbilicus Stack)


    The Priestess

    Knight of Cups

    Knight of Swords

    Knight of Wands

    Knight of Disks

    6 of Cups

    6 of Swords

    6 of Wands

    6 of Disks

    Scorpio Chapter: (Right Forearm Stack)


    The Tower

    5 of Cups

    5 of Swords

    5 of Wands

    5 of Disks

    Libra Chapter: (Left Forearm stack)


    The Empress

    4 of Disks

    4 of Swords

    4 of Wands

    4 of Disks

    Virgo Chapter: (Solar Plexus stack)

    The Hermit

    The Magus

    Princess of Cups

    Princess of Swords

    Princess of Wands

    Princess of Disks

    3 of Cups

    3 of Swords

    3 of Wands

    3 of Disks

    Leo Chapter: (Right Upper Arm Stack)


    The Universe

    2 of Cups

    2 of Swords

    2 of Wands

    2 of Disks

    Cancer Chapter: (Left Upper Arm stack)

    The Chariot


    Ace of Cups

    Ace of Swords

    Ace of Wands

    Ace of Disks

    Gemini Chapter: (Sternum stack)

    The Lovers

    The Suns

    Queen of Cups

    Queen of Swords

    Queen of Wands

    Queen of Disks

    Ten of Cups

    Ten of Swords

    Ten of Wands

    Ten of Disks

    Taurus Chapter: (Right Shoulder stack)

    The Hierophant

    The Fool

    Aries Chapter: (Left Shoulder stack)

    The Emperor

    The Hanged Man

    Second Pisces Chapter: (Bridge of Nose Stack)

    The Aeon

    Unicursal Hexagram Back Cover Card (When All Stacks Are Combined)

    Dollar Bill Stars Decoded Below as Tree Arrangement for Above Card Stacks:

    !Infinite Set Element

    !0X !Infinite Limit

    !10Infinite Function

    !2+ !ACE()


    !5/ !4Flow

    !6Finite Function

    !8- !7Pressure

    !9Finite Set Element

  • Here is a supporting image for the above layout.

  • Here it is.

  • Now that the basic map is posted, I can focus in a bit on different elements and sections of the map:

    The map is arranged with the mutable signs (relative functions) up the middle: Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo, Gemini, Pisces, bottom-to-top. These cards hint at placement on sensible resting points on the midline of the body for use during ritual involving meditation, as the modified anatomical position is ideal for relaxation and meditation (I have not taken this path myself, so specific rituals I haven't learned). The cards were also designed to be layed out edge-to-edge on the table top with the Fixed sign cards (relative initiatives) on the right side of the alchemical tree anatomically (left of the person studying the cards; Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo, and Taurus); the mutable signs of course up the middle; and the Cardinal sign cards - relative energies - up the left side of the tree anatomically: Capricorn, Libra, Cancer, and Aries. They arrange into, by virtue of the painted designs of the images on the cards even, into the thirteen primordial archetypes which are a completed Qabala with "Daath" filled in now with the Gemini cards and the two missing parts of the long-published Qabala down below filled in with Aquarius and Capricorn.

    I will now focus in on the mutable cards a bit here. The Moon ("San Antonio or El Paso") is a pictoral symbol of the pubic symphysis with those two towers symbolizing bone (bone and stone are symbolically analogous). The two Egyptian figures are the flesh over the bone and the water in the stream is vaginal, making the dung beetle phallic (Salmon about to swim up stream analogy-wise). Art (Kansas City) is "Fire in the Belly" as the lower abdomen is like a bowl. The Hermit (Denver) is solar and "per-plex-ed" hinting at the solar plexus. The Sun (Cleveland) has the two figures dancing on a symbolic cleavage, which is midline, with the left breast symbolized by the green hill in the background and the Sun then up over the left shoulding which is "Aries country." This card "dances on the sternum" and symbolizes love and charity. The Lovers trump has the chest area of the mysterious background figure encircled with hands outstretched over the couple through the circle symbolizing Love's initiation, a kind of sunshine-logos symbol. The Aeon in high Pisces (Chicago/Canada) is of course shaped like a human head and a fish at the same time. This is the third eye trump card, a dream card relative to the other trumps.

  • I will now focus in on the cardinal card stacks some. The Cardinal crads are relative energies which live on the left side of the tree. The Devil (Orlando) is a pictoral symbol of a phallic erection, symbolizing the energy behind sexual arousal. Capricorn symbolizes the energy analogy of pressure, as well as deadly orgone and static electricity amongst very many similar catalytic-energetic analogies like lead-acid, petroleum, drugs, liquer, and poisons to name a few. Adjustment (Savannah) is symbolic of the energy of motion and movement, like electrical current, pulsatile orgone energy, falling water (Libra is "pure Water"), radiation, etc.... The Chariot (New York City) is symbolic of the energy of potential or reserve. Examples are battery charge, electric potential, elevated mass, large bodies of water, cosmic ether, etc.... The Emperor (Boston) is the Sun, a large Fire elemental symbol, Fire symbolizing in Aries the energy of pure abstraction ("pure energy") which zero point energy enthusiasts claim might one day be exploited but which true alchemists know cannot ever be exploited physically, or even experienced in the real. This is pure abstraction which is to us an intellectual extrapolation best exploited mathematically.

  • I will now focus in on the Fixed card stacks some. The Fixed cards are relative initiatives which live on the right side of the tree. The Star (Los Angeles) symbolizes purposeful volition, a "weak" form of initiative with a capacity for novelty other initiatives tend to lack, some other analogies associated with Aquarius are "the dead," junk, film, labor, slavery (negative), lab assistant, subtraction, weak, etc.... Death (San Francisco) is symbolic of the initiative of creativity, as well as lethality. Death channels the energies of Libra and spins a reality into existence whether organic-environmental, abstract-ritual, or otherwise; or maybe a novel. Death as an analogy becomes deadly circumstantially, lacking “pure Water.” Lust or Strength (Eugene) is symbolic of talent, a form of momentum which expresses itself as an initiative. Strength is expressive of Leo, as is lust. Talented people are strong in their talents, and talent lusts for expression. Taurus “understands Strength.” The Hierophant (Seattle) is the initiative of intuition, or unconscious intuition. As an analogy, Taurus touches upon pure abstraction/energy/The Sun. Taurus, as The Fool is zero in the decimal sequence – the “zero point.” Taurus creates time and the infinite array of universal dimensions which are the basis of realities. “Let there be light!”

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