• Hello Hans,

    I was wondering if you can give me some guidence in which direction I am heading?

    I am searching for a place to live and a Job , where i can start my new life, I am going through a divorce,,You have guided me in the past and I feel you can help me again.

    My birthday is 2/28/62 3:15 am

    Best Wishes,


  • 228,

    in which direction I am heading? be careful not to be hurt again.

    help me again: accept your helplessness.

    228susan, lust is against meditation.

    It is desire, an ugly desire.

    It takes you towards unconsciousness.

    Meditation is the greatest longing, the only longing

    which cannot be called a desire. And it takes you

    upwards towards more consciousness.

    Now both things you cannot do -- going upwards

    towards more conscious being and going downward towards

    more unconscious being; you cannot do them both at the

    same time.

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