I need help understanding a reading I just did

  • I just finished a reading for myself and I need further help on how to understand what the cards are telling me. I have an idea of what the message but I was hoping that some with more experience could help me.

    I asked: Will I be offered a spot into the internship that I am applying for? Will I then be offered a full time job with the company? Will my mother be starting a full time job in the next two months? Should I try to contact my father's side of the family?

    I did a Mandala reading,twelve card pull and this is what I pulled

    Personality: 4 of wands

    Material Security: The Hierophant

    Extending Boundaries: Queen of Pentacles

    Family Matters: Princess of Wands

    Creative Identity: 5 of Pentacles

    Body-Mind: Ace of Pentacles

    Relationships: 3 of Wands

    Mystery: 2 of Wands

    Core Beliefs: The Fool

    Life Aspirations: Wheel of Fortune

    Future Potential: Six of Wands

    Sacrifice: Ten of Swords


  • please, someone help me!!

  • I am not familiar with the Mandala spread, I am sorry. For my own readings I tend to limit them to one question per spread, for most clarity on the answer received... but like I said I am not familiar with the Mandala, perhaps you are supposed to ask more than one question?

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