Help with a Cancer Woman

  • I have been talking to this beautiful woman right now for the past two weeks. We have been out on two dates and things are looking good. She keeps dropping small hints of her attraction to me, but then pulls back. I took her out today to play and she enjoyed it. She was greatful and was talkative after the show. We talked in the car ride back to her place. But when I dropped her off she just gave me a hug and told me to give her a call later.

    Im confused. Is this a normal typical behavior for a cancer women? How should I proceed?

  • Yes, imthedjone. She sounds like a classic Cancer--and that is a good thing. Cancers, especially women, take time to trust someone in a relationship. That doesn't mean she isn't attracted to you--in fact, she wants you to know she is, which is why she's been dropping subtle hints. Many Cancers have had a rough time in relationships because of their extreme sensitivity, however, love and relationships are at the center of their lives.

    It's apparent that you are on the right track. Proceed by patiently continuing what you are doing--getting to know her better and taking things slowly. Good luck, and best wishes!

  • Ok so i called her that day i dropped her off after our date She was very stand offish in her responses. So i figured ok whatever, Im gonna go out and just not pay attention. I sent a last text and never got a response so I was fed up with it, especially after I just took her out on this nice night in the city.

    I told myself not to text or talk to her the next day. So my day was going fine and she ended up text me. So i responded whatever but her response again was still short. My friend told me to just keep it simple and not really act like you to into her and she will come around. ok so the next day i decided to do that. I didnt text her again. and she ended up texting me. which was bs because the night before she never responded to my last text again.

    so my response to her yesterday were also just one word. she was initiating, convo but my response were short. the other reason to was that it was because I was at work. However, after I got of work, I realized how childish this was and just told her the reason i couldnt really text was because I was busy, which was actually true. she responded with a short message as soon as i started to initiate conversation.

    I texted her today cuz she didnt again respond to my last text. so instead of waiting for her to text me today, i decided i would do it. I have got nothing, no response nothing. Im so confused at this pointed that my head is spinning haha. Is this typcial behavior for a cancer? she is really interested or just stringing me along. I figure that if she wasnt interested at all she wouldnt even have gone on that date let along text me or answer any of my texts messages.

    Why all theses games though? I was also going to send her flowers tomorrow, i was planning on doing it because my plan was not to communicate with her for awhile and then surprise her with flowers, but then she texted me anyway. are the flowers a good idea? its nothing to be just a small vace getting delivered to her apartment. and there is a note attached saying "just because.......hope you have a good week, and maybe I will see you soon."

    Im really confused with this person, I really am interested with her and I honestly do not want to play games, im told for that. what should be my next move? thank you in advance for any advice you can give.

  • Sorry it took me a while to reply!

    In one astrology book I have, there is an excellent description of what Cancers in relationships are like. It said something like "Watch how real live crabs walk. They walk sideways, never straight. They circle around you a few times before coming to rest in front of you. That's Cancer. So if you don't have a lot of patience, go somewhere else". It's really true. If you wait patiently, chances are she'll come to you. Many Cancers hesitate to rush into relationships, but once you gain her trust, she'll be very loyal.

    What is your sign? Gemini? Cancerian behavior can be baffling to air and fire signs (and also to earth sign Capricorn). I think, if you haven't already, sending her flowers is a very good idea--Cancers are romantic and she'll likely appreciate this gesture. After you send them, back off a bit, and she'll probably text you to thank you. You might take that opportunity to ask her out again--casually, though, so she doesn't feel pressured. Also, if you can give me you date of birth, and hers if you have it, I can tell you about your compatibility.

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