He says he loves me but my gaurd is Up, Need Help!

  • Is he telling the truth? I just dont know, I just need some tips on how to find out if He's sincere or not. To get the story straight, we've been on and off with each other for about five months now and before that we dated for a year and a half. It had become routine for us to get back together for just one night and then wake up the next morning hating each other again and go another week or two before seeing each other again and repeating the mistake. Gradually over the last few times he has been sweeter to me like he's warming up to me or something and this last time he told me he loves me. He hasnt done that since we were together as a couple. I want to believe him because he said it the way he used to but since we've been with other people I am cautious about him using me. Although he was using me before and never had to tell me he loved me so thats what makes me want to believe him. He also kissed my forehead before he said it, and repeated it about four more times that night. I didnt say it back, I wanted to but the words just wouldnt come out. I am still really hurt by everything we've been through, but I dont want my hesitation to push him away, of course im not going to jump into anything before Im ready, I know better than that by now... I just wish there was some way I could tell if he's being true to me. Also what makes me more cautious about this is that he was beyond very well groomed down there, it was different. That makes me wonder if he did it because he's spending more time naked, and its not with me. Oh! and he spends alot of time at the gym. Im not sure which one to read into, for now my gaurd is definately up.

    Side Note: We've Already talked several times about my doubts of him being sincere and he gets upset that I dont believe him, yet I still cant believe him.

    Advice would be greatly appreciated, Thank you.

  • My only question is...what do his actions show ?? My ex always "said' he loved me, but his actions very rarely showed that. When words can be conflicting, the only thing we can do is look at the actions.

    Just my advice.

  • thank you, ya thats why i was confused cause his actions showed different before and i guess i just need to pay attention to the signs... i just wish i could hear what was going on inside his brain lol it would be alot easier

  • If only !! lolThat would save so much wasted time trying to figure men out !!

  • I know what you are going through, but my Pisces does not tell me he loves me, but does things to show it in some way; unless he is mad at me and then he starts swishing the water with his tail and swims off for a while. Keep you basket open for other eggs, this one may not be the one.

  • My vibe on this is like a rolling ball and it keeps going round and round in a circle and there is no end. So if you want the same thing over and over this is what you will get he does not want to progress to anything to what your heart wants and this is why you are angry down deep because inside you know this. LIke a real life not just hooking up and going back and forth ....

  • All my life i have had the oppertunity to share my thoughts with others and learn about love life and to be happy.... When it comes to weather you are loved or being lied to ones mind body and soul can tell us more then words can ever explane... In truth the hesitation you fell is letting you know he is playing with your heart strings.. You have the option of being hurt in the long run as the two of you are coming and going together as well apart.. If this was a true romance each of you would want to share as much time as possable in each others ares making love and freely sharing your thoughts openly with out worrie knowing the other shares the same desire... You know with out a doubt in your heart, at this point you have to make a choice the hard part is how you handle it...

  • dawn greg realy loves you keep him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dawn give him abreak he is your soulmate shylow will !!!!!!!!!!!!!!miss him

  • I agree with Mysteriousbones

  • dawn greg luvs u

  • Hi

    In my book when a man utters it he means it. HOWEVER when ya is unsure i believe as other s have mentioned he has to SHOW it also. Useally men are cerebral in thinking n hardly speak, is why women whines men dont listen.

    its the age old communication problem. women solve issues by voicing it hence they only need someone to listen. whereas men solve issue in mind n hardly voices issues or solutions. They solve em, which is why when their woman whine on issues he tries to solve it with ideas of solutions, which is so wrong bc woman needs a listener only.

    someone once wrote that ur man shows u his love by fixing that loose cabinet door, oil that squeaky door that drives u nutters, fixes the pothole in ur drive way so u wont get whiplash trauma, or the garbage disposal taken apart bc u dropped ur fave ring init.

    Knowing this i think when men say they love u they mean it. Prolly at the time but who knows later on.

    Sometimes they may say " ilove the way u word ur sentences" or " i love the way u saurte ur veggies." all we hear is we love .... you......"

    Allow ur doubts n let him SHOW u he means his words. Meantime u need to dig inot urself n find why u suddenly is so in doubt, bc i feel its deeper than him. he may be the trigger but he may not b the issuecore per se. look inot ur past.

    best of luck


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