Insight needed for relationship spread

  • hi, i would really appreciate any insight about this tarot reading i did for myself. i think i have a general idea what it means, but it always helps to have an objective opinion.


    1- page of cups reversed

    2- 9 of wands reversed

    3- strength reversed

    4- 8 of wands

    5- tower

    6- hanged man

    7- page of swords reversed

    8- death

    9- knight of pentacles reversed

    10- ace of swords reversed

    11- empress reversed

    12-7 of swords

    Card 1: The problem, the real question; present situation, reason for asking.

    Cards 2,3,4,5 and 6 represent the nature of the relationship.

    Card 2: Shows how you relate to the other person.

    Card 3: Shows how the other person relates to you.

    Card 4: Shows what the relationship looks like as a whole.

    Card 5: Shows your hopes, needs and desires in the relationship.

    Card 6: Shows the other person's hopes, needs, and desires in the relationship.

    Cards 7,8,9, represent conflicts and insights into impediments.

    Card 7: What is causing conflict or impediments.

    Card 8: Represents your perspective of the problem and how you will deal with it.

    Card 9: Represents the other person's perspective on the problem and how they will deal with

    Cards 10, 11, 12 offers insight and solutions

    Card 10: What needs to change to overcome challenges.

    Card 11: This is how you can resolve any differences and how you can improve the relationship and take it to the next level.

    Card 12: Crucial Insight; additional advice or outcome.

  • It is my opinion that the person at the heart of the subject matter always has the best insight into their own future. I would encourage you to use a Google search to look up the meanings of the cards (aka "Seven of Swords Tarot meaning") and read the various descriptions for them. The card interpretations that make you go, "A HA! Yup, that totally makes sense for how I relate to another person!" are the ones that are true for you.

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