Thecaptain, please give me some guidance

  • 8th jan with aquarius moon and aries ascendant

    i'd like to get a reading for the next three months in areas of relationship and career. i'm single.

    i'm currently stuck in a rot. would appreciate your guidance.

  • Cappylove, 2010 for you should be all about socialising and expansion. It should be about finding new romance and meeting new people, but you have created your own rut by clinging to old dreams and refusing to let go and move on. You have everything going for you this year - yet you are ignoring the lucky vibes around you and choosing to remain stuck in old expectations for your life. You have a fixed Sun but your moon is about new ideas, new ways of doing, and innovation. That is the influence you should be heeding and not allowing your sunsign to make you inflexible, traditional, or too hard on yourself. Break loose and take a chance.

    Expression and creativity are really highlighted for you in 2010. Network with others (your speciality) in areas where you have interests. Try dating websites if you haven't before. You never know where the contacts you make will lead you. Be positive and optimistic as you plant seeds for your future. Join a club or take a class. Improve your social life. Find ways to fill yourself with inspiration. Add some pleasure to your life, especially if you have been lacking this type of nurturing energy. Find new ways to express yourself or further develop your creativity. Basically, find fun and enjoyable ways to express yourself that bring new levels of confidence.

    Cappylove, you have an indomitable spirit, steadfast courage, and a willingness to walk through fire to fight for what you believe in. When you are relaxed and most yourself, you are electrifying and enlivening. You may strive to conceal your vulnerability beneath a veneer of ambition and material success, but below your passion bubbles away and you may rush into a love match too quickly. You are quite skilled with people, once you overcome your initial reserve. A natural leader in public life who doesn't mind taking the lead and making decisions, you can conversely allow yourself to be 'led around' in private by your lover, which is not beneficial. You are attracted to different or unusual types with inventive ways of thinking and being. With Aries rising, you have an energetic driving force and remarkable energy reserves. Ruthlessness can be a problem, although competition is generally an excellent spur. You have many strong and positive traits, but perhaps you need to learn to step back a little and take a closer look at what you are doing and why you are doing it. Frequent headaches are common with this placing. You have a very strong need for a permanent partner, and you can be surprisingly understanding, compassionate and tolerant of your loved ones. But you also need to know when to cut your losses and move on.

    You ask what will come to you in the next three months - well, go out and create what you want instead of waiting for it to arrrive like magic. The vibes are great for being creative and meeting new people. Believe in your progress despite hard evidence to the contrary. All that is holding you back is yourself.

  • I broke up with an Aquarius and thought I found my match with a Cancer. However, Cancer wants to be friends now. I am a bit down. I'm looking for a new job to add to what I've been doing. I wonder if I'll get everything I want. I want the Cancer guy because I think we are a great match. But I guess you are telling me to cut my losses and move on.

  • Since you see new romances for me this year, can you narrow it down to their astrological signs and which one will lead to love on both sides?

  • Your best chances for a long term love relationship (like marriage) is with a partner born -

    • Pisces/Aries (week of March 19 - March 24)

    • Aries (week of March 25 - April 2: not good for having children/pets)

    • *Aries (week of April 3 - April 10: good for love and marriage, and also week of April 11 - April 18)

    • Gemini (week of June 3 - June 10)

    • Cancer (week of July 3 - July 18)

    Sagittarius/Capricorn (week of December 19 - December 25)

    • Aquarius (week of January 31 - February 7)

    • Pisces (week of February 23 - March 2)

    The Aries born April 3 - April 10 looks like an especially good bet for you.

  • Thank you

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