Need answers

  • do you actuallly understand whats going on when a man u've been going out with for 1 month ,yall never had arguments,yall never had issues ,none of that.....everything was fine,nice couple.......we just enjoying life together....and then one day he woke up,called you and broke up with you just like that......saying that he want us to fall apart because hes going to college and dont want any distraction...and matter fact they dont live in the same city.......they live 1hours 1/2 away from each other but he did mention that hes gonna be too busy and not gonna have time to come see her.....just like you think hes telling the truth or hes just covering up?

  • Do you know what sign his sun is in?

    Aries can just suddenly changing our minds in what seems like an instant to the other person. I have done it myself on several occasions.

    We are idealists so we can be in relationships thinking, "This could work this could work this could work" then when we are smacked with reality and have to come to terms with the fact that it might NOT work we are such fast movers that we just move on to the next thing without wasting any time about it!

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