Shuabby,please tell me about my spirit guides!

  • Dear Shuabby

    I have tried to reach out to my spirit guides in meditation but am still unsure.I will be grateful for any message that you can intuit or pass on from my guides.Please let me know if you need date of birth or any other details.

    Thanks very much

    Love and Light

    suramya(user name)

  • Dear Suramya,

    You said you are unsure of really hearing from your spirit guides. Sometimes it takes time and a deep desire to hear your guides and education helps to. Find a methtaphysical shop in your area and begin classes in meditation. You will become open and begin to hear and connect to your guides than. I hear the name of Sonny now and you will know a person by this name and they will help guide you to inner knowledge.

  • Thank you ever so much .I know how busy you are with reading requests and I appreciate your taking time out to guide me.

    Love and Light to you

  • I would like to know who my spirit guides are and how I can begin contacting them. Total novice! Thank you

  • Shuabby, I would love your take on who (spirit guides, ancestors, etc) is around me right now? I realize it is an ever changing process as my needs change. Any insight would be welcomed.

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