Spirits around me? Can anyone provide some guidance?

  • Hi there,

    For a long while I've wondered about my spirit guides and whether there are any spirits living in my home. Many times the TV in my house will just turn on or off by itself. Also, I've been awoken late at night by the sounds of my computer in my office being turned on and off. I've also put a load of laundry in to wash on numerous occassions and gone back only to see that someone had opened the lid on the washing machine. I feel presences around me a lot, sometimes I feel as if someone has touched me or I can hear whisperings...not loud enough to make anything out but I can still feel the presence. I have a cat that is always looking at the ceiling and meowing even though it seems nothing is there. Once I awoke at night and saw a young man in front of me, clear as day, it frightened me so I closed my eyes and when I re-opened them he was gone.

    I wonder if anyone can provide some guidance as to these spirits and what they are trying to tell me?

  • They are trying to tell you that you have to change.

    Modest yet firm resistance against an oppressor will end the aggression and win concessions.

    Don't choose. Accept life as it is in its totality.

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