I have an important question for The Captain please...

  • okay! well me and my ex had broken up the month of July and i hooked up with a guy name brain.I'm pregnant and need to know who im pregnant from.Is it my boyfriend rob or brain?...

  • I feel it is Rob's baby.

  • Thank you so much for your help captain and for responding quickly.YOU ARE AWESOME!! 😉

  • Oh um is it possible to give me a reading about my love life and financial situation.I need some guidance.If you wont be able to do it hopefully you can recommend me to someone who can. THANK YOU 😉

  • Kateyez, I feel that you will have some trouble with sustaining a long-term relationship until your thirties or forties, or after you learn not to get into power struggles with your partner over control issues. Despite early negative experiences, you must risk some emotional pain and lose your self-protective shield and your tendency to isolate yourself. Don't let disappointment or disillusionment lead you to shutting down your feelings. You also can feel torn between dependence and independence. However, if you can balance your passive/agressive tendencies and learn more objectivity and detachment, you can be an exceptionally attentive and enjoyable person to be with. Once you learn how to control yourself rather than worry about others doing it to you, you will be able to maintain a happy, passionate and mutually supportive relationship.

    You do need to find fulfilling work to complete you however, even if your family life is happy and your deep need to receive love is satisfied. You have a brilliant and curious mind, often bordering on genius, that needs free reign to be innovative and creative. You would make a good writer, designer or inventor. Money will be a central theme in your life - most likely you will have to pull yourself up by your bootstraps. Many self-made millionaires, entertainers, and entrepreneurs have the same numerological profile as you. Put that inventive powerful mind of yours to work and see what you can come up with. September promises to be your best month of the year if you get motivated and think positive! Work on developing your formidable intuitive ability and start following your hunches.

  • Thank you captain for your advice 🙂 BUT! I have one problem,im having trouble deciding if i should keep this child im pregnant with.I love my bf but im not sure if he'll be supportive if i did decide to have it.If i did have to do this alone i would like to know if i will be struggling a lot or will i be okay.PLEASE HELP ME CAPTAIN! here's his birth date if it will help 5-05-1981 sorry for asking so many questions,I can be a confused wreck sometimes 😕

  • I feel this relationship will work better when you two are older, rather than at the present moment. I feel you will separate for a long while and come back together later in life. Your friend is very restless and bored at this time of his life and will only settle down when he gains more maturity and has gotten a lot more experiences and adventures under his belt. He is not ready to settle down with anyone yet or take on any responsibility. He is more interested in his working life, his craft, studies, career etc. - with things of the mind rather than the heart - and is not into longterm relationships at this time.

  • I totally agree with you captain and i felt this way about him also.I still feel a little unsettled about this situation though.so are you saying that if i kept this child he wont be there for me or the baby even though he has other things in mind?sorry i just need to know before i decide to make a decision on having this abortion.can you be as clear to me as possible im just having a hard time making this huge decision....sorry

  • oh sorry left one more out......what u mean a long while u mean yrs or months?

  • no more questions after these captain promise...i know you have a lot of other people to help im truly sorry for the bother

  • No I don't feel your partner will stick around for the baby's birth. Yes i mean it could be years before he settles down and takes on responsibility.

    Also, I urge you to consider adoption because there are many childless couples out there who would give your child a good home and love. An abortion would make you feel so much worse about yourself.

  • CAPTAIN i must say you are on point with things you've been telling me so far.When you told me we where going to be apart a long while i think its about to happen.He told me that was planing on moving to Florida with his daughters mother.I'm sad about this because im still pregnant and i really don't see myself with him if he really does leave.Just want to thank you for taking the time to give me your insight and appreciate every little help you've been assisting me with.

  • You're welcome.

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