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  • My husband born 4-17-52 and myself born 2-22-52. Could you tell me what we share that we can expand and grow with?

    Also if numbers wise there is a out of state move in the near future for us?

    Thanks so much to anyone that answers as I really enjoy this forum and the people in it.

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  • Hi Watergirl,

    Thanks for such interesting and true information, as what you wrote is just how this year has been.

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  • What kind of a relationship is there for a man born 11-4-54 and a woman born 1-30-61? Thanks!!

  • Hi Shuabby,

    Further to Watergirl's accurate info, your present age when added to your next birthday highlights your emotional outlook for this year. It appears that both you and your husband now wish to leave certain aspects of your life in the past so that you can grow in a positive direction.

    Your pinnacle in particular shows the likelihood of a new beginning but warns against taking on too much financial pressure.

    As Sept 2010 heralds the beginning of a nine year universal cycle many people will be making a fresh start whether it be in attitude, career, or home but all major decisions need to be made slowly.

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