Need some psychic advice

  • So this past summer I've been getting to know this guy who I've known since at least high school. We were never really friends growing up and so I wanted to change that and get to know him more. I wasn't looking for anything and had pretty much stopped focusing on love and relationships. I was mostly focused on my studies and career goals. This past summer I got to know the guy. I eventually found myself falling for him. It wasn't part of any plan or anything and I do have my own goals and plans for myself with my career goals. I guess I'm just not sure if I should say anything or not. He's busy now with his work. We mostly talk through because he doesn't really use his cell phone not even with his boss he said. I've been really wrestling with this for a while now. I prayed about it and off and on now I've been seeing the numbers 9:11 sometimes.

    Sometimes they'll pop out at me every where and sometimes not. I'll also sometimes have this very strong nagging feeling to be more honest with my feelings. I had a nagging feeling once recently with the guy to tell him about my psychic abilities. I've never told anyone in my "real world" life before because you never know how people will respond. He's a Buddhist so I didn't know how he'd respond since I'm quite ignorant on the belief system. He didn't think I was crazy and said things made sense. I was glad I listened to the nagging feeling. So I guess I'm just asking for advice. Is now the right time? Would he want to be in my life? I am a criminal justice major and have plans to work at the fed level hopefully.

    Well goals more like it. Would he want to be with someone involved in a dangerous job and probably have to move? I just am not sure what to do. I have at least another year left til I finish my bachelor's. Right now he lives about 2 hrs away so not a big deal to me anyways. I'd so appreciate any insight! It's like I know what to do but my conscious self is holding back with all these fears. He's also quite a handsome man and well I'm alright. I have about 100 lbs I need to lose to be around my average weight for my height so that comes into play too with me. I've been rejected once before but the guy was already into someone else at the time. Well thank you in advanced and sorry if this was so long.

  • Ah sorry I meant to say we mostly talk through Email.

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