Feeling a Sexual Attraction

  • My neighbor is a beautiful, slender, and special person. She exercises every morning by taking long walks alone. She is a widower like me. I have been single since she passed. We have said hi and hello in passing, also we have talked on occasion when we are both working in our yards. She has long silver hair reaching to her waist and she is very glamourous. The last time we talked, she had her hair rolled up in a fancy bun and was going out for lunch. When I saw her, my heart leaped and my temperature rose abruptly. I wanted to tell her how beautiful she looked, but did'nt. I am just tongue tied. I often dream about her. How do i break the ice and tell her how much i like her. how do I approach her without her turning me off?

  • You just pick yourself up by your bootstraps and march yourself next door and ask her to lunch. My husband and I were neighbors and it was almost two years before we even met. It was much the same circumstance as yours. We would see eachother in passing or while doing yard work. Since the day we finally met we have never been apart since. If it's meant to be, it's meant to be. Use your faith and let it guide you, the right words will come. You would never forgive yourself if you let this opportunity pass you by. Now clean yourself up and get over there! Good luck...

  • The romantic in me is coming out now..!!! Next time you're working in your yards and you stop to chat, why not ask her if she fancies a coffee ...or a glass of wine or a spot of lunch (depending on the time of day). I wouldn't jump in thick and fast, but cups of coffee over the fence and chatting, may lead to a great friendship maybe more. Good luck.

  • Hi, Yes, I agree w/Mr Chick. Food warms the heart (and soul.) Of course tell her a little bit about yourself first. Most people want to get to know their neighbors. However, don't mention wine at first because some people are against the thought of alcohol. Remember she's a person just like you and me. Hope she's down to earth.

  • you say that she is a widower like you, so you have much chance to talk and help her when necessary. tell her that she is beautiful and taht you love her. be brave. don't let the chance pass by.

  • Hello,

    When your heart say something, give it a go, dont be shy 🙂

    When you feel the things you mentioned it shows anyway and she sure noticed.

    So if you can not hide it, you dont risk much by saying it out loud 🙂

    Springtime is the best for love!

    Good Day!


  • Hello I think that you better not wait too long. I she is as attractive as you say there is a lot more men out there noticing besides you. So send her some flowers and ask her in the card you send when was the last time she was told she was beautiful as a Spring day? Then sign it your adoring neighbor. Then when she thanks you for the flowers ask her out for lunch. Make sure she knows which neighbor.

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