Im aries and he is libra

  • Hiya im at my wits end dont know what to do!!

    Ill try and be brief lol. 6 years ago i was on holiday with my friend and met this wonderful Libra guy on the first day who was with his friend, and there was an instant connection for both of us and we spent rest of time together (my friend with his friend aswell and they ended up getting married!!) . I live in Yorkshire he lives in Wales and we saw each other as much as we cud with work commitments, distance etc. but just couldnt keep it going no matter how we tried. It was horrible time but eventually i moved on and suppose so did he.

    Then!! Last week i had to get in touch with my old company where i used to work (left 2 years ago) and Sue answered the phone (she doesn't normally she was just covering reception coz someone was on sick) and she asked me if id got her message from 3 month ago about someone looking for me? I hadn't coz i had thrown my house phone away coz it was broken. Fortunately, for some reason, she'd kept the details!! It was the guy id met on holiday. He'd been trying to find me for over a year. I text him straight away and he rang me. Was just like we'd not spoken for 6 weeks not 6 years!! We arranged to meet and i went down to Wales and hemet me and our feelings had not changed for each other.

    The only thing is he is with his girlfriend who he's not happy with (she's played away but he took her back) and he says 100% he wants to be with me but says it is difficult. I said its as difficult as u want to make it, but im not gonna be the other woman. I wouldn't like it done to me and i definitely wouldnt do it to anyone else.

    So i suppose my question is (regardless of me bein in the equation) will he ever leave her?

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