A question for TheCaptain please...

  • Dear Captain, it's me again.

    I was reading a few old threads yesterday about the difference between soulmates and twin flames yesterday and I was intrigued.

    I'm just wondering, please could you help me to take a look at my boyfriend and I?

    Are we soulmates or twin flames, or do we share a past life or something? We both 'feel' that we are soulmates (but I think he might be my twin flame). We feel that something special that we can't explain (but maybe all the couples in the world out there feel the same too).

    So the question is, are we soulmates/twin flames/destined to be together?

    Just hope you can help us and tell us what you see!

    Thank you!

    me: 30 May 1982

    him: 08 Aug 1981

  • No you are not twin flames - that is a very rare occurrence indeed - but you did meet in a past life. Your partner was in a position of power and you were his servant with whom he conducted a sexual relationship. You loved him very much and were devoted to him but he gave you only a little of his time because he was very busy and important. Now you want more. Don't let him continue as your 'boss' in this relationship. This lifetime is all about you finding an equal relationship, Sunshinebabe.

    I don't believe there is any such thing as 'destined to be together'. You may be 'destined to meet' but staying together is all up to you two. Don't romanticise or idealise this relationship or you won't cope when reality strikes. You and your partner both have your own strengths and faults and it is up to you both to ensure that your relationship is handled in a practical but loving way. You will both have to learn to compromise and communicate. Keep your eyes open and don't be blinded by romance.

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