Question for the Captain: In need of Guidance

  • Hi Captain,

    I am sorry to keep coming to you for guidance. I am once again in need of some in the area of career. I am currently unsatisfiied at work and have been interviewing and being recruited. I wenton one interview and I loved the team and the place. The interview went well it seemed an dthey wanted me for a higher position only thing is I would have to wait a month or 2 until the new business came in, its a huge global company so I have no doubt it will come in, but should I wait it out and trust this guy( I am very impatient I know), stay where I am when everyone is jumping ship, or go on all these other interviews. If it is to go on the interviews do you see me getting a new job i will be happy at soon, anything on which place I interview at I would be happiest?

    Again I am sorry to both you! I am just confused, unhappy at work, impatient and desperate

    Many blessings


  • Jotoole, I feel it is very important for you to move on from your current position or else you will get stuck in a rut that is very hard to get yourself out of. I feel that sometimes you can get so comfortable that you no longer challenge yourself or grow. So yes, go on more interviews and don't just wait for that one global company to get back to you. Don't put all your eggs in the one basket, as it were - shop around as much as you can. You don't have to take the first job offered to you, you know. It's up to you to pick and choose where you want to go, and the more options you have available to you, the better the outcome for you. At a job interview, it's about you liking the company as much as it is about you liking them. Use your gut instincts to guide you. I do see a great new job coming out of all this if you don't let fear, self-doubt and panic rush you into a decision.

  • Thank you captain,

    I have 2 interview set up for next week. I actually feel in love with the global company i felt a connection with them, its the waiting that is killing me because I do not know if the guy was being honest about having a job for me in a month or so or if he was just saying that. I am def keeping my options open, but do you get any feeling on the guy from the global company if he was lying or not his initials were PK. I am still keeping an open mind and I am excited about these other 2 interviews, I was just wondering if I can trust PK or not.

    Many blessing

  • The interviewer was being honest - your unease is because you are having doubts about whether you can fill the position they want you in.

  • Can I bother you with one more question....I seem to have unease in all aspect in my life. I am currently dating this guy CS and things are amazing but moving very fast on his end. I trust him and my gut says to go with it. But it would be nice to have some confirmation if he Is he being honest with me about his feelings and his desire to get married to me?

  • If you really trust him, then ask him to slow down until that you feel completely OK with the relationship. You are right to wonder why the rush. More open communication is needed between you.

  • So do you get a vibe that he is being fake or just joking when when talks like that?

  • May I suggest that the unease you feel in all areas of you life is from yourself and not caused by others? I get a sense of you not feeling worthy or capable of rising to the expectations of others.

    As to your pushy friend, I feel this is coming more from his desperation to get into a committed relationship with anyone rather than with you in particular. That is not to say you are not a good person, just that he is very needy.

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