Loving two men, I need a reading please!!!

  • Hi all, I am new here and need some help from someone who knows the 'cards', thank you for reading this!

    I am in love with two men, one that I have a serious commitment with and have known for a long time. I admire and respect him greatly, but the physical attraction has faded, (his dob is 01/15/60). Then there is another man that I met a few years ago, we instantly connected and felt very attracted to one another. He has since moved away and we now keep in casual contact. I am very strongly drawn to him on a level that I have never experienced before. Since we have been talking about the possibility of there maybe being a chance for us to be together in a few years, I am curious as to where the cards say I stand? His dob is 09/17/71. My dob is 12/31/68. Thank you all so much for reading and any insights that you might be able to give!!

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