Can someone give me a reading please?

  • ccol625, hi. I want to say it was a confusing reading to me. I did not see anyone at the moment. However, your message is one that may help you get to where you want to be.

    In your past I am seeing there were issues around an addiction or destructive pattern, either you or this person possessed in the relationship. Either way, it was something that drained the energy from you, and the more you stayed, the more toxic and dangerous it got. You were not the person you were then. You have found your true self. The card next to it shows me issues of morality, secrets involved and questionable behavior that was otherwise kept hidden. I don't know but if you are asking yourself if something is wrong, chances are, it must be. This is the first impression I got. The next may have to do with how you are approaching the situation. Is there too much pride in you wanting to ask for help? Issues like this are a part of your present. Or, it could be vice versa, letting others help a little too much.

    Future shows me you are "waiting". Business/project partnerships will be important and I am thinking this might be a path where you could meet the someone you have been waiting for. I am not going to get your hopes up. This card seems to imply you might be waiting for something to come to you/happen. Good, but you must also be active in the situation as well. As hopeful as you are, live in the present. Participate in life. You need to get out of that "waiting" mentality and enjoy life. I think things will begin to happen for you.

    Okay, ccol625, hope this helps.

  • Feedback is appreciated!

  • Caliblue, how far into the future did you want to look? Gonna try something with you.

  • Kemo, I have drawn some cards for you, but again, these are more neutral than "romancy." The only one I feel is connected in an obvious way is in your past where you had to learn a lesson the hard way. This situation or person was not who they were, who you thought they were. I am sorry because this is not a card many want to see when asking of their relationships and love life. I do see in your present that you have what you need, more like options you have in order to make your love life work for you. There is a man presenting you with options. I feel as though he says you have more power than you think at the moment. This tells me that the situation is entirely in your hands. What option do you want? It is a matter of knowing yourself. In the future, there is a time where you may think you don't have the options you once did or you will come to realize what eludes you is a simple matter of changing your perspective of it. Someone once told me that in order to see what is right in front of you, to define it, you must take away everything else around it. It might not make sense to you now, but it will in time. I do apologize for not seeing someone for you atm, but I hope this guidance helps.

  • Espearite please I need your help. I'm just looking for the right woman the one to be married with and start a family, could you please tell me if she's near the future thanks.

  • Sorry Piscesman, I try not to do dates and soul mate predictions, but that seems to be the main question on these forums. As a querent, I was disappointed many times as well. I don't want to see you caught up in the same thing. What I can do is give you advice on how to get there, as the cards tell me.

  • That would be fine Espearite if the cards could give u any advice at all. ill take it. Cause she still calls ones in a while and shes just driving me crazy, so please any help u can give me ill take it tx

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