Can someone give me a reading please?

  • I would like to know about my love life please. What does the future hold for me?

  • Hi LostintheSouth, below is the reading I have done for you.

    Past - King of Pentacles. I am seeing a man who is very down-to-earth. He knows what he wants and has a practical way of getting it. He is a bit reflective and to himself when not engaged in his business pursuits. He is most comfortable with routine and seeing the realities of a situation. He views the world as black and white.

    Present - 2 of Swords reversed. Not really sure what this means, other than you are concerned with a decision in your love life. Either you don't feel you have much of an option or the time is not right to make it. You must be more objective, taking care to understand the pros and cons that the future may bring. I am sensing you feel like you feel you need to raise your standards.

    Future - 8 of Wands. This tells me that in the next 6 months you may be engaged in a relationship that begins or renews itself in some way. There is passion here. You both will love to communicate, which might involve the internet (?). I don't want to say this is a long distance relationship, but email communication is definitely involved here.

    LostintheSouth, I hope this has provided some insight into your situation and love life.

  • Hi espearite. Thank you very much for the reading. I am extremely confused. I actually did a more detailed post hoping that someone would give a reading. It is below: maybe this will help you a little. Again, thank you for taking time out for my reading.

    "Let me start out by saying thank you for your time today. I know it takes a great deal of your time to help everyone. Unfortunately I am in need of some answers as well. The last several years of my life have been in disarray. My last relationship ended with him marrying someone that he dated for only 6 weeks. What was once my best friend has now become someone I don't even know. He destroyed my heart.

    I lost my job earlier this year and have been desparately seeking employment but nothing has come through yet.

    It has been a really rough year and I would like to know when things will get better. Will I find the true love of my life? Will I go back to work soon? Will I be ok financially? I need to find some peace amongst all this turmoil. I am hoping answers to my questions will help me.

    Thank you in advance for your insight!"

  • My dob is 051166 at 1:36 a.m.

  • Dear espearite,

    Would you kindly give me a reading on my love life? Appreciate you and your talents. Sincerely,


  • I forgot my dob: 6/11/51. Thank you again! MissD

  • Hello intheSouth, I just wanted to say that you are not lost. Just remember that before one thing can happen, others must before it. I drew 3 cards for you and overall, in summary, they tell me you were at a height in the past, especially where feeling appreciated and recognized in some way happened for you.

    The present shows me that you are starting the process of healing, so this is good. You must allow this time for you spiritually, call it a "spiritual rehabilitation." In this case, there is still going to be pain, but you must focus yourself where you can and make the most of that. Exercise patience. It is more like the metaphor of someone waking from the trauma and being in rehab, still in bed, but then moving to crutches. Give yourself time mentally/physically.

    In the future, you will pause to look back on what you've gained, that being progress which you will make. Do not expect to arrive at your destination, however. The future also addresses a serious decision, usually one about career. It can be anywhere from a career change to retirement. The good news is, you arrive at a place where you have more options.

    Will I find the true love of my life? Yes, I get the King of Cups, so to me it is obviously a romantic relationship. Don't want to say when, since I don't trust timing with the cards.

    Will I go back to work soon? Will I be ok financially? You will continue to have it difficult for a while. I am seeing hopes that are dashed, but a personality with the drive to make it. My advice is that you need to stay grounded and align your expectations with reality. Probe a situation further for the real facts when handling your job situation. Also, stay creative. It's good to keep your options open and not limit yourself to one plan, i.e., job path/career. The past shows me you relying on your own intuition, you were very connected with that part of yourself. It can also be a place of clarity, where you knew what to do/had the answers.

    The present and next 6 months shows me difficulty, as though you have lost your connection with that part of yourself. Whatever you've been trying, it's just not working. The important thing is to try and stay focused in the present while taking the future into some consideration. Do not let the good times of the past distract you.

    For the next 6 months (a year from now) you might find it difficult to connect with your surroundings. I am seeing you need to rethink the environment you have arrived at, which could be a job or a place you've move into.

    I know it sounds so down-sided and I do apologize. Just remember that this a journey and that things take time. At best, this is what I can tell you. Hope it helps.

  • Hello missdeliteful.... I have a very interesting reading for you. Glancing at the cards I see you are more of in tune with your ideas and with self rather than the outside. Your past indicates a happy time, although I am not sure if you have had experience with a relationship or not. The present shows me that you might be outgrowing certain things in life, many believes which have to do with your situation in love. Sticking to this area of life, you are learning to understand and figure out "bad" experiences. It is as though you need to take a journey of self-discovery first, get to know you better and the world around you before deciding to enter into this area of your life. I think the person who said to me, "Look within, know thyself" was very wise. The future tells me you will be making such a journey and I wish you well. Although I am not seeing much, just remember that you are not alone, lot of people need some time to arrive at where they are going. I hope this has helped you.

  • Sorry Missdeliteful, I messed up on your reading when I said I was not sure if you had experience with a relationship or not. I am thinking it might have been some time since one has happened for you.

  • Thank u for doing readings for us. my question is do i go back to my husband of 7 years. we been seperated for 4 years. his dob is 5 30 82 . or is my happiness with the guy i live with? $_5 dob is 11 21 72. . my dob is 4 18 79. where does my happiness lay within theses two men?

  • Hello,

    If you have time, I would love a romance/family reading. I am recently separated and am feeling very positive with my decision. I would like to know if I will meet anyone that will restore my views on love since I am a hopeless romantic. My DOB of 6/25/68.

    thanks in advance for your help and insight.

  • Hello....If someone has time, I could desperately use a reading.

    I think I have finally found work, just waiting for the final clearance. Now, we need to focus on our does it look?

    I am feeling stressed may just be all things around me.

    thank you in advance for any help and insight.

  • Hi espearite. Thank you for the detailed reading. I appreciate your time and effort. I have to say that I am little taken back by all the negativity but I will also say it doesn't surprise me based recent past events. I have been unemployed so long I am on the verge of loosing everything. I had really hoped for some positive news but I guess that wasn't meant to be. Thanks anyway.

  • To me it sounds like you don't understand the situation as much as I thought. You need time to stop reacting so much from your own emotions and make the most of what is working for you. I don't blame you, you're not in an good situation, but you have to understand that you have options. You do have control of the situation. It takes time to get through it though. Just because you want something now, doesn't mean God is going to put it at your feet the way you expect it to happen.

  • Dear espearite, Thank you for the reading. I have been divorced over 3 years and my 32 year marriage was passionless and based on lies and deceit. So you are correct in saying it has been a long time for a romantic relationship. I deceived myself by letting everyone else think I was happily married. I have given myself permission to open up to friends and family. In doing so I have freed myself and discovered how powerful my women friends have become. In many ways I have felt like a kid expressing myself and creativity. Thanks for letting me vent! Many good thoughts to you! Sincerely, MissD.

  • I would like a love and romance reading please. I have a cancer man that I am interested in and I feel he is interested as well. We met on the net not a dating sight and have been talking for about 8 months, we live about five hourse form one another. Will we met anytime soon and is he the lucky guy or do you see someone else coming in the picture and approx. when.

    Thank you sooooo much in advance.

    Love and Light

  • missdeliteful, I'm glad I could help in some way. I remember going through a soul search similar to yours earlier in my life after a relationship ended. I felt like I was very much in your position, getting to know myself and the world around me. It is natural to want to seek out others who have gone through the same thing. May you be blessed along your journey and I hope you find happiness! Never give up.

  • Aries79: It looks like you've been through a lot. Your past tells me you were on a journey trying to shed light on things. You needed to understand things. It tells me you were frustrated more than anything and took great pains. The present shows me financial issues. It is also card of give and take (balance) in the current romantic situation. Who is doing all the giving? Who is doing all the receiving? Issues around spreading yourself too thin are also part of what the present may talk about. Are you trying to please someone who doesn't realize it? Or, vice versa? The issues here tell me someone is giving more than they should be and suffering as the cause. The future shows me you having difficulties with moving on from a situation. The lesson of letting go is a hard one indeed. Either way, shows me you need to move on from one of these two men, perhaps both. While I won't tell you who is best for you, or when you will be with one, is not my area. The last card strongly emphasizes to me you need to unblock the answer that lies within you. Realization takes a while. You might not get it now, but you will at the right time. Hope this helps.

  • Just a note to everyone here, I don't use birthdates, so it's not necessary to post them! Thanks.

  • Well it does help to know if one is young or older. :: red::

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