Who do I constantly see these numbers?

  • There is an old boyfriend from 23 years ago that re-entered my life in 2008, and it's been a really difficult couple of years. His birthday is 9-18. I see that number on the clock almost every day and sometimes morning and evening. And, it's not just since he's been back in my life, I've seen in for years, though the frequency seems to have picked up. Also, for about a year or so prior to his return, and since, I constantly see 11:11. Does any of this mean anything???

  • it definately means something...i see 911 everywhere,a few days ago i had a numerology reading,and my numbers are 9 and 11....since finding that out,havnt seen 911 anywhere-yet..i was searching the net frantically...i saw somewhere that repeated numbers like such,can be a warning...but iv found that iam 911 so,maybe it was me soul searching...maybe he was meant to come back to you....now we have to figure out 11:11

  • Hi, this is a list of numbers and their meaning from Doreen Virtue, I tried to copy and paste but it was too long so I've put on the link to it, hope admin don't remove it before you get to see it...

    hope this helps.

  • Hi Dax. first off, I just wanted to say that usually, Exes are Exes for a very good reason. Only you can know if it's a good thing or not. Go with your Gut Instinct, for it is NEVER wrong.

    Also, about seeing 11:11 alot - I do too. I've heard that it is a nudge by our angels that makes us look at the clock at just the right time - and that it means we're on the right spiritual path and are where we are meant to be. Neat huh?

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